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  1. Rbarracoph

    Jubilee 5/25/18

  2. Rbarracoph

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    3/5th’s of a mile in 10 seconds
  3. Rbarracoph

    Julbilee 2 5/26/18

    Airplane tune was 3/5ths of seconds Terrapin after Women
  4. Rbarracoph

    Buffalo 5/22/18

    Old school They Love Each Other 73 style jam after Eyes- not slipknot
  5. Rbarracoph


    The problem with that place, as mentioned previously in this thread, is the VIP area in front of the stage. The fence being refered to is the second fence separating the VIP’s from the not-VIP’s;-) Tear down that wall Mr. Baldwinsville;-))
  6. Rbarracoph


    Keep in mind, we dont try to make the mistakes those guys made nor copy their stage banter. 😉
  7. Rbarracoph


    To address the up front VIP area, the band has discussed this before and try to address this issue when we can. We hate it. Will try to have them move it for next time:-) we love this venue;-)
  8. Rbarracoph


    The whole band received this this morning At 80 I was probably the oldest one in the audience so maybe my comments will be dismissed. But I've had many years listening to the Dead and for the past few years listening to you guys. I've always been impressed with your shows but Monday's show hit another level. Had that have been the Dead who performed it, it would have been treasured as one of the classics. I am still on a high. Thanks for an incredible evening and thanks to the crew for an impeccable set list. What way to keep this music alive and to honor the memory of those who first got on the bus. God Bless you all. Lou Ruprecht;-))
  9. Rbarracoph


    What he said;-)
  10. Rbarracoph

    Cali Kind Humbrews

    Second EmotionRebel CravingTLEOWhiskey Smile >Lost OnesAngel From MontgomeryHigher Ground>Don’t Let Me Down(Katie original)Power To The People >John Barleycorn Rising SunFire on the MtnPut You Down16 Shells >Can’t Find My Way HomeTennessee E: May This Be Love(waterfall)
  11. Rbarracoph

    Asheville 4-10

    Ended with LL;-)
  12. Rbarracoph

    Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    Missing song = Operator might see Masters in electric elective set try saying that three times fast;-)
  13. Rbarracoph

    Jeff Mattson and Friends Ardmore Pa Setlist

    You can sit in and play it;-)
  14. Rbarracoph

    3/31/18 Rams Head Baltimore

    Mystery Jam= Expressway To Your Heart
  15. Rbarracoph

    Jeff Mattson and Friends Ardmore Pa Setlist

    One thing in this life is certain: you will never see me play accordion;-)