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  1. helpfrankslip

    Just a theory

    I see the slowness kinda makes john look like this above average guitarist which i don't think he is in fact he's average at best
  2. helpfrankslip

    Just a theory

    I read in a recent publication that had an article and a couple q&a with John Mayer and he stated his first introduction into gd music was althea, so this lead him to dig deeper and he stated his love for the mid tempo blues songs ie loser, sugaree, bew tjed and a few others. So after reading i wondered if there might be a connection between his likeness for the slower songs and the overall new arrangements. Of course i can't see him convincing bobby to slow everything down but since this is a new band he could have persuaded bobby to try a new direction, it could be a coincidence that Johns favorite songs in the dead catalog just happen to have a tempo that seems to have spilled over into quite a few other songs that have slowed down a little. Sometimes a new direction isn't always the best direction
  3. helpfrankslip


    I felt the same notion when i heard about chris Cornell
  4. helpfrankslip

    6.11.93 - recreation at Jubilee

    The shakedown opener was so expected, it seemed like everyone knew it was coming and it was a good one and i also thought they were gonna do cal earthquake which goes to show you never can tell
  5. helpfrankslip

    Red Rocks 2018

    Apparently donna's gonna sing the whole show with dso if I'm getting this right
  6. helpfrankslip

    6.11.93 - recreation at Jubilee

    John do you remember the earthquake benefit show at Oak coliseum when the sound went front to back, especially during drums in fact it sounded like an earthquake
  7. helpfrankslip

    Elective Setlist Generator

    People went apeshit crazy for that first unbroken bust out but it had to be the novelty of it cause it was terrible
  8. helpfrankslip

    Elective Setlist Generator

    You know you love that list, there goes that samba that you love so dearly
  9. helpfrankslip

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    So i seen your post and have heard a buzz going around about it so i downloaded an app on android devices called HD movies and they have all new movies free no commercials, the soundtrack play's so well with this movie but your right in that this is definitely one of the better action movies to come along in quite awhile in fact Hollywood should take notes here.
  10. helpfrankslip

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Hey georgie c'mon george it's Saturday night
  11. helpfrankslip

    Bad acid trip

    I remember once back in the late 80's a friend came to cali from Boston and he had these very clean doses but even though you didn't have the agitated feeling I've sometimes felt i never really experienced any mind altering thought provoking trip which from what I've read were the kind of trips people took back then. If i could go back to the late 60's not only would i see the boys first but get a chance to experience that trip, in fact the human be in would be the perfect place and time
  12. helpfrankslip

    Bad acid trip

    I wonder if there might be a few vials of bears doses in a freezer somewhere, god what i might give for the trip that stuff gave you because I'm pretty sure nothing since could even come close
  13. helpfrankslip

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    More than once I'm observing my dog who is concentrating on something i can't see and after a few minutes he starts growling and getting agitated at this something that's not there, I've heard stories about this trait in canines but now I've seen it and it really freaked me out
  14. helpfrankslip

    You tube haters

    I remember trying to turn on a friend to the dead by playing a tape and after a couple songs i kinda stated that it's very different listening at home vs being there and i probably wouldn't have gotten it if not for my first experience being live
  15. helpfrankslip

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Then a man road into town some thought he was the law