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  1. Sold to the highest bidder;-))
  2. Would take some super primo burgundy to make that a reality;-))
  3. Yes on both accounts. Mea Culpa;-)
  4. Silver Spoon SATURDAY, 3/9/19 ARDMORE MUSIC HALL ARDMORE, PA SET 1 Tore Up Over You Hard Luck Stories Leave Me Out of This Who Was John You Gotta Sin to Get Saved Talk of the Town> Jam> 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds Back Around Run Mary Don’t Let Go> 19th Nervous Breakdown SET 2 Mighty High The Idea Sitting in Limbo Read About Love The One I Want to Tell You> Jam> Say That I Am Read Dirt Girl Warm Heart> Jam> Deal ENCORE: Silver Spoon
  5. Rbarracoph


    Was part of orginal show encore
  6. Rbarracoph

    Norfolk 11/30

    I played Low Spark with Phil and Warren as early as 99. I sang it with Phil and Friends in spring 2000. It became a staple of the Q in fall of 2000 with Warren singing. It was also a staple of The Zen Tricksters when I was a member as early as 89 with Mattson singing
  7. You must have been seeing things;-)
  8. Never enough;-) We have the privilege of playing many amazing venues. The Clyde in Ft. Wayne is perhaps the best of them. Was built for sound and comfort. We loved playing on that stage and will be back;-)
  9. We talked about Viola but ruled it out
  10. Rbarracoph

    Black Mountain #1

    The Aretha piece was Mary Dont You Weep from a live album recorded in a Baptist chich in Atlanta 1974 the whole album is sanctified holy;-) Church!!!
  11. I can assure you we will keep giving our all everynight no matter if we play for 100 or 100,000. All bets are off when we start playing for crowds larger than that;-) RB
  12. I’m proud of you all too! One thing I can say about my mates and crew, it doesnt matter the size of the venue or how many people attend. We are ALWAYS in search of the magic. Pure and simple. Thanks to all of you for coming and freely freeking. more to come;-) RB
  13. Rbarracoph

    Petaluma 6/27

    Of course;-)
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