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  1. 08/18/17 Black Mountain, NC

    Couldn't thank you enough bro. That was some damn good BBQ, and we could have easily spent the whole day at Sierra Nevada, But we had some serious music In store for us. Stephen second set opener is a special treat, but that Unbroken chain was extremely powerful. Amazing weekend between the music, the perfect weather and of course the people. Still riding high, thanks to all and thanks to DSO for making it all happen.
  2. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    It's 3 levels of GA after the floor. Pretty cool setup. Then the balcony has seating
  3. 08/12/17 Asbury Park, NJ

    Dayyy tripppaa...hell of a night
  4. 8-12-17 Asbury Park, NJ

    You going tonight mango?
  5. Songs of Their Own

    Wow she killed that EOTW, awesome
  6. 8-12-17 Asbury Park, NJ

    I would give yourself enough time from CT, getting down to jersey shore on a Saturday mid -summer can be a nightmare. Although it's looking like bad weather which might help. Does anyone know if it rains would they just have the show inside? Either way I'm going just curious
  7. 22 Years Ago

    I was supposed to be at this show. It was to be my first. I was 14 and I had just got into the dead about a year or so earlier, one of my older buddies had a tape from a show and I got right into the music. My mom having gone to Woodstock and being fully aware of the Grateful Dead and the scene wasn't ready to let me run off with the "circus" yet hahaha. That's how Weir stated it in his documentary. He said when he finally brought home a gold record, his parents were a lot happier seeing it, since he had run off with the circus. Anyways, Me already being a handful of trouble and mischievous, mom didn't let me go to the show and I missed my only opportunity. I just though hey there will be more no big deal. I Remeber very clearly The older kids that went that I was supposed to go with told me the party was great as always, music was ok but Jerry was in bad shape. I didn't grasp all of that fully being so young. I would have just like to have been to this one. Even if it was on his last leg of health. But it was not meant to be for me. Like others have stated I didn't get the enormity of his passing until later. Rock stars died, its so shitty to say but they do. Rock hard, Party hard, live hard, die young. It continues to happen. When I really really got into the music, I felt more and more of what had happened and who had left us. I don't think this show sounds terrible, def not my one of my favorites but it's more of the end of the road for a battle weary soldier. I can't believe how old and tired he looks by this stage in life. He was so young. The reincarnation of the GD through the band dark star orchestra makes me very happy, just like everyone here.The way people speak of this band and the quality they put out for us is amazing. Love hearing people I know who have seen the dead say to me at DSO shows, hey you might have missed Jerry. But This is the best thing since. And I read it here all the time. Theres alotta outpouring of love and kind words on this thread. Thanks for sharing everyone. And thanks for everything Jerry.
  8. 08/10/17 Pittsburgh, PA

    Love the full terrapin encore. Fkinn awesome
  9. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    It Hurts to miss this one, well it hurts to miss any show.... But when they do things like that second set opener....it hurts to miss. I was waiting to catch a Rubin and Cherise from DSO for some time and finally got it about a year ago, it was a first set opener I think in westbury or jersey somewhere but this one coming after help>slip.....I gotta hear that. Wow
  10. 07-29-17 HAMPTON BEACH, NH

    I just listened to the scarlet>fire on the archive.....wow. It brought me back to a very VERY good place from Saturday night. Having it on full blast in my car just now I was getting flashbacks and goosebumps. Def one of the best I've heard. I was so into it I didn't even realize it was that long. I'll take a 27 minute scarlet>fire to start my day, everyday. Thank you DSO for that gem. And for an amazing weekend.
  11. 7th Annual Greatful Dead Meet Up

    Hey topher..I think I'll be headed there, it's only an hour from me. What time does it start?
  12. 07-28-17 HAMPTON BEACH, NH

    Yes you read that right, it was amazing
  13. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    11-30-80. A mind bending 22 minutes
  14. I Watched Long strange trip for the second time and just really enjoyed it again. I met Sam Cutler at the capitol theatre last week at jrad show which I really enjoyed. Sam is a cool dude and Took the time to have a few words with me. As the documentary ended I listened to audio from Jerry and would like to share it and what I gathered from it. "I'm real happy with the Grateful Dead, I'm real happy with it......Be able to to see someway of Extending this idea beyond ourselves. I mean I wanna be feeling this idea can continue without us. It doesn't have to be THE Grateful Dead but SOMETHING. Kerouacs books opened up doors for me that put me in this life, and I would like to do that for somebody else, ya know what I mean and then it will be there for anybody who's got the spirit...go for it!" -Jerry Garcia Theres always talk on these forums about all the bands that have come after the Grateful Dead. Who was good at the time, who we didn't enjoy that much. The bottom line is since Jerry left us we've always had some outlet of GD music live! The dead, the other ones, further , Phil and friends , ratdog, DSO, BCE , JRad, the fare the well group and dead and company. Just to name a few, but This is exactly what this quote from Jerry means to me. He wanted it to continue with or without him and It looks like it will be around forever in some way, shape or form. Theres no other band that I know of that's been around this long that still has this following or this many live acts to choose from. He was saying It didn't have to be The actual GD keeping it going but anyone who had the spirit that he and the band passed on to others. We've been blessed by Dark Star and there relentless touring and the amazing quality of music they give us show to show. There popularity is growing. Dead and company may not be everyone's cup of tea but they have packed out Lots and packed stadiums so there doing something right. So I enjoy that aspect they bring and as well as there music. I mentioned I went to jrad last week. Two sold out shows at the capitol. From what I gathered people are starting to like this band and they are a Very interesting band. Different style of playing and jamming but nonetheless doing the music justice. I had a great time listening. That set list Born cross eyed that someone posted last week had me drooling. That show was the most packed set list of goodness and everything I could imagine fitting in one show. These are just a minuscule outlook on what's going on out there in GD world. So As I gear up to hit the road this weekend to Hampton beach just thinking about this year so far. Hit 6 DSO shows this spring, I saw dead and co last month and jrad last week, and who knows how many this summer we'll see where it goes starting tomorow. I'm pretty damn happy on where this music is headed and how it seems to keep gaining new life. And As deadheads we're seriously lucky I must say. We have so much to choose from to go out and see, not to mention the amount of music we can buy, download, the archive, or even YouTube and Sirius radio has awesome stuff. Even though the ending of the documentary is terribly sad and It shows how much we lost there's gotta be some happiness to what he left us to keep forever. His passion, love , spirit, his voice and his guitar. That's what he passed on to all the bands that still keep it going. I guess he knew what he was talking about when he wanted this to continue beyond himself and keep this alive. Thanks for reading, can't wait for tomorrow!
  15. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    That's a cool, funky intro to fire.. so s it around the 4:06 mark?? I think that's the wahhhh