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  1. t.bell

    Chico 2/13/20

    Wow, not sure if/when I last saw desolation row on a DSO set list. Hope it went well. Would love to see it pop up from time to time.
  2. Damn - so many incredible elective set lists this fall tour. Really hope Rob doesn't keep us waiting too long for them to show up on nugs.net Take my money!!!
  3. t.bell


    Damn - that is a meaty setlist!
  4. t.bell

    Lowell, Ma

    fake ending to BIODTL?
  5. t.bell

    11-2-2019 Cap

    I'll certainly be kicking myself in the ass for not going. I have been wanting to make my pilgrimage to the Cap for awhile. When these got announced for some reason I was thinking they were 1st weekend of December and I would have just been getting back from another trip, so I passed. This past weekend would have worked out perfect. And with the Bro and Co shows @ MSG, tickets and space were plentiful. Glad to have seen the Saturday night webcast, which was definitely as good of DSO as I've heard. But damn, I fucked up. 😣
  6. t.bell

    11-2-2019 Cap

    Full on Robert Hunter tribute show man, they are playing with some fire. The intro jams before jack straw and half step unlike any other DSO. Very much like Phil and friends. And the crazy fingers jam was fierce!
  7. t.bell


    Interesting that they did 7/16/76 just a week or so ago and that had an amazing Comes a Time>Other one and this one has Other One>Comes a Time.... and from the song lengths on the archive.org files - this one looks like it should be equally fantastic.
  8. The September Boulder/Red Rocks shows are on nugs.net. No shows released on nugs between the April and September shows...
  9. 6/16/91 has been the big surprise for me. Only negative is that the pre drums do not have any of the usual big jam songs. An Estimated after the Rider would have been perfect. Agreed about the Black Peter - spring/summer 1991 had incredible versions - Shoreline and Vegas being standouts.
  10. incredible g.dead show! DSO performed it fantastically a few years back, 2012(?) and released on livedownloads.com. Can't wait to hear last night - thanks for all the taping and uploading. Listening to your 9/26 this morning - sounds great!
  11. Fantastic sound quality. And _every_ song seems to have some extra electricity. (BirdSong!!!) Thanks for sharing your recording!
  12. I was trying to put together a timeline of some of the personnel changes we've seen in DSO. I didn't go further back that Scott's passing in 2005 Here's what I was able to cobble together from Starbase. Any corrections/comments? 2013-10-11 Skip Vangelas - 1st show as permenant member 2013-06-01 Keven Rosen's last show Jim Allard Skip Vangelas ?? - Jeff permenant member 12/5/09 last show with John Kadlecik Jeff Mattson Stu Allen 2007-03-20 last show with Dan Klepinger - Barraco only here on out 2005-04-23 Scott Larned's last show Rob Barraco Dan Klepinger Tom Ryan
  13. Sure wish they'd do an acoustic set at the Jubilee - maybe 1st set Saturday, and then a JGB set 1st thing Sunday.
  14. Northwest String summit webcast all weekend https://jamgrass.tv/northwest-string-summit-2019 DSO tonight at 8p pacific time. set list based on 8/27/72 not sure I'll be up for the whole thing...hope it get archived for later viewing...
  15. t.bell

    Jubilee Sunday 2019

    I uploaded a handful of videos to youtube. Most are short clips, but got a nice long pull from Watchtower and Black Peter. Youtube Jubilee 2019 playlist
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