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  1. t.bell

    Anthem show hype

    If NorVa gets an 80s/90s show that says away from the heavy hitters like Dew and eyes, and obviously DarkStar - I think I’ll be agreeing with ya.
  2. t.bell

    Richmond #2

    Yup. 😕 i has to ask folks to not shout over the music during smr as well. Talking is distracting enough. Shouting just sucks I think the jam out of terrapin and the other one were my highlights. Perfect timing on the other one changes and Stu’s bass roll into both of the verses were delicate and thunderous! cold rain>watchtower was thrilling and a great elective start
  3. t.bell

    Lights on the current tour

    Was center floor last night and ligh were a non issue. Our concerns must’ve been recognized.
  4. t.bell

    Richmond- night 1

    Agreed! both the jam out of estimated and out of eyes were spectacular. ! and I think it was the mid song jam in estimated that was just huge! Much higher and more laps than usual.
  5. t.bell

    Richmond- night 1

    Cats down under the stars elective encore awesome show. So tight and precise. Sounded so so good and the crowd felt locked in as well great start to the weekend
  6. t.bell

    The Anthem

    Ohhh, 7/12/90- that’d be a good one. for some reason 3/9/92 has been itching in my brain...😀
  7. t.bell

    Some of the changes

    Thanks Tea!
  8. t.bell

    Some of the changes

    Thanks Ron. Looks good so far. One thing I’m not a fan of is the folded paper look across posts. Just a bit of a visual distraction. Color scheme looks great. Cant wait to dig into more of the bits and bolts of things.
  9. t.bell

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Fair enough. 😀 I made my quick list...Dewey, Princeton, and San Diego along with some one offs - acoustic viola lee and thrill is gone, senõr, and black muddy river.
  10. t.bell

    New DSO Downloads now avail via Nugs.net

    Thank you Rob!!! If you’re following this thread, any standout performances you were excited about while listening back?
  11. t.bell

    I don’t want to know the show!

    The just pre-announced the Red Rocks show... Count me in as not a fan of the pre-announced. The DC "show from the area" is a close to a pre-announcement as I'm comfortable with.
  12. t.bell

    Any recordings of Carmel by the Sea 6/24/18?

    making the summer recordings just exactly perfect, I guess. It'll be worth the wait, yes? :)
  13. t.bell

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    Is there balcony seating at rva or norva? I didn’t see any option other than ga.
  14. t.bell

    Fall Tour - 2nd Leg

    psyched! my first east coast DSO shows - RVAx2>NorVa>DC not a big fan of pre-announced shows, but "recreating a classic DC show" - I can get behind 100%
  15. t.bell

    Ojai, CA

    Bummer the venue/promoter screwed us. But it didn't put a damper on the evening. Stellar time. Would go back in a hearbeat! Humphrey's & Ojai were two dream settings for music! Return to the west for fall tour? i'm guessing not - see ya in 2019!