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  1. I NEED SUMMER TOUR DATES!!!!!!!!!! To few vacation days and too many DSO shows to see.
  2. It's hard because my wife and son go to see Dead & Co. I absolutely refuse to do so. I bust on them all the time about JM. He may be a decent guitar player, but he brings a generation to the music that bugs me. Not to say younger people cannot like Dead music, but I feel many are joining the band wagon just like what happened after Touch of Grey hit the pop radio stations. They ruined it for fans and they ruined it for Jerry. When Jerry passed away, I couldn't bring myself to go to shows. For me, it would just never be the same. I rather see DSO anytime.
  3. I need to plan my summer vacation. Any ideas on whether DSO will be playing at the Bottle & Cork again this summer? rumored dates?
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