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    Portland, ME state theatre 2016<br /><br />
    Jubilee 2017 :):):)<br />
    Hampton Beach July 2017<br />
    Cape Cod Melody Tent 7-31-17<br />
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  1. Bummed I missed this one... Work was calling. Lowell tonight... Northeast has been getting the goods. Northampton was a great show to start off 💙❤💙
  2. Enjoying the afterglow... I don't anticipate it going away any time soon 😊This weekend was everything... Magical!
  3. In search of boulder night 2 ticket!!! Cash in hand and in Denver willing to drive and meet!
  4. NorthEast

    Westbrook, ME

    That, and venue security/staff needed to loosen up. Walking towards the entrance, in crosswalk, and the guy checking tickets yells out to me while I'm finishing up a cigarette, "one more drag miss you won't be able to get in, put it out now!". Yikes. Dso made up for it. Miss the pier though.
  5. NorthEast

    Westbrook, ME

    Leaving Maine behind this morning with all smiles... ✨☺
  6. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    There it is! Sadly missed the 1st few... Tonight is another chance. ✨✨✨
  7. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    I'll get back to post once I ask who I was with what we were given tonight. I have a feeling their memory may serve us better than mine. You think you won't forget when in the moment, then it's gone when you look back!?
  8. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    It was everything it should be... She's the best.
  9. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    Walked in late... You ain't woman enough. Wondering what I missed? Do tell?
  10. NorthEast

    Cape Cod

    No idea what show... My (uneducated) guess is elective. Show started at 7 and ended at 10. DSO definitely, to no surprise, filled our cups and those 3 hours were filled with everything they had to give. I remember a Good Lovin by Barraco ❤ and a Ripple to end. ME bound Sunday
  11. NorthEast


    Help slip frank, comes a time, and goin down the rosd highlights for me! The wilbur isn't the greatest venue and now getting tighter with the rules... But, it's DSO and that's worth it! They took away re-entry after smoking just for this show. I asked security why and the response was "We don't want people coming back in high and can't tell who's doing what out there". I thanked him for answering honestly, questioned stereotyping, and reminded him if anyone wanted to get "high" they already were. He smiled and I carried on and enjoyed the rest of sbow. The aisle I was dancing around had a fire door and someone had opened it to go out and smoke and I realized later it was him that set it off. Oh well, the show went on! 💙❤✨
  12. Happy Birthday Doc! All the best to you in this trip around the sun 💗 - Amanda
  13. Celebrating the man himself with a local cover "bearly dead" tonight. Gonna get a better sense for the music and his song, just a water in hand. Still coming down from the love filled weekend! Happy birthday JG
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