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  1. Vic81

    Barraco interview

    Same crew at new haven last year, rocking show
  2. Absolutely!!! Best mountains....then Everyones tripping and don’t forget Jerry’s gear. Priceless shit
  3. Vic81

    Free Bird?

    Bobby played Mmmbob...what the fuck is going on on this rediculous thread. I never wanna hear DSO play free bird. Nothing really against the song it’s just not in the GD or DSO repertoire. It’s a good choice at the bar when you have one pick in the juke box it’s free bird or shine on you crazy diamond. Most bang for your buck.
  4. Vic81

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

  5. Vic81

    Red Rocks 2019

    Haha same thing here buddy. But I’m leaning toward making sure I get there this year. More incentive to get there already having the 3 day pass....TOOTT!!!!!!
  6. Vic81

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Love this setlist
  7. Just got mine as well, it is something special from top to bottom
  8. Vic81

    NYE 2018-19 Monclair

    Dak looked terrible but I wasn’t gonna get into all that, and The cowboys and dak aren’t my problem. I hope he plays just as bad against the giants. Which I’m betting he will. And don’t Get nasty with me MC!!!!! The sports section was created for this trash talk. Hahaha
  9. Vic81

    NYE 2018-19 Monclair

    Montclair is like the country compared to New Yor city....rude was generalizing that the whole NYE runs are basically NY to southerners. But Montclair is not NYC at all. It’s a nice little town And let’s keep that NFC east talk to sports section. I see a giants win and eagles win this week. Unless Fitzpatrick has a hall of fame game 2 again. Just saying.
  10. Vic81

    NFL Knockout pool

    In most leagues it’s considered a loss
  11. Vic81

    NFL Knockout pool

    Well that was quick for a lot of us haha
  12. Vic81

    NFL Knockout pool

    Yes thanks Bs69 im going with the saints
  13. Vic81

    Black mountain 2

  14. Vic81

    Black mountain 2

    Haven’t had chance to say a few words about the black mountain weekend. The shows, the friends, the smiling faces, the weather, the pisgah beer, the super 8, barbecue food on the way and the breakfast at Louises makes for unforgettable and special times, with amazing people and phenomenal music. Crazy fingers >playin > monster terrapin was a first night specialty for me. On the way we spoke about getting some pig and when easy wind started the boys linked up and had sheer joy, which only followed with a China>rider that blew the lid off. How often do you get a easy wind china rider filler? Where do they come up With this shit lol the fantasy is also something I love hearing, makes us all happy..and Jeff has absolutely mastered wharf rat. Wasn't sure what to expect the second night but we all knew it was gonna be the goods. So to open H>S>F was right up everyones alley. Hearing the opening notes to Ruben and Cherise is so satisfying and the song itself is one of my favorites, besides being an absolute awesome song but probably because of the rarity played from the GD and DSO as well. I’ve caught it 3 times now and it was on my list for a long time without hearing it. There’s nothing wrong at all getting a slamming scarlet>fire and it’s just beautifully done by DSO and it gets your heart rate through the roof BUT the alligator>Stephen> viola could go down for me as a 3 piece masterpiece from DSO. Wow..I was happy as fuck and actually had to sit down for a second and enjoy what was going down. Jesus this band brings the realness to this music and It was a perfect ending to a summer of 9 shows. But the party wasn’t over as it continued at the super 8. More beers, the cops haha and chilling by the creek ended the night off. What a blast, what a weekend and what a summer. The Music doesn’t stop as DSO his east coast this fall/winter and New Years. Forecast is looking plentiful for the rest of 2018, we are truly blessed to have this. Thank you DSO band and crew and all of the DSO family here.
  15. Vic81


    I love pool and there’s nothing better than playing on a quality table. The pool table at the dive bar around the corner from where I work takes 6 quarters, has a few cigarette burns, two of the legs are on wood chocks, once and awhile you have to shake it to get the last balls out and it smells like it’s cleaned with PBR regularly. We play many games on it and It works just fine! The juke box still has the wheel disc you turn by hand to change pages of music. Classic rock, country (not today’s country) real country and some blues is all you’ll find here. The owner hasn’t changed his clothes in a decade. The beer is cold, the jukebox works and the pool table is playable. Should I ask him if he needs the stealie Poole table? 😂