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  1. Billy706

    Spring Tour

    I did way to much. I went to wrong Rocky mount.
  2. Billy706

    Spring Tour

    I went to Charlottesville and was out in the causeway doing a table and the friend I was with looked at me when they opened and said- That's a Jerry Garcia band song! I ended up going to Baltimore and I'm laying in a hotel in Rocky mount. Told my kid, we're going on an adventure.
  3. Billy706

    3/31/18 Rams Head Baltimore

    I went to the Charlottesville show and had No idea that they wer doing JGB shows. Had to go to Baltimore and I just arrived in Rocky mount with my daughter. Can't wait for tomorrow night!
  4. Billy706

    3/31/18 Rams Head Baltimore

    Dude. I was there also. What a beautiful night.