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  1. yetivanmarshall

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Horrible Dead and co. show tonight in Camden N.J. They are lifeless,un-initiated, unexciting, and on the verge of as boring an act as I witnessed in my concert lifetime of about 40 years. Dark Star Orchestra will Ramble on Roll over them and leave them Dew covered. and John Mayer may be a better guitar player than me(I'll give him a run for his money though), he really needs to listen to some Jerry Tenn. Jed or even Jeff's solos to get an idea of what to do. and I'm sticking to it!!
  2. yetivanmarshall

    Count Basie 5/17/18

    Great show as usual at the Basie, but forget about trying to get a beer there. They lost at least 10 combined sales between my wife an me because the beer lines were 30 people deep, but it's my fault too because I didn't properly lubricate pre-show due to time constraints.
  3. yetivanmarshall


  4. yetivanmarshall

    Colonial Theatre Keene, NH

    You got it! Maybe next year we get 1978 shows. wouldn't be to terrible!
  5. yetivanmarshall

    Wilmington, DE

    Wwwooooowwweeewowwow! Lucky you!
  6. The final nail in the grunge coffin was last week. Very sad as my relationship with my girlfriend(now wife) was nutured in the grunge scene of the early to mid 90's. We lost Jerry in 95, Shannon Hoon(Blind Melon), in 95, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains died in '02 but really in 1996, Scott Weiland 2015(never expected him to live as long as he did), now Chris Cornell. He was the cream!
  7. yetivanmarshall

    The Cap

    I knew we'd miss a good one due to daughter's prom night. Cool beans!
  8. yetivanmarshall

    The Wilbur, Boston, MA

    It Hurts me too. That I wasn't there. Happy for you!
  9. yetivanmarshall


    Wow, glad you had a great show. Anyone going to a Monday(maybe Tues, Wed, Sunday) concert deserves a High Time!
  10. yetivanmarshall


    Wow, they got a great one too.
  11. yetivanmarshall

    Count Basie Civic Center!!!!!

    It was this good. Thx to the fella who filmed this incredible show.
  12. yetivanmarshall

    Count Basie Civic Center!!!!!

    Still coming down from this spectacular show and the video above displays clearly how on fire they were. Really dig how on the chorus first Jeff , add Rob, add Lisa come in vocally beautiful. AW Thx for posting video. I'll watch it 100 times by next Friday!!!
  13. yetivanmarshall

    Count Basie Civic Center!!!!!

    Umbelievable, I was praying for the 77 St Paul show since the tour was announced. We got it tonight in full force, absolute kick ass show. Thank's DSO for giving us 1 of the 5. Rob - fuckin on fire as usual. Estimated, Scarlet, Fire tremendous, but every song was powerful just blew the house down. Jeff's voice spot on. The whole band perfect. And the audience participation was amazing. None of the possible North East yapping you can get at the show during, between songs. Everyone was cheering the band on from beginning to end in a frenzy.
  14. yetivanmarshall

    meet me at the movies

    this can't be. it's the same night I'm going to DSO in Redbank. aaaahhhhhh!!!! sorry, I posted in a frenzy not realizing it was for 2016. yup, this year is 420! 2017. ouu ouu that smell, can't you smell that smell?
  15. yetivanmarshall

    45% service fee rants and raves.

    DSO is playing at the Stony Pony Summer Stage this August. Price of ticket $27:50. Ok very reasonable for a Saturday night of fun in August. Service fees $2:00 to Stone Pony and $12:50 to Ticket Whore. I'm only going because I'm a half hour drive from Stone Pony and can avoid Ticket Whore fee. I'm also pissed that I couldn't get a phish ticket even though they're playing 13 nights at MSG. Why would anyone want to sit behind the stage. My wife is loosing her mind too and I just fell down outside my office and almost smashed my face. Also, my fuckin Marshall has to go back in for service 2nd time this month.