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  1. Oak

    Sound Board Quality post 70's

    Rob Eaton, ladies and gentlemen. Dropping dizzying technical knowledge by day and pushing the music to great heights at night like it's no sweat.
  2. Oak

    Rob Eaton Rig/Tone (5/12/18)

    The gear/tone mega-geeks over at the rukind.org forum have a wealth of information about all this too.
  3. Oak

    If Pig was still alive

    It's an imponderable question. Not to be morbid or fatalistic, but a person who believes in destiny might suggest that Pigpen died for the music to be able to blossom in to what it has become. In regards to your question: imagine '74 with Pig healthy and playing in the band. The music would've been completely different, for neither better nor worse. Amongst the original Grateful Dead camp, I think it's unanimously agreed upon that he was the very heart and soul of the group.
  4. Oak

    Here is to a good night in c-ville

    Talk about a filler...
  5. Oak

    You tube haters

    JRAD is a fun concert and those guys are incredible musicians, but they don't have that je ne sais quoi which DSO has managed to cultivate. They've attracted quite a following of people who really think they're pushing the music further than anybody else, but to my ear their jamming is kind of predictable and lacking something. That's just nitpicking though. Every JRAD show I've seen has been a barn-burner.
  6. Oak

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    Take a deep breath.. Hold it... Let it go.
  7. Oak

    Summer Tour Dates Up!!!!

    I live in the boondocks of Central Maine. My favorite venue to see the band has always been the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. A combination of shitty circumstances and happy circumstances has made it so that I haven't seen DSO at Hampton Beach since Kevin's last shows (2013 maybe?). Sorry if you folks are disappointed by the summer dates, but I'm doing backflips over Hampton > Hampton > Portland.
  8. Oak

    RIP John Perry Barlow

    John Perry Barlow's Principles of Adult Behavior - Be patient. No matter what. - Don’t badmouth: Assign responsibility, not blame. Say nothing of another you wouldn’t say to him. - Never assume the motives of others are, to them, less noble than yours are to you. - Expand your sense of the possible. - Don’t trouble yourself with matters you truly cannot change. - Expect no more of anyone than you can deliver yourself. - Tolerate ambiguity. - Laugh at yourself frequently. - Concern yourself with what is right rather than who is right. - Never forget that, no matter how certain, you might be wrong. - Give up blood sports. - Remember that your life belongs to others as well. Don’t risk it frivolously. - Never lie to anyone for any reason. (Lies of omission are sometimes exempt.) - Learn the needs of those around you and respect them. - Avoid the pursuit of happiness. Seek to define your mission and pursue that. - Reduce your use of the first personal pronoun. - Praise at least as often as you disparage. - Admit your errors freely and soon. - Become less suspicious of joy. - Understand humility. - Remember that love forgives everything. - Foster dignity. - Live memorably. - Love yourself. - Endure
  9. Oak

    Nugs Release

    DSO is one of very few bands whose live releases I pay to download because as an audience member I feel like I contributed in some way to the music, and I embrace the chance to listen to it over and over. It feels narcissistic to say that, but it's true. I'm grabbing Albany, Portland, and Norfolk (wasn't in attendance for VA, but good God what a smoking hot show). There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert... ... except a DSO concert.
  10. Oak

    Drums Space 2017 >

    The D/S segment weeds out the weak. I mean that with the utmost respect for those who don't dig it, because at one time I didn't either. The floor thins out; the band pushes it 5-10 minutes more than any audience member who isn't in on the gag can handle; only the strange remain. The post-drums part of the set thru the end of the show is always my favorite part as a member of the crowd.
  11. Oak

    Top of their game

    Agreed - they're also some of the hardest working musicians of any I'm familiar with: stewards of the music on and off stage. I started seeing the band right after Rob B became a permanent member (I'm grateful to be able to listen to the earlier years with Scott on the Archive) and the past few years the band has reached mindbending peaks musically. Every show is emotionally draining in a positive way.
  12. Oak

    China Rider

    Consider what Rider was before the Dead got to it... It's a testament to their ability to take a traditional tune and make it a freight train barely staying on the rails. Lots of examples of that in their repertoire. Who doesn't wish they were a headlight on a northbound train? The lyrics are both optimistic and poignant; a paradox also characteristic of Hunter's writing.
  13. Oak

    China Rider

    Nice blog post. It's safe to say the China>Rider combo is universally accepted as one of the most exciting pieces of music in the catalog. When I first heard Europe '72 I was totally speechless and that C>R was my favorite cut. I learned to play guitar by listening to that album and, probably like others, had a frustrating learning experience as I figured out that I had learned the tunes a half step sharp. For what it's worth, my favorite version (currently) is 11/17/73, although the '74 version mentioned by Tea is magnificent. It's crazy to listen to the evolution of the song from year to year thru the early 70s.
  14. Oak

    Just got a report

    That's warm of you. I'm most definitely unaffiliated and sincere. Reading through posts here I'm certainly picking up the "headier than thou" attitude here and there, but whatever man.
  15. Hi I'm a second generation deadhead and I've decided to join this forum after having a bona fide religious experience during my most recent DSO show. I first saw the band in '05 or '06, and each subsequent show has been more and more important. I'm tempted to drone on at length about my relationship with the music and my history with DSO, but I'll spare you. I live in central Maine, I'm a young(ish) father of two, and the few times a year I get to see the band it feels like going to church; being baptised in the music. I hope to connect with some people I can relate to - people who understand that the performance of these songs taps in to something mystical. -O PS. My aforementioned "most recent" show was 11-16 at the State Theatre in Portland, ME.