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  1. Agreed, the top on the guitar is stunning
  2. Attended 5/12/18 at the cap, stellar show. Been a while since a DSO show, so it was intensely exciting to see them again. As an aspiring musician and tone freak, all I could do the entire show aside wiggle and jiggle at the intense jams was gander in envy at all of the incredible gear of all the members. Last year when my friends and I attended their second of two nights at the cap, we were freshly introduced to the world of music - we'd only just started a band 6 months previously - we're kids, a very niche market when it comes to this stuff. So of course, last year's show all we could do was marvel at how incredible the gear was; that was the night I first heard a Mac Mc2300 in real life, something I'll never forget. An argument we had last year was regarding Rob's guitar stack, and how it was un-miked. We had a stable argument for at least an hour over how they were either dummies or monitors; something my friends and I are very good at (that is, arguing about gear, tone, etc lol). It's bad. Our obsession. This year's show was a great experience too - it had been a year since the last DSO show, meaning one more year's worth of musical intuition under the belt. I thought this would be a great chance to get a good look at Rob's rig - I've always been chasing a good late 80's bobby tone, but I could never find anything about how he gets those syrupy-compressed distortiony tones aside the occasional "studio compressor and mxr distortion" jib. So, getting up close and personal to Rob's rig would give me an idea of how to reach that tone. The first set we were in front of FOH, and dear lord did the show sound AMAZING. Having one more year of music in my ears I could totally appreciate the tones and playing wayyy more (I've been a guitarist the past 8 years for those wondering). Second set we moved up, one row behind the rail, right in front of Rob's speakers. The second he rung out a chord we could tell that the stack was no way in hell a dummy - the sound coming out of the speakers was loud enough that most of Rob's sound was coming from the speakers itself, not the PA! Scooching up sat Rob PERFECTLY in the mix - I could go on for days about how incredible both guitarist's tone compliment each other, but honest to the lord himself, I found myself focusing on Rob most of the time out of all musicians. Truly incredible. So, the rig. I couldn't get the greatest of looks, but here's what I got so far - I believe I saw a wireless unit in the rack, unsurprisingly because the guitar is wireless. I also saw what looked like a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier rack mount; under that is what looked like a Mesa Boogie Mark III also rack mounted. I saw a tuner, power conditioner, maybe a DD, the basic stuff. That's basically all I saw (or at least thought I saw), I could hear a heck ton of compression and possibly a chorus - there were many other rack mounted units I couldn't identify, if my friend Eric is correct than the units with the larger knobs are compressors, I owe him $5 if he's right lol. An incredible amount of tone though, very impressive. Rob, if you're reading this, thank you for making it this far into my post (also, thank for waving at me after the show! I was the kid in the white porsche hat)! I understand if you'd like to keep your tone a secret. If not, please feel free to give me the precise lowdown - trust me, I want the deets, no skimping 😂. Also, if anyone else has any clue what I'm talking about and might wanna lend me a hand, go ahead and message me! Thank you!
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