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    Jubilee 2017 :):):)<br />
    Hampton Beach July 2017<br />
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  1. Hi Doc! It's Amanda... Driving up now from boston just a little over 2 hrs lefts to go. I don't have tix yet and was going to buy at box office hoping they don't sell out! I would be so grateful to you if they're not claimed yet?! πŸ’™β€
  2. See you there! 4 hr drive awaits me in the morning πŸš—β€πŸ’™
  3. NorthEast


    Thought to share this gem here! What a fun night ⚑
  4. My family still asks me for a christmas list every year... Jubilee tickets are at the top 😜
  5. NorthEast


    Wow, just wow! Such a fun stretch of shows. The post show glow is real, and lasting into the work week :). Spending quality time on the dancefloor and pre/post show with some special people on here I'm lucky to call friends now, nothing better! Smiles for days... Thanks for the memories. Until the next time πŸ’™βœ¨β€
  6. Pure bliss. I had that "this is for me" feeling quite a few times... The best sensation ✨
  7. Looks lovely. Happy you got it!!!
  8. I've always liked this venue and this year was even better than previous times. Security was mellow and friendly, on entry you get to pick a wristband for GA orchestra or GA balcony, and once inside no one bothered to check! Plenty of space by soundboard with some special friends like Nina and Chris. Shakedown, Ship of Fools, Jack Straw, and It's All Over Now highlights but despite missing the first few to open, DSO left us in awe from it all, per usual ☺ Next up, a run through VA with a stop in DC Happy Thanksgiving πŸ’œ
  9. Bummed I missed this one... Work was calling. Lowell tonight... Northeast has been getting the goods. Northampton was a great show to start off πŸ’™β€πŸ’™
  10. Enjoying the afterglow... I don't anticipate it going away any time soon 😊This weekend was everything... Magical!
  11. In search of boulder night 2 ticket!!! Cash in hand and in Denver willing to drive and meet!
  12. NorthEast

    Westbrook, ME

    That, and venue security/staff needed to loosen up. Walking towards the entrance, in crosswalk, and the guy checking tickets yells out to me while I'm finishing up a cigarette, "one more drag miss you won't be able to get in, put it out now!". Yikes. Dso made up for it. Miss the pier though.
  13. NorthEast

    Westbrook, ME

    Leaving Maine behind this morning with all smiles... ✨☺
  14. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    There it is! Sadly missed the 1st few... Tonight is another chance. ✨✨✨
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