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  1. NFL Knockout pool

    Good luck gr8tfulpair
  2. NFL Knockout pool

    Thank you to my NY Giants !!!! 1-5
  3. NFL Knockout pool

    This pick hurts......... 6.Denver
  4. chasing white whale

    Yes...we got a day tripper encore in blk mountain. I was lucky enough to catch it in jersey also. I'm patiently waiting for a viola and eleven
  5. Cool alternate lyrics

    Really Love the "sweet Susie" ....last bad deal in the town
  6. NFL Knockout pool

  7. Very thankful for DSO. For some of us here like myself who just missed seeing the Dead this band is an absolute blessing. I have pretty decent collection of assorted Grateful Dead live releases and basically listen to only channel 23 on Sirius radio. Sometimes when I'm at a DSO show I catch myself waiting for that Jerry liftoff from Jeff. And most of the time it happens. Or even when the Grateful Dead start getting into those amazing stratospheres of music, I catch it also at DSO shows. To my ear DSO achieves that lift off that so much of the Dead music has. It's been stated here before DSO is a reincarnation and a extension of the GD. DSO is certainly a band beyond description. It's hard to say cover band because how do you really cover Dead music, there's so many twists and turns and dips and dives. No two shows alike. Can't wait for the northeast bombardment of shows. Thank you DSO
  8. NFL 2017-18

    Haha I was just messing around, The eagles look like the team To beat as of now in the east. I'm just a sour fan with no season left in week 5....sad
  9. RIP Tom Petty

    Your mystic eyes..your mystic eyes...RIP Tom Petty. Another beautiful soul gone
  10. NFL 2017-18

    It could be worse Rude. You could be a Giants fan. The NFC east is a joke anyways. Someone is gonna make the playoffs with 8 wins
  11. NFL Knockout pool

    This week is brutal
  12. Hahaa that is some funny shit. Wow i might never feel the same about EOTW again
  13. NFL Knockout pool

    4. Seattle
  14. Cool alternate lyrics

    Just heard it on sirius radio. Couple more shots of whiskey, these AUSTIN girls start looking good! (the show is in Austin,Texas ) hahaha
  15. Happy Birthday, MC

    Pass the whiskey round....cheers bro