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  1. Your 2017

    Amazing year with amazing people!! I will end up in the high teens maybe low 20's by New Years. If I could make double that, fuck it triple, I would! Black mountain was my highlight of this year, super close runner up Albany weekend.
  2. Dead & Co Boston Review

    What about Jeff and Oteil...McDonalds?
  3. 11/29/7 - Richmond 1.0

    Going Back....Happy to see you made it after all bro
  4. Huntington night 1- 11/24/17

    Yeaaa love a stagger lee
  5. Happy Birthday Tea

    Happy bday bro, my dads bday also!! See you soon
  6. New Haven CT

    3-31-85 day tripper is in the actual GD setlist to close out second set. Great show and this venue is awesome. Every year has been great. Always a good crowd, couple cool places to hang before and after show and super laid back security.
  7. 11/16 State Theatre - Portland

    Yea man I wish I heard this last night, although I really like new haven. Past few years have been really good times. Loser, candy man we're amazing and got another day tripper. Seems like it's in the rotation now
  8. JRAD....???

    On a side note and more importantly...anyone going up to New Haven? I'll be there, its def a cool venue!
  9. JRAD....???

    There should never be a shortage of GD music. JRad is def a hot ticket, most of there shows are sold out. I never thought of it like that either, them being a competitor to DSO. I guess it's fair to say. Honestly I don't think I would go outta my way to see JRad again. Unless it's at a festival or at the Capitol or Brooklyn and I have a itch for some live Dead music. (Which is pretty much all the time). Well I heard good things about JRad , I checked out two nights in a row and that's that. I gave my musical opinion already but They are certainly not binge worthy and they dont tour even close to the amount DSO does. Dark star is the reincarnation of the GD and the best live Grateful Dead music out there. Dead and and company is a whole other ballgame. I do enjoy them a lot as I've seen them around 8 or so times and traveled a little bit for them also. Dead and co show on Sunday night might have hurt sales at Peekskill but anyone who was at DSO got a wonderful show, at a beautiful venue, plenty of space to dance and everyone still beaming with joy from the absolute monster show at Albany. Dead and co is Bob, Mickey and Billy. (And John, Oteil and Jeff of course ) but the 3 main guys, They get all the respect they deserve and I'll support them as well. Just the same as I would Phil and friends. These guys are legends, veterans, founding fathers of what we love. JRad probably shouldn't even be in the same conversations as Dead and co or DSO. I stated earlier JRad was fun and it had its moments and it wasn't bad by any means, just not totally sold on them. Just my opinion, not bashing them at all. The bottom line is, As JJ said and I do agree, the more Grateful Dead music the better.
  10. JRAD....???

    All good points have been covered. I did enjoy Jrad, very talented and it was alotta fun. Both shows at the Capitol were sold out.. At the same time I like the music to be played the way The GD and DSO performs it. JRad is Very drum heavy and they like to take the music in their own direction and style. Nothing wrong with it, just have to be prepared for something different, but worth it
  11. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    I just found that pass in my travel bag this morning and was looking at the numbers and said holy shit, that's impressive.
  12. Sounded so Sweet

    Teas and Island bros list nailed it for me...Only thing I would add to Teas list is the.....>Fire to Scartlett and the >S>F to H. Grat8fulpair...The high time at black mountain this year was a HIGHlight to my summer. Speaking of opening riffs...Birdsong and Loser do it for me
  13. NFL Knockout pool part 2

  14. Baseball 2017

    What's up found, I was at ALCS 4 and 5, I haven't seen Yankees stadium electric like that in a veryyyyyy long time. Have to agree that this young team turned some heads and it wasn't the Yankees of old that everyone hated. Even my friends that are mets fans were saying that it's hard not to like this team. Besides old salty Brett Gardner and CC the drunk, this is a new, young, fresh team. Looking forward to 2018 with this crew. There is definitely a lot to be excited for. I could be wrong but pitchers and catchers might start around mid to late February. See you at the shows budddy
  15. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    I will be in attendance of all these as well brother and throw in new haven for me also