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  1. Whew, I was a sweaty mess after that one! The China Doll and Loose Lucy were incredible and I too had never caught an encore Dew, beautiful! Second set always clears out a bit, you have to tough it out first set then you have more wiggle room. Can’t wait for tonight!!
  2. Dewey Beach Brewing Co is just across the street, good beers. There is also a Mexican joint just south of Bottle and Cork, their asparagus tacos are AWESOME and the margaritas are damn good too, MezCali Taqueria! Can’t wait!!
  3. Can’t go wrong with a day at the beach, then DSO at night! For what it’s worth, I have been to the last 5 DSO runs at the Bottle and Cork. Other than a bogus parking ticket, we’ve never had issues with the police. We usually stay at Cape Henlopen SP and Uber down and back. Anyone camping?
  4. btown

    The Anthem

    Quick heads up, but just like last year, the Lighted Boat Parade will be going on just as we enter the Anthem, starts at 6 but will continue for a few hours along the waterfront. Parking will be bad and traffic will be terrible. Get there early if you can, I can’t wait!
  5. What a great venue and incredible night of music. After listening to Reckoning and a bunch of acousitic/ electric Dead from the early 80’s, it was awesome to hear DSO’s take on many of those songs in person. My personal favorites from last night were Jack A Roe, Masters of War, and Bird Song from first set. All very well played and the sound was great. Second set, Mountains of the Moon, Box, Reuben and Cherise and Viola Lee. Very cool to hear the jug band version, caught me off guard at first. The place is so intimate and the sound, incredible. I felt like I was sitting in Rob Barraco’s lap all night we were that close!
  6. Hey folks, had a few questions about the Hamilton, if you don’t mind? First, did people really sit last year during the show? I can’t imagine that happening except to rest the legs. Secondly, what is the atmosphere like? The place looks really cool, small and intimate. Do you think it will sell out? I know it did last fall and a buddy of mine still needs to grab a ticket. Lastly, is there a curfew? Just curious as to how late they will play. Thanks in advance!
  7. John, they loved it. My mom had always wanted to go to see the Grateful Dead with us, but I was young and knew I would not be a good host! Anyway, it was great to get them out and grooving to the music! I agree with the bourbon thoughts, scotch is nauseating to me. He’s 72 so I cannot argue with his taste! I hope to get them out to another show this year.
  8. Dewey gets a bad rap, I am guessing more so from earlier DSO tours? My wife and I have been the past 4-5 years and although I am not a big fan of Dewey, per se, I do love being able to spend the day on the beach and my evenings getting down to DSO! We stay in Fenwick or Cape Henlopen. Get there early and look out for parking signs, they will certainly ticket you. Uber, cab, walk, bike, etc. Good food all around the area. Cool bayside sunset views if you walk down the street just to the south of the B&C. Last year was gorgeous! Cape Henlopen State Park is a bit further north near Lewes. I took an Uber home last year night 2 and it was about $25 if I recall correctly. It was foggy as heck and I didn’t think the driver would get us all the way there but he was awesome! Someone mentioned only having Bud Light, they now have a decent beer selection. If you are a scratch drinker, like my dad, you will be disappointed. Last year I took my parents night one, first Dead related show for both! No scotch was a bummer for him, but he was turned on to Makers Mark! See you good people there!
  9. ...you've done better by me...than I've done by you.
  10. I am doing Baltimore and DC and would love to hear Keepers, what are your thoughts on Rob Barraco on that? I think he would do it justice with the heavy organ. Also, One Kind Favor and Think.
  11. Congratulations on your anniversary, much respect to you! I am doing great, can't wait for Philly this evening.
  12. DD, Reading Terminal Market is very cool. D’Nics has the best hot pork sandwich. The market, in general, is super cool. Also, if you are a beer fan, Monk’s Cafe has an awesome Belgian beer selection and their mussels are very good, if you go get the Mussles Ghent! The area between EF and most hotels in the downtown area is sketchy. Philly, otherwise, is very walkable, especially all around the central downtown area.
  13. PG, I’ve heard people complain about the sound but I love the Electric Factory. The sound is good, and the place has a lot of good ole grungy character! Think 9:30 Club but shadier!
  14. Thanks for the info, just a few days away, can’t wait to get down! Hope you all had a great holiday.
  15. I am with you, not a fan of Keller myself, but looking forward to DDBB the night prior. I am not sure, but I am guessing this is around my 20-25 DSO show but never saw them with an opener. I will get down no matter what!
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