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  1. count2

    Chico 2/13/20

    @Island Bro was looking for Here Comes Sunshine - first song after you headed home to more rain
  2. count2

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Not that I noticed, but with any luck, I'm just unobservant.
  3. count2

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Monkey and the Engineer wasn't on the planned setlist. Some guy kept calling out for it, and at one point Eaton responded that they're playing that in San Francisco so they can't play it now. Then the guy's girlfriend claimed he left because they weren't going to play it, and Baracco said "he's gone? We should play it now"
  4. count2

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    Fixed seating and most everyone sat for the first set, other than a few dancing in the aisles. A girl in the front row got told to sit down when she tried to dance. At the beginning of the second set she made a pitch to get everyone to stand, and the room complied.
  5. count2

    Bend, OR - 2/10/20

    This was an amazing show. It blows my mind that they can pull such rare songs out of the catalog and play them as competently as they do everything else. Lisa on Chimes of Freedom is powerful stuff.
  6. Usually in 3 nights I can pick either a favorite or least favorite, but not this time. Despite my feelings about the venues in Seattle and Portland, all 3 of these shows were grate for me. Looking forward to winding down with an acoustic show before heading home.
  7. 6-9-90 Filler: That's What Love will Make You Do Hey Pocky Way
  8. count2

    Portland 2/7/20

    Another amazing show! Mostly Jeff, some Skip on Wild Thing.
  9. count2

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    I had seen that too, and kept waiting for Dark Star.
  10. count2

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    Exactly what was going through my mind as he was talking.
  11. count2

    Seattle - 2/6/20

    I met a guy last night who saw a lot of shows in the late 80s/early 90s and heard them open with Eyes->Estimated tons of times, but had never heard them play that "obscure Dylan song." He refused to believe me when I said this wasn't a GD setlist.
  12. All this rain still beats last year's snow and ice for touring purposes!
  13. Alas, the might as well approach probably won't work for me this time. I also doubt I'll make Charleston, but I don't think I can pass up the last 3 nights of this leg.
  14. Oh man, that looks cool. On my birthday, too. I was thinking of heading east for Show #3000, but now I want to do Charleston->Birmingham.
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