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  1. I tried not to binge watch so I could enjoy it over time but it was done well enough that I could not resist. I think Trixie summed it up the best when she talked about Jerry just getting some fucking rest! The scene of Barlow at Pigpens grave...I said to my wife..why are people leaving picks for a keys player not 2 seconds later Barlow said the same thing....lol Overall I felt it was well done and makes me grateful for the happiness the band, the music, the scene and the thing they built that continues to live brought to my existence in this life.
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  3. Was listening to 6/25/92 Soldier Field last night playing some yhatzee...The Wheel>So many Roads = Good Stuff!!
  4. MC...THANK YOU for taking the time to share this. It was a tough year for our little family and were unable to travel at all. Our last show was Lexington, KY in Feb. Your thoughts and experiences brought a much needed smile and connection for me!
  5. Alright, Brief history.... I am 38, introduced to the Dead when I was 14. Only Dead show I was inside was June 95 Pittsburgh. Spent a lot of that 95 summer in the lot at the shows for various reasons. After Jerry passed I checked out Further, The Other Ones but things had changed. That summer of 95 before he passed the lot was not always a great place...lots of dark things going down..you may or may not have had a similar experience. Anyway, Life kinda went on, grew up, got married, have a lil one, responsibilities and all the American Dream stuff. Went to my first DSO show last summer at Pisgah, NC and it fired me up....WAYYYY more so than Trey playing with the band for the 50th shows and wayyy more than various Bobby, Phil projects. The vibe was there! The music was spot on, the solo's got me there! As a not so well off AMERICAN with a lil one, I was excited about the cost but the show gave me much more than I could have expected!!! My wife never has seen the Dead but has seen DSO twice and I would consider a pretty savvy listener of the years of the good ol GD....So all of that brings me to this..... I am really trying hard to swallow this Dead and Co. offering to us fans. I respect them wanting to carry on the musical legacy of the Dead but am I missing something? I would love to take my wife to a show so she can get a sense of the scene and the community but she is not interested! I have watched numerous Dead and Co. shows online, even the most recent Bonaroo show with a super open mind and it just does not grab me. Mayer is talented but the whole thing just makes me feel weird. I love the fact that the people who can relate with John Mayer that have had no experience with the Dead are seeing and feeling things that can only come from being connected to the music of the Dead. If I could afford the tickets to take my wife, daughter and I...at this point I don't know that it is nothing more than a money grab. Now I will say this..... Mickey and Billy are killing it!! That to me has been the HIGH point of the whole Dead and Co. thing...Oh yeah, the concert art work has been pretty stellar also. Am I the only one who is not on that Dead and Co train? I read the reviews from their shows and lots of folks talking how this is the best line-up since the passing of Jerry. I am sorry but I strongly disagree. I have watched and listened and while the music has moments...it is not the DEAD! Like I said...I cannot even afford the whole Dead and Co concert experience with my family. I guess I am one of those kermudgin heads.... so I am open to hear others thoughts to shed some light on things maybe I am not seeing by only experiencing Dead and Co via couch tour. If you took the time to read this kudos to you... If you respond...Cheers! Much Love! Sean
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