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  1. 12/2/17 - The Anthem, DC

    We will be back;-) our new LD is Tom
  2. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Every night;-)
  3. Red Rocks 2018!!

    I think stadium in Boulder the week after but WTFDIK;-)
  4. 11/22/17 - Penns Peak

    Throwing Stones before Not Fade
  5. Rbarracoph

  6. Matt Reynolds

    Matt had truly a lovely and generous soul He was my friend and I and the rest of our family will miss him terribly Hot Pocker:-). RB
  7. As Members of The Zen Tricksters, we released 3 cd's the Holy Fool A love Surreal Shaking Off The Weirdness all available on ITunes filled with Mattson and Barraco(me:-)) original music i also have( shameless plug) a cd of original music written with Robert Hunter entitled When We All Come Home RB
  8. Denver Night 1

    as in from my phone:-)
  9. Denver Night 1

    Tom is brilliant on keys and more brilliant as a verbalist:-)
  10. Ft Collins

    Hey! Your sis is great youll have to tell me all about your travels she saw a great show in SD WHOLE TOUR WAS OFF THE HOOK:-)
  11. Penns Peak 11/23/16

    Blues for Allah record release from Great American Music Hall is the first show that opens with HSF/ Music There are others 8/17/75? 8/17/75?
  12. Rutland VT 11/21

    Lied cheated first encore
  13. Albany

    Nope. Wrong set list and date Keith and Donna show
  14. Wellmont

    Aaron got it right. A water bottle, full, with the cap on, can do major damage not only to people, but to our gear. No venue wants to have a major lawsuit on their hands. For those of you who may have seen the dead for the first time in the late eighties and nineties, I must tell you that when I toured(my only tour) the spring of 77, they repeated sooooo many songs night after night. We never got tired of one!!!! Rob Eaton does an amazing job of balancing our shows night to night. If the band feels at an elective it wants to play a tune we might be doing the next night, C'est la vie!!! Completely different animal any way. 76 Franklins vs. 81. RB
  15. Jerrys B-Day at Poca

    Our bus broke down day one By the time we arrived we had to abandon our original plan so we ended up with two originals No one said we don't know how to extemporize;-)