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    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    First time attending...are “camp fires” allowed in RV area?
  2. Hi - my wife and I will plan on attending the DSJ in 2018 for the first time and had some questions...we are bringing a small RV and are trying to decide on GA vs. VIP and the trade-offs/benefits of each. any help is greatly appreciated. Since there is no layout/map on DSO's site and Legend Valley does not have a site...figured some past attendees can offer up advice and help me make a decision. My wife has a bad knee and wants to be close to RV and short waking distance to a real bathroom. Is VIP camping/RV far from stage to make easy trips back/forth? Are VIP bathrooms/showers located near stage or are they only near VIP camp area? What amenities/setup does VIP lounge have? Is GA RV that much different than VIP RV? Are the lines super long to enter venue on Friday that would make VIP worth the extra $$? Can you have campfire in RV area? Assuming no hookups, power for RV, just an area of grass to park? It would be nice if this info was on DSJ site.
  3. pawpaw87

    2018 Jubilee!

    Thanks for the info...So if I gather correctly from your responses. VIP RV is the same as VIP "tent" area and that is at the top of the hill. Regular RV is off to the side of the stage up the hill. 1 more question. where are the VIP bathrooms located? are they down by the stage? or all the way back up by camping area?
  4. pawpaw87

    2018 Jubilee!

    couple questions for the group...my wife and I will be attending Jubilee for the first time in '18 and will have a small RV. 1. Which ticket should we buy? GA RV or VIP RV? and what is the difference since it appears there is only one RV area. 2. If we buy VIP festival tickets what benefits are worth the extra $$ since we will not be utilizing the car camping option of VIP? 3. It appears if we buy VIP RV we must also buy VIP admission, is that correct?