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  1. By my math, winter tour will bring the tally up to 2981, putting show 3000 somewhere along spring tour. Any theories as to whether this will be celebrated with the tour planned around where it occurs? Or wherever it happens, it happens? I'd make an effort to travel for this momentous occasion. Maybe it'll be at Jubilee?
  2. I just saw this one is on Archive as well: https://archive.org/details/dso2019-10-31.aud.c480b.ck63.mkh8040.nico11104.flac24
  3. count2

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Clever indeed! Sounds like a great 3 night run. Glad I was able to tune in for this one.
  4. count2

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Low Spark!
  5. count2

    11-2-2019 Cap

    There sure are some trippy visual effects on the live stream.
  6. count2

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Seems like they're giving Rob E a vocal break.
  7. Looks like Bend will be an acoustic show. I'd definitely like to catch that one!
  8. Only one night in Portland - that's a bummer.
  9. Days Between in the tour opener, Days Between in the tour closer, and all of the days between dedicated to Robert Hunter. I love it. Would have been cool if Chicago's first-set NFA didn't conclude until last night.
  10. I love it when you can so clearly see that Jeff's having fun.
  11. This show was a blast, from start to finish. The band was on fire, and the crowd was fully engaged. I left here thinking that I want to see more shows in Milwaukee. Thanks for recording, stdilbert, I can't wait to listen again!
  12. I'm pretty sure that I also remember Brown Eyed Women in the first set, maybe between LLR and Keep on Growing. This show was special in more ways than normal. So grateful to have been here. This was my second time catching a show at the Vic with Pat on sax. The first one was never available to listen to again so I look forward to this show making it to Nugs at some point.
  13. Somebody has posted all 3 nights on Archive, here's Friday's. Sounds like Visions > Tangled was a result of it being Dylan's birthday. https://archive.org/details/dso2019-05-24.AKGmix.flac16
  14. count2


    My first show, on my 18th birthday. I forgot Victim or the Crime was in there - I've been hoping to hear DSO play that someday.
  15. Would be nifty if they could hit The Gorge while they were out here.
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