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  1. Hey brother sorry to hear this sad news. I hope mom gets through this. Been busy with life shit over here and haven’t seen you in awhile, miss ya man. Prayers with you and the fam.
  2. Vic81

    Westbrook, ME

    Free parking is a real thing?
  3. Vic81

    Ridgefield accoustic

    Hobo song was amazing
  4. Vic81

    Westbrook, ME

    Rude you forgot empty sun tan lotion bottle, didn’t you do that at BM? Haha..That was interesting. I usually just fill a Poland spring bottle with Jameson and crush till it’s flattened enough and smuggle it in, MC knows I always come prepared
  5. Nah brother won’t make BM this year. Totally bummed out about it
  6. The show last year was phenomenal. I sold 2 extra tickets outside for half price no problem. I would Def try out front. I’ll be there Tuesday but no extras this year sorry.
  7. Thanks tea! Hopefully catch up with you soon brother
  8. Missing all you at Hampton beach. Had surgery this week, getting around real slow. Been on the couch since Monday. Catch up with the bus early August for acoustic show and jersey shows
  9. Imo this is the best one by far, Brent is amazing
  10. Vic81

    Jannus live

    Ballin that jack and drinking my wineeee
  11. Unbroken chain at black mountain 2 years ago was unbelievable. Totally amazing
  12. Vic81

    Pisgah jubilee

    we weren’t even being that loud!! ...wait, were we?
  13. Vic81

    SF #2

    Sml on the road...
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