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  1. helpfrankslip

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    I'm on a gd group on fb and someone posted this story and i was taken back by all the replying saying mayer or Hamilton should be playing Wolf before Jeff deserves too, and you know i let ever poster know how stupid they sound i just told them they must have bumped their heads
  2. helpfrankslip


    Yeah that tlmd is incredible as is the jack a roe but it's definitely the ripple That's the real treat on it
  3. helpfrankslip

    This can't be right

    Thanks tea
  4. helpfrankslip


    Reckoning just might be my favorite or if not then definitely the most played of the dead releases not counting dicks picks
  5. helpfrankslip

    This can't be right

    So have i been away that long? The 2019 winter dates came up so being from the bay area i pulled up the Warfield shows for tix i choose sat 2 tix and they are $94 each! I'm not a tight person money wise but just over a year ago i paid $ 74 for 2 tix is this a mistake or am i missing something
  6. helpfrankslip


    One of my favs is the wooo hoo's in music never stopped after each first line in the verses
  7. helpfrankslip

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    That explains it i enjoy Dylan but I'm not familiar with his entire catalog but very few can write songs like him, my brother used to say i wouldn't doubt he wrote the abc's
  8. helpfrankslip

    Ft Wayne 10/10/18

    Masters of war???
  9. helpfrankslip

    Mercury Ballroom 10/03/18

    That's hilarious an 80s setlistl, i would've said to him i got a Benjamin if you can show me an 80s rag let alone h2h or new Orleans
  10. helpfrankslip

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Like if in NY and they say well were gonna do a msg show, that probably narrows it down to like 52 shows
  11. helpfrankslip

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Very sneaky and an instagater of the highest level! I love it
  12. helpfrankslip

    I don’t want to know the show!

    Personally I've been spoiled! I mean when i got my first original dso show i wanted every show to be one but i knew that wasn't gonna happen and i wouldn't necessarily not go cause i know the show, even if i know the setlist the songs are still why i keep seeing this band. I think we all can agree that this band and crew work their asses off for us and the least we could do is be grateful. And yes pun intended
  13. helpfrankslip


    Let's see a car or a pool table! That's a tough one
  14. helpfrankslip

    Just a theory

    I see the slowness kinda makes john look like this above average guitarist which i don't think he is in fact he's average at best
  15. helpfrankslip

    Just a theory

    I read in a recent publication that had an article and a couple q&a with John Mayer and he stated his first introduction into gd music was althea, so this lead him to dig deeper and he stated his love for the mid tempo blues songs ie loser, sugaree, bew tjed and a few others. So after reading i wondered if there might be a connection between his likeness for the slower songs and the overall new arrangements. Of course i can't see him convincing bobby to slow everything down but since this is a new band he could have persuaded bobby to try a new direction, it could be a coincidence that Johns favorite songs in the dead catalog just happen to have a tempo that seems to have spilled over into quite a few other songs that have slowed down a little. Sometimes a new direction isn't always the best direction