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  1. helpfrankslip


    I've always enjoyed it when they do sugar mags scarlet, i think buffalo 90 is my favorite
  2. I've downloaded an app on my phone called tapers section and I'm guessing they pull the shows from the archives but most of the recent shows are up and sound amazing
  3. I wonder how much of the acoustic material isn't on reckoning I've listened to the Cassidy and it's different from the album
  4. Dead net is releasing two of the Warfield shows from 10/9/80 and 10/10/80 both shows will have the entire acoustic sets from both nights as well as the electric sets but apparently their only releasing 6000 cd's and 10.000 vinyl which seems far short as to i imagine the demand for these. I was hoping someday we would get a box of the entire run but that's a huge task
  5. helpfrankslip

    SF #2

    Everything was just exactly perfect, hard to pick a highlight when the whole show rocked
  6. I've always loved the different perspectives that the lyrics evoke I always wondered what a studio version of days and so many roads would have sounded like, only because I do like the sotm studio version
  7. helpfrankslip

    Portland #2

    The Warfield can't get here fast enough
  8. I more than likely would have needed a hand to my car being I have a hard time realizing when my legs have had enough
  9. I'm pretty sure this was meant as a joke because other than Greg allman being dead there's know way all these bands could play on one bill cause it would last a week
  10. I can't compare either cause i enjoy them both, i wonder of the two who was more influential? I've read t'was the Beatles that made the boys want to go electric
  11. Well I'm not sure it helped the scene to have mtv doing a day of the dead all day with live reports from the lot at giants stadium where kids and whomever would see this huge party free for all that probably looked like a druggie Disneyland to kids who if not watching might never have known about it. I imagine they came in droves afterwards
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