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    Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    As others have said, you can often find a noticeable difference in attitude and manners between Upstate New Yorkers and Downstate New Yorkers. If you are traveling to the Albany area in the future, maybe the following info will help. If you are traveling to Albany, the train station in Rensselaer is only about a mile to the Times union Center and 2 miles to the Palace theatre. Weather permitting about a 20 minute walk to T.U.Ctr. and half hour to the Palace (provided you don't mind walking the bridge over the Hudson River) If you are flying into the area, Albany is expensive. Flights into (BDL) Hartford CT are more numerous and more reasonable. If you are renting a car, Hartford makes a great central new England location, for shows in Boston, Worchester, Hartford, and Albany. A great vacation would have been to fly into Hartford, Hit the upstate DSO shows followed by the Boston and Hartford Dead & Co. shows.