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  1. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    I disavow all;-))
  2. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    You are hilarious;-)
  3. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    No, only two tricksters up there;-)
  4. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    Such a prankster he is;-)
  5. 10/06/17 Cincinnati, OH

    Just to be clear, I said 45 years ago in a few days:-) 10-30-71
  6. 10/05/17 Cleveland, OH Fall

    Second time first time was at Toads Place before Skip
  7. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    You don't know that tune?
  8. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Believe it was I Need. A Miracle
  9. 08/17/17 Glen Allen, VA

    We dedicated the show to Heather Heyer
  10. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    Don't go turnin blue, if ya know what I mean
  11. 6/28/17 Indianapolis, IN

    I can assure everyone that we don't copy their mistakes we make enough of our own;-) we try to play the best we can at all times none of their mistakes or stage banter RB
  12. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    Also, because our mission is to recreate the experience of being at Dead shows, we try to cover as much ground as possible we try to make you happy and at the same time satisfy our souls Rob B
  13. 6/27/17 Springfield, OH

    I can assure everyone that we love all feedback that is heartfelt and constructive on some level we are in a bubble feedback let's us know what the other side is experiencing thanks so much for supporting our efforts we love playing this incredible music for you all Rob B
  14. Rbarracoph

  15. Matt Reynolds

    Matt had truly a lovely and generous soul He was my friend and I and the rest of our family will miss him terribly Hot Pocker:-). RB