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  1. Fantastic sound quality. And _every_ song seems to have some extra electricity. (BirdSong!!!) Thanks for sharing your recording!
  2. I was trying to put together a timeline of some of the personnel changes we've seen in DSO. I didn't go further back that Scott's passing in 2005 Here's what I was able to cobble together from Starbase. Any corrections/comments? 2013-10-11 Skip Vangelas - 1st show as permenant member 2013-06-01 Keven Rosen's last show Jim Allard Skip Vangelas ?? - Jeff permenant member 12/5/09 last show with John Kadlecik Jeff Mattson Stu Allen 2007-03-20 last show with Dan Klepinger - Barraco only here on out 2005-04-23 Scott Larned's last show Rob Barraco Dan Klepinger Tom Ryan
  3. Sure wish they'd do an acoustic set at the Jubilee - maybe 1st set Saturday, and then a JGB set 1st thing Sunday.
  4. Northwest String summit webcast all weekend https://jamgrass.tv/northwest-string-summit-2019 DSO tonight at 8p pacific time. set list based on 8/27/72 not sure I'll be up for the whole thing...hope it get archived for later viewing...
  5. t.bell

    Jubilee Sunday 2019

    I uploaded a handful of videos to youtube. Most are short clips, but got a nice long pull from Watchtower and Black Peter. Youtube Jubilee 2019 playlist
  6. t.bell

    Jubilee Sunday 2019

    I also sent an email to Tim and All Good. Similar sentiment of placing the "entertainers" there was not a great idea. And the timing of Sunday's set up was horrible! This should be an easy fix for them and we can go back to our blissful memories of the Jubilee.
  7. No Sugaree played @ the Jubilee??? Is that the first time that's happened? Next year - they'll open with it πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks Rob - makes sense. The quality of the drumming seemed much higher than the Red Rock family drumming. But no less fun and enjoyable πŸ™‚
  9. the kid up front definitely had skills!!!
  10. Were the folks on drums band friends and familiy? Or I was thinking maybe they were from the earlier in the day drum clinic. What a treat that would be!
  11. t.bell

    Jubilee Sunday 2019

    I liked when the food vendor were off to the side two years ago. Made the field much more open.
  12. t.bell

    Jubilee Sunday 2019

    In agreement with all the above. Definitely the roughest edge of any of my previous but still so enjoyable, peaceful and wonderful. Id like to email my comments as well. Send to the All Good folks? the timer has started for my return in two years. 😍😍
  13. Let the good times roll Feel like a Stranger Row Jimmy Hey pocky Way Ramble on rose Let it grow Shakedown Street Women are smarter Ship of fools Playin in the Band Drumz Going down the road feeling bad All along the Watchtower Black Peter Sugar Magnolia China cat Sunflower I know you Rider One More Saturday Night 4/30/89 Frost Amphitheater. Stanford Ripple.
  14. Seems more crowded than previous years. Will be interesting to hear if the numbers support my impression. I talked to lots of first timers Which May have led to the other thing I saw yesterday. Three medical emergencies, each requiring EMT haul off. ☹️ Two during the DSO sets. Never good vibes to watch that madness go down. Bravo to the soundboard security for calling in help quickly.
  15. We packed it up close to 2am. How late did Billy play? The DSO was (to no surprise) fantastic! i was joking maybe it was an elective late 70’s β€œmost generic” set list Rob could come up with. But man on man the playing was anything but generic. Huge HUGE bombs in both Other One and Wharf Rat. Woo!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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