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    Still don't have sunday
  3. Mike


    Hey its midway thru the second show at the Jubilee, forgive me if I am blind, is there a active setlist going up song by song or whateva? Would like to know what they are playing! Thanks in advance!
  4. Mike


    I was up there with my African girlfriend tall with African shirt what was up with those dumb security guards? Place was really going off for the round and round wow
  5. Mike


    This was a sick run at the Spectrum and I can't believe it has been 30 years. Quick backtrack- My friend Nick helped nail down the show in Louisville the night before as being from Lille, France, 1972. I thought from the setlist in the first set that it might be a Europe show, I asked the Soundboard guy and he said yes it was but would not give me the show (of course) so Nick went to work and found it before the second set. I told him how much I was craving a 80's show that night in Louisville.....so when we went to Evansville and I was thinking after the first few songs that I might know the show. I then remembered the Jack Straw Franklins and told Nick that it might be a Spectrum show, Nick looked it up and bingo there it was. Anyway, DSO crushed it.. The band was so reenergized after Jerry's coma/comeback, and I took some good friends to their first show, they were blown away... Bobby was really on point, all of them, Brent, Phil check the tapes...I love the energy of these shows, and I was there, they were hot hot hot...
  6. Mike

    DSO 20th Anniversary

    Hmm wow I was way off maybe it was Louisville then for my first show, I moved out of Atlanta in 99..
  7. Hi I am in Louisville originally in Philly just wanted to say hi, if any GD related activity comes our way count me in..

  8. Mike

    DSO 20th Anniversary

    Hi everyone first post here. I would love to know when the first show was it was Atlanta area thinking 99-99 ish... I was really impressed with the two shows I just saw, and we met some of the guys, keyboard player and Bobby's spot. Anyway if anyone knows their Atlanta history I would love to know when it was that they first started hitting Atlanta area.