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  1. What happened the the Ojai show in June?

    Wonder why the show isn't listed on the tour page
  2. What happened the the Ojai show in June?

    Still no word on if this show is happening ? This is weird. If it's NOT going to happen I wish someone would tell me so I stop looking forward to it
  3. What happened the the Ojai show in June?

    Still isn't back on tour page. Did the show get scrapped?
  4. So a few weeks ago on the tour page I saw a show listed on 6/23 in Ojai at the Libby Bowl. Now the show is not listed on the tour dates but it IS listed at The Libby Bowl site. Anyone know the status of this show? Thanks
  5. So my ticket says 7 pm but the website says DOORS at 7 pm. What time do you think they will hit the stage ? My friend has to work until 8 and he's trying to see if its worth it to come down. Thanks
  6. Fall Tour 2016

    Relly? Why would they do that5?? What did we do to deserve this treatment?? No fair
  7. Fall Tour 2016

    So no West coast? What's up with that?? L.A. got shafted on the spring tour, & now nothing again? Any chance of dates being announced?? Thanks
  8. Spring Tour West

    Well this sucks, I missed the last L.A. show because I was in the process of moving here from L.A.. From Seattle. Now they're playing Seattle(where I'm not) and SKIPPING L.A.!!! WEAK!!!