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    07/28/15 Frontier Field Rochester, NY<br /><br />
    11/19/17 State Theater Ithaca, NY
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  1. music never stopped sugaree new minglewood ramble on rose looks like rain peggy o el paso crazy fingers its all over now scarlet begonias
  2. Charlie Elser


    jeff mattson was on fire. the balcony security was dancing.
  3. very nice slide work by rob eaton
  4. the balcony was shaking
  5. On 7/28/15 dark star played rochester,ny frontier field. Some kind people were passing out kool aid to the masses. It was a fantastic night.
  6. yes this is a partial setlists a bunch are missing I was unable to keep track of all of them Set 1 Jack Straw Ramble on rose The Race is On BIODTL Dire Wolf Music Never Stopped Set 2 China Cat I know your rider Drums/Space
  7. Charlie Elser


    Opened with Jack Straw. Jeff Mattson was on fire. Lisa Mackey stole the show. Dark Star really flexed there musical talent last night. Big thanks to the band!
  8. that what love will make you do
  9. I am thankful for Dark Star. Every time I see them I am humbled. I am thankful for Lisa, Skip, Dino, Jeff, Rob, Rob, and Rob. This band has embodied the divine.
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