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  1. These shows are now avail for download via Nugs.net peace rob
  2. robeatondso

    SF #2

    For what it’s worth, when I’m off tour its the only time I have to master and process shows to put on Nugs! I do occasionally put up a GD set list but with limited time at home to do it I had to make it easy on myself so that I can enjoy my off time with my family. Only doing the Original set lists ( which is in my opinion our best stuff) keeps me from having to decide what to work on.. thats my story..
  3. Well when I found that reel the only part of the reel box I could read was “Santa Barbara”. The rest of the box was so water damaged that nothing was recognizable at all. After resorting the tape I was finally able to put it on the tape deck. It was indeed reel #4 of the missing 2/27 show. I never thought I’d see these tapes and after realizing the amount of damage they had gone through it’s my feeling that the other reels from this show simply got tossed out. If I can figure out how to post a photo of the box I will... peace rob
  4. I can answer the separation question. I’m 73-74 and 76 the console used to record the tapes was an old tube Ampex mixer that went into a Nagra Reel to Reel. This old mixer only had 3 positions for panning, Hard Left, Hard Right and dead center. This limitation created the great separation on the recordings along with having very few microphones..
  5. I’m no judge what is good or bad... they are all children with their own personality. 😉
  6. Hello All, I have finally worked hard enough to be current with our DSO live downloads. As you all know I only do Original set lists with the exception of big shows. I don't have the time to do them all but I feel very strongly personally that it's our original set lists where we are at our best (sometimes our worst) but it's the not knowing or not having a way to do something that I think is more fulfilling. I can just play as I feel and that to me is what it's all about. At any rate here are 18 shows going back to the May tour finishing in Black Mountain that I hope you will all enjoy. They are not always perfect but quite frankly who is.. Betty is my inspiration!!!! Peace Rob Eaton Here is a list of the shows avail now on Nugs: 5/10/18 Boston 5/11/18 Port Chester 5/14/18 Princeton 5/18/18 Westbury 5/25/18 Jubilee 5/26/18 Jubilee 5/27/18 Jubilee 5/27/18 DSO W/Melvin Seals Jubilee 6/22/18 San Diego 6/24/18 Carmel by the Sea 6/29/18 Berkeley 7/27/18 Hampton Beach 8/2/18 Buffalo 8/3/18 Rochester 8/8/18 Ridgefield 8/10/18 Coney Island 8/13/18 Dewey Beach 8/18/18 Black Mountain
  7. 6/22/73 and 6/24/73 are from the tapes I recovered and restored which were then returned to the vault.. they sound amazing.. this will be a great box!
  8. robeatondso

    Carmel By the Sea

    I actually really liked the fact it was a sit down crowd listening and not talking. Especially with an acoustic. Not lame at all. Just because you sit doesn’t mean your not into it..
  9. Firstly the 1st 5 rows I believe were $55. There is no priced ticket that is $317 unless it’s a vip experience ticket which were only $195 I think... those sold out fast. If you were on AXS tickets which I think is the Red Rocks site there should be nothing in that amount.. pS) best rows are 14-24 by the way
  10. robeatondso


    “ I don't go to see DSO to see their creativity come through.” i reallt dont know ehat to say.🙉
  11. As far as how we do it (or I do it I guess)? I take the mix from Cotter and the Archive mix from the Monitor board (more like how Betty would have done it). Then I take 2 pairs of Audience mic’s. One from the stage facing out the other From the Soundboard facing the stage. I phase align all the sources, blend them , process them and creat one stereo mix. That’s the short version
  12. I actually had those Don Pierson tapes for the last 15 months transferring them as well.
  13. Let me clarify a point on the Ultra Mattix Tapes which started in late 86. There was a pair of AKG 414 mounted in the front of the board on a rail that allowed it to move left or right depending on the center position. These mics we aligned in an M/S pattern. M/S stands for “middle/side”. What this means is one microphone was in a firgue 8 pattern. It is places to each side of the capsule faces left and right. This was plugged into the ultra box which was designed for M/S Recording. The other mic was in a standard cardiod pattern which sat directly above and on top of the other mic in figure 8. After these mics were plugged into the ultra box it would shift phase on one side of the figure 8 and create a 3D audience image. The SBD or Healy’s mix also ran into the ultra box. There was a delay control for the SHD feed to time align it with the M/S mic. Each room was different but at 200-200 feet the time difference is measurable. There was also a control that controlled the blend between the 2 sources. The early ultra mixes were 50/50. The eventually ended up with more of a 70/30 ratio.. hipe that helps. On my phone so if I’ve misspelled or have bad grammar sorry😱
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