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  1. Rbarracoph

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Mountain Jam was in fact part of Alligator from early on. Check out Alligator from Anthem ‘twas A blast;-)
  2. First Wharf Rat, Bertha, Playing, Loser, and Greatest Story
  3. Funny how our experiences guide our perceptions. I saw way more Keith shows than anything. Keith ruled. For me our wheelhouse is the Keith era. But that’s what makes the ball bounce, no? I will say playing the GS-1 is the shit, though;-)
  4. We shall see;-) We shall see;-)
  5. You come back and I’ll play it;-)
  6. Boys in the Bar Room;-) miss him:-(
  7. Sold to the highest bidder;-))
  8. Would take some super primo burgundy to make that a reality;-))
  9. Yes on both accounts. Mea Culpa;-)
  10. Silver Spoon SATURDAY, 3/9/19 ARDMORE MUSIC HALL ARDMORE, PA SET 1 Tore Up Over You Hard Luck Stories Leave Me Out of This Who Was John You Gotta Sin to Get Saved Talk of the Town> Jam> 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds Back Around Run Mary Don’t Let Go> 19th Nervous Breakdown SET 2 Mighty High The Idea Sitting in Limbo Read About Love The One I Want to Tell You> Jam> Say That I Am Read Dirt Girl Warm Heart> Jam> Deal ENCORE: Silver Spoon
  11. Rbarracoph


    Was part of orginal show encore
  12. Rbarracoph

    Norfolk 11/30

    I played Low Spark with Phil and Warren as early as 99. I sang it with Phil and Friends in spring 2000. It became a staple of the Q in fall of 2000 with Warren singing. It was also a staple of The Zen Tricksters when I was a member as early as 89 with Mattson singing
  13. You must have been seeing things;-)
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