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  1. Vic81

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Acrosss the Rio Grand DI OOOOOO
  2. Vic81

    Red Rocks 2019

    Never say never Mc!
  3. Vic81

    Red Rocks 2019

    Won’t miss this 4 piece
  4. Vic81


    This is hanging in a firehouse near me. Those of you who know me know why this Hits home for me. Everyone please take time to recognize the sacrifices people make to help others and the country. It’s a great feeling when famous people give credit to regular people. Thank you Anthony bourdain R.I.P. man
  5. Vic81

    Now Listening...

    I got a name!
  6. Vic81

    My first dead$co show

    Tonight was fucking awesome,look at the setlis. Bobby wasn’t tired, that dude is a warrior,he knows what he’s doing...no more shitting on him because he’s old and his voice is tired and all that nonsense...he’s a founding father of what we love ...the vibe was way up from the lot to the end. This show was beautiful. Let there be songs.... to fill the air
  7. Vic81

    My first dead$co show

    Found...you going Friday or Saturday?
  8. Vic81

    Jubilee 2018

  9. Vic81

    Jubilee 5/25/18

    Was waiting to see what’s going out there...Hell of a start...really like that second set, encore and filler. Have fun everyone!!
  10. Vic81


    This show is amazing
  11. Vic81

    Penn's peak

    Love this venue, grate people, awesome show but they gotta fix the beer line situation...me and my buddy missed Cumberland and Cassidy waiting for a damn beer. And both songs rocked. They don’t need to ask for ID every single time, major hold up. That should be what the wristband is for, not proving you HAD a ticket. Anyways it would never deter me from going back, Penns peak is the shit. Nothing but grate times there. That was some serious Fog up on that mountain. Openers of both sets were highlights, TMNS was awesome and started the night off right, I really liked Cumberland except I was trying to boogie on a beer line. The band slams scarlet>fire with some serious passion. Jeff seems to nail wharf rat everytime these days. Second set was fun..How could you not love the weight filler. Good dance party..Thanks DSO
  12. Vic81

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Well a Couple more shots of whiskey, women round here start looking good
  13. Vic81


    Can’t wait for a three piece this weekend
  14. Vic81


    This band does not slow down
  15. Vic81

    Cap Theater 2

    Super powerful birdsong