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    Lost count, here are sum. Mostly PA & tri-state area.<br />
    <br />
    2001-12-08 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2001-12-12 Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA <br />
    2002-12-14 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2003-06-06 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2003-11-28 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2005-11-19 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2005-12-08 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2006-05-26 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2006-05-27 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2006-11-22 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2006-11-29 Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA <br />
    2007-05-13 Sherman Theater Stroudsburg, PA <br />
    2007-05-18 Ram's Head Live Baltimore, MD <br />
    2007-05-19 Ram's Head Live Baltimore, MD <br />
    2007-07-13 Mt. Hope Estate and Winery Manheim, PA <br />
    2007-08-08 Zoellner Arts Center Bethlehem, PA <br />
    2007-11-21 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2007-12-31 Keswick Theatre Glenside, PA <br />
    2008-05-25 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2008-06-08 Sovereign Performing Arts Center Reading, PA <br />
    2008-06-12 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Manchester, TN <br />
    2008-06-13 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Manchester, TN <br />
    2008-07-10 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2008-11-26 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2009-11-25 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2011-03-06 The Sovereign Reading, PA <br />
    2011-05-06 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2011-11-23 Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2011-12-29 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA <br />
    2012-05-31 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2012-11-21 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2013-07-26 House Of Blues-Showboat Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ <br />
    2013-11-27 Penns Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2014-05-30 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2014-08-09 Kempton Music Center Kempton, PA <br />
    2014-11-30 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2015-05-08 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2015-05-09 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2015-11-25 Penn's Peak Jim Thorpe, PA <br />
    2016-05-19 Santander PAC Reading, PA <br />
    2016-07-30 Pat Garrett Amphitheater Strausstown, PA <br />
    2016-10-07 Strand York, PA<br />
    2017-05-23 World Café Live Wilmington, DE
    2017-11-22 Penn's Peak
    2017/18 NYE Electric Factory
    2018-05-19 Penn's Peak
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  1. My first foray into live Grateful Dead music Ratdog ~ 12/1/00 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA Blackbird* > Odessa*, Looks Like Rain, Liberty+, Bury Me Standing > Greatest Story Ever Told > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Welcome to the World > Dark Star Jam > Weather Report Suite > Let It Grow > Bass/Drums > Jam > Ashes and Glass > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower E: Franklin's Tower > Throwing Stones *-Bob, Rob, n Mark; +-w/ The Persuasions; "Franklin's" ended with a vocal breakdown, which they did for a couple minutes before "Throwing Stones"; Bobby acoustic "Blackbird" thru "L.L. Rain" and "WRS Prelude/Part 1" Thanks Jonathan Rabhan Then my 1st DSO show -Dark Star Orchestra- Show #579 - Sat, Dec 8, 2001 at Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA Performing 11/14/87 Arena, Long Beach, CA 1: Shakedown, Rooster, Althea, Masterpiece, Hey Pocky Way, Deal 2: Maggie's Farm> Cumberland, Playin> Terrapin> Drumz> Miracle> Stella Blue> Throwing Stones> Lovelight Encore: Mighty Quinn Filler: E1 - Cold Rain> Touch> NFA E2 - Sat Night with Rob Eaton as Bobby - Man was I blown away! 19 years later and I'm still listening to something new everyday.
  2. A little new school flava... Old Glory standing stiffly, Crimson White and Indego
  3. The last of that special class of aching ballads written by Garcia and Hunter, ‘Standing on the Moon’ is at once one of the Dead’s barest and most beautiful compositions, a sparse and subtle wonder which allows its listener to drink in and appreciate every note. “I’m real happy with that song,” Garcia told The Galvin Report just before Built to Last was released. “I wanted to do a song that was as minimal as I could make it. To me, minimal means that everything is pure in terms of the chords and motion. Everything is basically three-note triads. There are no extended chords. There are no suspensions from one chord to another. It’s just the way the melody moves. The narrative is so straight-ahead. They lyrics are so transparent. I wanted people to hear the song the first time it plays. I don’t want you to have to listen over and over again to get it. Every once in a while, Hunter writes lyrics where you don’t change a thing. They’re just perfect. This is one of those tunes… I got the lyrics whole from Hunter. I didn’t have a melody, nothing. So I sat down and fooled around with it until it evolved into something that seemed to work for me, emotionally.” The song’s perspective of looking at the blue orb we call home from the dry climes of the moon is reminiscent of Barlow’s line “A peaceful place, or so it looks from space,” from In the Dark’s ‘Throwing Stones’. But in lieu of that song’s vitriol, ‘Standing on the Moon’ favors an appreciative outsider-looking-in type of poetry in passages like, “I see the Gulf of Mexico / As tiny as a tear / The coast of California / Must be somewhere over here.” By the time the track ends, it has run the gamut of the human experience by touching down everywhere from a war-torn El Salvador to the band’s peaceful homeland of San Francisco, California. Performed a total of 75 times, the song often appeared toward the end of the Grateful Dead’s set lists. Introduced during the same February 5, 1989 show as Mydland’s ‘We Can Run’, the song’s last appearance came at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 30, 1995. Excerpt from: What a Long Strange Trip – Stephen Peters If you ever come across this book I highly recommend it. Thoughts, Comments… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpEsFYwVdmQ
  4. Was that show by any chance at the Pat Garrett Amphitheater in PA?
  5. In no particular order. I could probably name another 10 but here's what I got without paging through my "Bible" of CDs, and yes I still have one, albeit most of the disc are probably scratched 1. Grateful Dead ~ Without a Net 2. Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 3. Guns & Roses Appetite for Destruction 4. Allman Brothers Band - A decade of hits 1967-1979 5. In Session (Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan) 6. The Doors in concert Live (2 disc) 7. Jimi Hendrix Are you Experienced? 8. Jerry Garcia Oregon State Prison + bonus trax 9. Bob Marley Legend 10. Led Zeppelin IV 11. Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon Yea I know 11 is one more than 10. Didn't have time for these albums to battle it out in my head while at work Honorable Mentions: 2-Pac All Eyes on Me Dr. Dre The Chronic Jethro Tull Original Masters Bad Company - The Best of Bad Company Live Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Weezer Blue Album Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik Sublime 40 oz. to Freedom The Cream of Clapton Rory Gallagher - The complete BBC Sessions
  6. Hey Ron, I closed my PayPal account. Any other way to donate?
  7. Billy DeLyon

    Penns Peak

    Definitely a few weird vibes from the show. All in all it was a good night, not sure if it was the near full moon, new mgmnt at the Peak or what but from jump street we encountered the never ending lines outside the venue a 1/2 hr before showtime. This isn’t something new but we got up there a little late & wanted a little tailgate time. So we got in line. Heard some say better run away, others say you better stand still. Needless to say I didn’t stand in line and got into the show in about 10mins. They were still scanning tickets & bringing people in at the end of the 1st set! That puts a lot of people in a bad mood before they get into the room. I understand it was sold out but that can’t happen. Venue’s gotta do a better job Things went down we don’t understand, but I guess in time we will. Although I can’t say I saw a fight, maybe someone could have gotten kicked out (which I’ve seen at many shows). I did witness a mass exedous of what looked to be high school kids leaving at the beginning of the 2nd set. I remember thinking to myself “who goes home at the start of the second set?” I feel kinda angry everyone (including the band) got screwed out of the last few songs because of a couple idiots. Was very bizarre when they basically pulled the plug. I don’t even remember them announcing the setlist. Who knows, maybe they bust out a Lovelight or something to end the night & leave everyone w/ an awesome feeling to go back to their families with. I’m all for self policing the scene (its got very few rules to guide) but it’s a fine line since many people (myself included) aren’t big fans of the police telling you what to do in general. That’s the beauty of a Dead show, pretty much anything goes. You start putting more rules in place & it could be counterproductive. But if you’re acting like a dumbass & it starts to encroach on a bunch of other peoples good vibes you need to be dealt with. Either by your own crew/friends, security, or the elder statesmen heads on the scene. Hopefully this isn’t gonna be a new trend. Or maybe it was just a one time thing that’s a blip on the radar. Either way this darkness’ got to give. That’s my rant Hope everyone has a blessed & safe holiday with your families & friends. praise DSO
  8. Psyched, can't believe another year has gone bye. Can't wait to see the band and some friends. DSO at the PEAK, the best way to start off any holiday season! There could be some Cold rain and Snow atop that Pennsylvania Peak tomorrow night but I'm confident inside the wooden cathedral DSO will bring the Fire on the Mountain. We should have a High Time Shakin'down Til the Morning comes
  9. Let's go with the Nawlin Saints! 1. Saints
  10. Lax Security (smoking outside only) Good Shakedown street Ability to get a seat (if you go in early) Usually you can find some space to dance Awesome views on top of the mountain DSO always rocks the {Peak} Sometimes the drink lines are long, but hey most people have long drives home and shouldn't get too sauced anyway. Love the Peak!
  11. Set 1: Let the good times roll Althea When I Paint my Masterpiece When Push Comes to Shove Sampson and Delilah West LA Fadeaway Quinn the Eskimo Whiskey in the Jar Gentlemen Start your Engines Here Comes Sunshine So many Roads Set 2: Scarlet>Fire St. Stephen> William Tell> The Eleven> Cryptically envelopment> The other one> Drums> Ship of Fools> Lost sailor> Saint of Circumstance> Wharf Rat E: Terrapin Station>Turn on your Lovelight> Brokedown Palace 2nd E: Johnny B Good> We bid you goodnight I'm headed to the FL Keys next week. Had to throw in the nautical theme
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