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  1. San Francisco Night #1

    Welcome to our world
  2. Red Rocks 2018

    I've never been to red rocks but I'm definitely going too make this and what would make it even more special is to meat as many of you forum brothers and sisters that come, so i really hope that before Showtime we can assemble someplace and just hang. For me that would almost be as enjoyable as the show
  3. Now Listening...

    That's what happens when you read so many dead autobiographies, eventually there's some parts that say the same things and the whole family dog story is one of them
  4. Now Listening...

    Weren't they part of chet helms family dog who started out playing shows at correct me if I'm wrong the red dog saloon. And i didn't look it up so I'm almost as good as you but alias I've got a way too go
  5. Now Listening...

    I only thought that he was some bay area musician whose band was semi known by the way he puts it but his arrogance guaranteed him a sure one way ticket to obscurity. Anyway i figured if anyone had an inkling you might.
  6. Now Listening...

    Chuck do you know who's the guy in the beginning who is wearing leather and said fuck you to bill and Bill chased him out?
  7. Now Listening...

    I heard once that the original working title was in the garden of Eden but he was so waisted he ended up singing inadoddadavida
  8. Dead + Co - Spring/Summer 2018

    I tend to laugh at the thought of a tour with all these venues selling out when the product is so inferior to what we have I'm just saying
  9. jubilee tickets

    That cat's just made my night!much appreciated
  10. Top of their game

    Not to take away from Kevin's contributions but skip is an absolute monster
  11. NYE 2017 Electric Factory 12/29-12/31

    I remember that do you wanna dance!if i remember right(which is seldom) they also did the banana boat song.
  12. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    My money was on chuck all along
  13. Broken Forum!

    You are much appreciated more than you know or maybe you do know
  14. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    You do still go to shows right?
  15. Cool alternate lyrics

    Scaret: I was caught in your eye