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  1. That show was a monster. Best I had the pleasure of seeing in 2019. Curtis Hixon 12/13/78 Set 1: Passenger They Love Each Other Mama Tried Mexicali Blues Candyman El Paso Tennessee Jed It's All Over Now Loser Jack Straw Deal Set 2: I Need A Miracle Ship Of Fools Playin' In The Band Drums Shakedown Street Black Peter Playin' In The Band Sugar Magnolia Encore: Johnny B. Goode Filler: Catfish John Mister Charlie
  2. Roonie1685


    I bet he rants about how much Cornell '77 sucks.
  3. Roonie1685


    Good thing there's no shortage of GD to listen to. Hopefully that dude discovers Archive and YouTube or subscribes to Dave's Picks and stays home.
  4. Foolish Heart was outstanding. I agree, they handle that tune better than anyone. And yes, Comes a Time was definitely met with the love and respect. I didn't mention it before, but Drums/Space last night was outstanding. I always look forward to it, but sometimes feel like I'm in the minority there. Last night the packed house hung in there though. Very cool.
  5. Concord 11/20/18 - Original Setlist Set 1: Help > Slip > Frank, Hell in a Bucket, West LA, Me & My Uncle > Cumberland, I'll Be With Thee, Tom Thumb's, Minglewood, Might As Well Set 2: Feel Like a Stranger > Foolish Heart, Unbroken Chain > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Eyes > Drums/Space > Saint of Cir > Comes A Time > Good Lovin Encore: Forever Young I might have some of it out of place, but it was a pretty sweet night indeed.
  6. Agreed and signed. Although I haven't seen DSO as many times as a lots of the people on here; I have seen them enough to know when it is all there for me. Last night was one of those nights (subjective of course). Playin through Sugar magnolia had me in an amazing trance. I love it when DSO gets me there. Black Peter is always one of my favorites and last night's probably stole the show for me. That Sugar Mag really was excellent. Bertha and Rooster for set 1 blew me away too... Serous stuff. Many thanks and and lots of love.
  7. I understand that 100%... thinking you're getting 76 and then get a random Shining Star 6 songs in.
  8. Great show! I love the 1976 recreations. Set 1 started off thumping with Music Never Stopped and it was all smiles from there. Highlights for me were a monster TN Jed and an excellent Looks Like Rain. Lazy Lightnin' > Supplication is always a favorite of mine and they nailed that too. Set 2 was a dance party and it looked like DSO was having fun up there. They were whipping it up for sure. On another note it was also one of those rare times (for me) where I was able to identify the specific GD show being performed last night. I just have that Orpheum tape, wasn't there. Thank you DSO!
  9. I agree that the venue was too cold. I didn't start dripping until Drums and I was definitely moving. One of the pluses was the location though. It was so close to the highway and there was parking everywhere within a 2 minute walk. It was perfect for an easy ride in and out. I'll definitely go again if they return next year. As for the show, all good. I love a Bertha opener. Super funk West LA. Drums > Other One was pretty happening. A stellar version of Little Red Rooster (sometimes one of my hotdog songs)... blew me away. Thanks DSO!
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  11. Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 4 Philadelphia Spectrum 4/5 - 4/6/82. Perfect with hot coffee on a cold Sunday morning.
  12. For 1980s recordings I'm also a big fan of 10-31-83. That show has a special place in my heart. Great show and quality rec, but also one of the first tapes my father in law and I bonded over. It was one of the first times I hung out with the guy solo. Nothing like a mutual love of the GD to break the ice. We literally became buds over the course of listening to this show. Amazing experience for me. Impossible not to smile from ear to ear whenever I hear it ever since. Love!
  13. 3-14-81 is an amazing recording to be sure. I listen to that show at least once a year. Excellent show throughout. Very nice China Rider. I especially love the Ship of Fools and Althea. Those 2 gems get me every time. I know what I am listening to today.
  14. 11-17-73 UCLA.. One of my all time favorites. 4-20-84 Philly on deck (a top 10 1980s show for me).
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