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    Psychedelic Poster Article

    The divergence of a few pockets of male and female teenagers away from the norm and spread by TV to the rest of the country in the mid 60’s to early 70’s has to be the most epic cultural shift in history. Not surprising only a few women are recognized, since the entire US had women for the most part relegated to house servants. But those few that were seen and heard without specific credit, opened a door so wide, a single generation later is experiencing a degree of self independence and self fulfillment that warrants each women of that short period to be honored individually. That old culture has been so torn apart it’s hard to see it existed. My 20 year old daughter lives and speaks and acts in a manner born just 50 years ago and she doesn’t realize the shift. I can’t give high enough praise to the unmentioned women from the 60’s and their strength oh yeah , and praise DSO
  2. LIkeEveryOne

    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    Has anyone seen JRAD? while at the NYE show I saw he sold out the Wellmont for March 15 and I may try to see him on the 13th at Penn’s Peak Was the audience as much fun as a DSo show ? I saw a few YouTube’s, I’m just trying to get a feel for the show in advance thanks
  3. LIkeEveryOne

    20Years DSO

    Dear Diary: Scott asked me how many times I’d seen DSO. I said, I don’t know 30? 40? times maybe. I’m not really counting at this point, I don’t see the point. He asked me why? I said I just love the whole thing . The audience, the band, the music. I love Everything about it. It all just feels right. JRAD, Dead & Co, and the others I’ve seen, all sound and play great, but I only experienced the trifecta of band, music and people with DSO. The feeling of connection I get only seems to happen through DSO. At some point I may lose interest in them , which I’d thought happened after the Vegas show last month. I left feeling , OK that’s enough. But the next day I went to the Tempe show and got sucked right back in. Best show ever, I thought. Now i’m heading to Florida for 3 shots at possibly ending this obsession. But all it takes is one good song with one person enjoying that song as much as me and I don’t want to leave and I know I’ll be back. Thank you to each member of the band. 3 years for this rookie
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    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    Yes it was .. one of the greatest moments
  5. LIkeEveryOne

    Joe Russo’s Amost Dead

    I saw JRAD last night at Penns Peak. It was my first time, chances buying a ticket there. The show was sold out. But I found a willing seller, and went in to the show. The crowd predominantly 30-45 year old males was the younger generation of the 45-70 male dominated DSO crowd. The description of Grateful Dead meets Led Zep is a good description. I would reverse it to say Led Zep meets GD. As DSO performs a strong GD parallel, JRAD performs with threads of GD similarities and a strong self style of Music jams. They have few GD similarities, beyond the embedded dead rythums and lyrics that seem to resonate with the audience and get periodically laced into the performance. The audience experience seemed segmented without a single instance of group “oneness” produced during any song. If that makes sense. The instrumentals were fast paced and played well, but never brought the audience together in celebration. I enjoy the bluesy, country play of the Dead and JRAD has a sound all their own, and not for me.
  6. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    They had two stickers on the windows, both were GD. Still doesn’t mean they are not freaks
  7. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    Well u got some good suggestions to choose from when u feel like coming out...
  8. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    I pulled into a spot at Home Depot What was the final decision on your license plate???
  9. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    How do I place in this post the photo of the car’s license plate I just took?
  10. LIkeEveryOne

    A band I saw last night

    Dead On Live @ Keswick Theater Glenside PA last night. DSO size venue 2k they had a good size crowd maybe 1200 ? They were just ok The song and lead transitions were clunky and they lacked a cohesiveness you’d expect for 35$ I might see them at a smaller place for a 10$ cover the female vocal seemed out of place in the band as she would ackwardly look for direction to stay on stage or leave. It really made me appreciate the high level craftsmanship and artistry DSO consistently provides.
  11. LIkeEveryOne

    Love It So

    "Let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of men" Hunters favorite lyric per Rolling Stone interview . Ripple must be on the list...
  12. LIkeEveryOne

    Tempe AZ -1973

    That show was incredible from start to finish (period) i’m already out of adjectives . I wish everyone on this board had been there so I could get a collective agreement . Just so right. From the venue to the people. Praise DSO
  13. LIkeEveryOne

    Current Shows/ Movies on Netflix etc

    Atypical not sure Netflix or prime
  14. LIkeEveryOne

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    Corinna shake shake
  15. LIkeEveryOne

    2/7/2019 Seattle Showbox

    This is a great recoding !!! I’ve listened to it 5 times already thanks!!
  16. LIkeEveryOne


    I was only 6 when Nanna died while making potatoes in a tiny 1940’s brick two bedroom apartment where she’d raised a Nun, a Criminal, and 2 Teachers. At 16, her and gramps left Ireland’s famine to start their lives here. Pretty boring stuff. From now on, if anyone asks me about Nanna, I’m gonna tell them the Quilt story. Sorry I just can’t help myself Bro It’s mine now I came up with the idea listening to the Seattle show in the car while waiting for this rain and cigar to end. (Great recording , thanks John)
  17. LIkeEveryOne

    Portland #2

    I can see lisa nailing that harmony . how was it? Sweet bluesy? She just seems to float in sometimes to let the song flow hope I get to hear it
  18. GFC. u needed follow up every post with a post . IMHO great thoughtful content John A! going to listen MD and the SB opener of TP with new ears
  19. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

  20. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    My IQ just dropped 10 points E2M8DID of course
  21. LIkeEveryOne

    Need ideas for license plate

    It’s not as permanent as a tattoo, but a vanity plate is a personal expression. Here would be some of my choices JRY4EVR GR8TFUL DED4EVR RIPPLE DEDHEAD JERRYG JGARCIA Most are probably taken since there are so good .. 😆
  22. LIkeEveryOne

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    Charlie Chan ... My oh My
  23. Might and Glory Nah that’s not good how about just Casey Jones
  24. LIkeEveryOne

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    Characters to date: Casey Jones Mr. Lot Botticelli’s Niece Wolfman Jack Chet Murphy Maggie Ramblin Jack Elliott Billy DeLions Bertha Mona Lisa Cosmic Charlie Doo Daaah Man Sweet Ruby Claire Mama Good Morning Mr. Benson Black-eyed Girls Cherise Peggy-O William Tell August West Ramblin’ Rose Stella Blue Cowboy Neal Cassidy Stagger Lee Delilah Jones Lulu my Lulu Jack a Roe Tennessee Jed Jack Straw (from Wichita) Anne Marie Loose Lucy Althea Woodcutter’s Daughter Rosalee McFall Pearly Baker Sugar Magnolia Bobby McGee Black Peter Uncle John Tom Banjo Queen of Diamonds The Crow My Uncle Majordomo Billy Bojangles Jack the Ripper My Dog Dupree Alligator 🐊 Annie Joe Brown Frankenstein Mary Shelley Felina Louise Operator Shannon Catfish John (a river hobo) Jack the Sailor A Soldier Samson The Teller Mr. Charlie An Engineer ( with a Monkey) Sweet Susie Brown-Eyed-Women The Maker Elmer Brother Esau Rubin Uncle Sam Alabama Bonnie Lee Lady with a Fan Melinda Matilda West Texas Cowboy Shannon Billy Jean My son Felina Estimated Prophet You August West Jack Kerouac Quinn (the Eskimo ) Mr. Fantasy Mama Cain Abel Lord Preacher Man
  25. LIkeEveryOne

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    A soldier from the looks of him