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  1. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    My money was on chuck all along
  2. Broken Forum!

    You are much appreciated more than you know or maybe you do know
  3. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    You do still go to shows right?
  4. Cool alternate lyrics

    Scaret: I was caught in your eye
  5. Moving on up

    I've noticed that these recent summer tour shows are doing2000+ crowds, of course being summer has the most to do with that but is it likely do to dead & co some recent converts through word of mouth are eventually going to gravitate here,these boards alone i already count a handful of new posters which is awesome btw shit I'm fairly new myself what are the pro's and con's of the next level?
  6. Songs of Their Own

    Absolutely amazing!
  7. 22 Years Ago

    I'll probably never forget it,i was picking up my daughter from pre school and her teacher unbeknownst to me was a deadhead,anyways my daughter already was familiar with Jerry and his music so when she got in i was like you alright and she says daddy jerry died and my first thought was of a friend of ours also named jerry so i say it's alright that's where she dropped the bomb and goes but daddy that means no more shows to which i now start to think the unthinkable and reverberating daddy i mean jerry Garcia.fifteen minutes later i was dancing and crying at the same time my favorite jack straw Oakland1987
  8. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    You already know I was tapping a beat,but being nervous and trying to concentrate made the whole situation different.meaning this music does so much so having it come in handy on the spot was so gratifying,especially since these were like early20 something cops who seemed determined is what made it cool .then having to do it twice i had em it was like a secret joke they couldn't understand.
  9. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    But what i forgot to mention is when i was listening in my head so just by pure habit my feet were moving in time looking back since my eyes were closed i would like to see there expression cause they had to figure ok this is new
  10. Favorite Terrapin

    I got hung up on i believe red rocks 78 triple encore maybe not technically the hottest one but had that tape for so long that whole triple hat werewolves sat night love that tape
  11. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    This is one i will take to the grave (memory wise) i new that copps 90 so well that a few years later i got pulled over and part of the field sobriety test was close your eyes and tell me when you think 1 minute has expired when he said start i played that transition which I know so well in my head and at exactly 1 minute bobby's going early into fire i told the cop stop he looks at his partner and said hell no were gonna do it again, same result. That's the time the dead kept me out of jail.
  12. Favorite Scarlet>Fire transitions

    Copps coliseum 1990 the midi jerry used just took it to the next level
  13. Fall Tour Announced!

    Amen to that
  14. Fall Tour Announced!

    hold on ,so placerville is the only cali show. Tell me it ain't so
  15. New Forums

    Nice work to some it may take a minute, i remember when rhe new layout made it's debut but i found it easier to navigate so this should be fine i know you have everyone's intent in mind.