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  1. Joey Bagadonuts

    Charlie Browns Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and friends

    Ask any member of DSO who Charlie Brown is if you must know. They will fill you in.
  2. SET 1 Time to Kill; Body Parts (The Anatomy of a Breakup); Blinding Light; Sweet Inspiration; I Want to Tell You> Jam> Mission in the Rain; High Horse; Run Mary; Not Fade Away> Jam> Moonlight Mile; A Prisoner Says His Piece SET 2 Sleepwalking; *Arise; No Quarter; Silver Spoon; Warm Heart> Jam> Masters of War; The Return of the Grievous Angel; Heart of Mine; Needle and Thread; Mason’s Children> The Other One> Mason’s Children (reprise) *with Jennifer Markard
  3. Joey Bagadonuts

    Jeff Mattson and Friends Ardmore Pa Setlist

    SET 1 Say That I Am Beyond Here Lies Nothin Blinding Light Shine Your Light @ No Depression in Heaven @ Midnight Getaway @ Iko Iko @ All Things Must Pass Sweet Inspiration Silver Spoon Warm Heart> Jam> Mason’s Children SET 2 Sleepwalking> The Maker Run Mary Suite at the Mission @ Golden Heart @ The Dean Street Mess Around @ Tecumseh Valley @ Masters of War Moonlight Mile He Said She Said> The Other One> A Prisoner Says His Piece ENCORE: Needle and Thread @=acoustic
  4. It’s maybe double the size with a balcony. It’s a stone church built in the 1880’s with high cathedral ceilings and amazing hand painted stained glass. It has a top of the line PA and full bar.
  5. I will just place this here if anyone feels inclined. It’s sure to be one hell of a night in a unique intimate venue. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3090574
  6. SET 1 Sleepwalking Heart of Mine Run Mary Mason’s Children @ These Lazy Blues @ No Depression in Heaven @ Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair @ Golden Heart Scarlet Begonias Goin’ Down Slow> A Sailor’s Life> Leave Me Out of This SET 2 Body Parts (The Anatomy of a Breakup) Suite at the Mission He Said She Said Time to Kill @ Midnight Getaway @ That’s All @ Bird Song> @ All Things Must Pass High Horse Moonlight Mile Not Fade Away> Arise ENCORE: 19th Nervous Breakdown @=acoustic If you missed this show I’m sorry it was amazing.
  7. Joey Bagadonuts

    Drums Space 2017 >

    It’s all good in my opinion. I’m just happy the music is still alive and well. DSO can play whatever set they want they do it so well. I get tired of the complaining fans not hearing what they wanted to hear or hearing something they didn’t want to hear because someday there might not be a band. I’m grateful for what we have and feel lucky when I can attend a show.
  8. Joey Bagadonuts

    Charlie Brown’s 50th Birthday Bash with Jeff Mattson and Friends

    Everyone from the DSO community is welcome at this event. We hope to see everyone there.
  9. Charlie Brown's 50th Birthday Bash featuring Jeff Mattson and Friends On Saturday, May 5, 2018, join Charlie Brown and all of his closest friends at the newly restored Stone Church on Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont to mark the passing of five decades as the boy whose head is too darn round! The world-class talent of Jeff Mattson and Friends(of Darkstar Orchestra) will blow the lid off the night. A guitarist who has lightening in a jar, Jeff Mattson is backed by the platinum-throated Lisa Mackey on vocals, the thunderous Skip Vangelas on Bass guitar, Zen Tricksters/Phil Lesh and Friends/DSO alumni Rob Barraco on keyboards, and the human metronome Tom Barraco on drums. Its sure to be a real good time. This is a show for the fans and Charlie of course. Tickets are very limited for this intimate event. The Stone Church in Vermont not to be confused with venues with similar names is a real (now repurposed) 1800’s stone church with a full bar and great sound system/acoustics. https://www.brownpapertickets.com/ event/3090574