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  1. rlattanzio

    Jam In The Sand 2019

    Looking for a roommate for Jamaica this coming January, 2019. Would love to get the early bird rates too. Its an excellent deal with a roommate. I went last year, and would love to go again. I'm an easy going, nice, responsible Deadhead Contact Rob - 845 661 8690
  2. rlattanzio


  3. rlattanzio

    Jam in the Sand-roomate?

    need a roommate for Jam In the Sand...Rob 845 661 8690 will pay my full half share
  4. rlattanzio

    Jamaica 2017

    Still looking for a Jamaica partner. Posted back in August, w/o any response. Rob 845 661 8690 ( Looking for a full share ($2,000) roommate )
  5. rlattanzio

    Jamaica 2017

    Hi Mel - Rob here - I'm looking for roommate, and pay my 1/2 of course. 59 y/o, WM from NY robert.lattanzio@verizon.net 845-661-8690 please let me know. thanks
  6. rlattanzio

    Jamaica 2017

    Would like to go to Jamaica, and need roommate. I don't care male or female. $2,000 each. not many rooms left... Rob text 845 661 8690 if you like robert.lattanzio@verizon.net long time deadhead....