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  1. San Francisco Night #2

    Oh, and Friday too;-)
  2. San Francisco Night #2

    Thanks to all who attended last night! this will be our new San Fran Home;-)
  3. Ashland

    Twas a 2 set show
  4. Seattle 2/8

    Deal starts 2nd set
  5. JITS - Night 4

    We have played it a few times in Brent era shows and electives with 80’s flavor
  6. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    We will be back;-) our new LD is Tom
  7. Red Rocks 2018!!

    I think stadium in Boulder the week after but WTFDIK;-)
  8. 11/22/17 - Penns Peak

    Throwing Stones before Not Fade
  9. Rbarracoph

  10. Matt Reynolds

    Matt had truly a lovely and generous soul He was my friend and I and the rest of our family will miss him terribly Hot Pocker:-). RB
  11. As Members of The Zen Tricksters, we released 3 cd's the Holy Fool A love Surreal Shaking Off The Weirdness all available on ITunes filled with Mattson and Barraco(me:-)) original music i also have( shameless plug) a cd of original music written with Robert Hunter entitled When We All Come Home RB
  12. Denver Night 1

    as in from my phone:-)
  13. Denver Night 1

    Tom is brilliant on keys and more brilliant as a verbalist:-)