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    DeaD and Co., thoughts?

    Rude, you sound like your intentions are good, and your love for the Grateful Dead and DSO brings good energy. You should change your name to "Kind" and leave "Rude" behind. "Rude" sounds like a good profile name for a Henry Rollins forum.
  2. Trayster2

    DeaD and Co., thoughts?

    I didn't realize these boards would be all about attacking other posters' and their opinions. I am a Grateful Dead and a DSO fan or I wouldn't have come here. To clarify, the word "induced" can be defined as follows: "Succeed in persuading or influencing (someone) to do something. Synonyms: persuade, convince, prevail upon, get, make, prompt, move, inspire, influence, encourage, motivate GD would be the first to agree that they performed many a times under the influence, indicative to my meaning "drug induced jams." Just curious, are you the moderator of these boards?
  3. Trayster2

    DeaD and Co., thoughts?

    Dead & Co. is worth the time & $$$....it is a magnificent show. From a musical stand point, they take the GD music to the next level, beyond the drug induced jams. The musical depth & knowledge is clearly evident in each of these musicians, and they show case the maximum potential of the music. I found DSO by hunting on YouTube after seeing a sticker on the truck of my best friend, who is a longtime Dead Head. The refreshing difference in this band, unlike Dead & Co. is they let the music breathe. Egos are set aside, and music is more in the moment rather than showcased. Both are worth experiencing for different reasons. I'd like to see DSO in FL, but I'm not into festivals. Hoping they come to us in a different situation sometime.
  4. Trayster2

    Dead and co has lost their mind

    Are proceeds maybe going to charity?