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  1. Dead and co has lost their mind

    Wow..What makes a blanket worth 3k? That’s crazy...and if you feel the need to buy a hat or T-shirt for 100 plus bucks just because it has a stealie or dancing bears..well your a idiot and that’s just insane, I guess If was super rich with no regards for money I could lay on some super exclusive island with a 3,000$ stealie blanket. But I’ll settle for a white hotel shower towel. It works fine.
  2. JRAD....???

    That’s exactly what they are...fairly hot.. and by travel I went 30 mins to see and that’s all I would do..its has its small moments of wow and more moments of what the hell was that... Very talented musicians but not the way most of us would want to hear our Dead music played and not worthy of extensive travel. IMO
  3. Eugene

    Love Lisa’s sunrise....Second set is a gem who was John...watchtower, speedway, unbroken, peter....wow....plus the weight encore...need that in my life...wish I was snowboarding out west during the day catching this show at night...even though riding in Vermont is beautiful, that’s special stuff DSO is laying down
  4. Portland #1

    Love those Terrapins Island bro
  5. Spring Northeast Dates

    Sounds good brother, possibly Boston, no buffalo for me either. Everything else a go, happy to hear we can do two nights at the cap. Hit me up, Let me know what your spring plans are. Looking to take a little trip down south.
  6. Spring Northeast Dates

    That’s a beautiful looking month
  7. TIGDH

    So yesterday Sirius played the second half of the second set of 1/18/70..on my way into work I caught that lovelight..that’s exactly what I was thinking about it. Rowdy, Monster, down and dirty, beautiful..pig killed it. Great way to start the day.
  8. TIGDH

    Love that Mountains on playboy, super cool. Was just listening to TIGDH on Sirius 1/18/70 masons children and black Peter fucking awesome Then I think it was Phil said here’s one from the golden years!! Dancing in the streets ...thought that was pretty funny
  9. NFL Knockout pool part 2

    Good job guys
  10. Drums Space 2017 >

    I grew up watching my cousin smash the drums. Eventually she became good and joined a band. She also plays several other instruments and sings but drums are the number one. It went from crazy noise when we were kids growing up into beauty as we got older. I’ve made her listen to a few GD drum segments. She really appreciates it, although not a Deadhead she still Really likes the whole deal. Drum time at a show truly reminds me of watching her growing up and then seeing her at her shows and what a awesome instrument it is. Drums segments at DSO are awesome, I love watching Dino and rob do the damn thing, it’s a great part of the show and should never be removed or shortened. I’ve brought a couple of non heads to some shows and they might not know any Dead songs but afterwards they all remembered the drums segment.
  11. Drums Space 2017 >

    I’ve never actually understood people leaving during d/s. I mean whatever the case may be for someone to take a break...smoke, piss, drink or just a mental break lol...but actually leave the show? Not for me and never will be. There’s def was a major exit at the wellmont but I wasn’t mad, moved right up with plenty of space till brokedown. and btw Val Kilmer played a damn good Jim Morrison
  12. Wellmont

    The jam in death don’t was insanity
  13. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    What time does that start
  14. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Rude that's great....Overalls guy 😂...Dr. B same thing happened to me..I had the presale registration and it did nothing so I got shut out of radio city also. I wasn't surprised though. I just checked what tickets are going for now...cheapest seat going for 260 up top. Damn
  15. Your 2017

    Amazing year with amazing people!! I will end up in the high teens maybe low 20's by New Years. If I could make double that, fuck it triple, I would! Black mountain was my highlight of this year, super close runner up Albany weekend.