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  1. Just picked up tickets to the National. 😊
  2. So there is no confusion with my post, here’s a photo of what I was talking about when I mentioned the crowd. This was at 7:35. It didn’t get any more “crowded” the whole night. Well, I’m trying to post a photo to show what I’m talking about, but during the upload, the forum keeps telling me I can “only upload 0MB - Contact us” and then upload failed. Like Goop, I’d like to know if there was any upload of the show somewhere because I do specially like to have the second set.
  3. The Scarlet>Fire, Estimated was spectacular! I thought the show overall was really good, though the venue may have been a bit too large for them - not sound wise, but crowd wise... I’m already looking forward to their next Richmond show (hopefully this fall/winter).
  4. Hoosh

    Richmond #2

    Clbrosh.... Here you go 😊
  5. Hoosh

    Richmond #2

    Great show!! The Althea was spectacular and SMR was spot on. The jam in Rubin reminded me of exactly why I love DSO. However, I feel like the awesomeness of the first set was downgraded with Rudolph. That song did not fit at alll... The second set Touch was apropos for the thread here and seemed right for a number of folks in the crowd. The Imagine jam with the crowd singing along was goose bump inducing and a great intro to CC into Miracle. The jam in Terrapin was a grand continuation of the first set jams. I feel like they were as solid last night as I’ve ever seen them. Well worth the price of admission! i was told that the show was sold out. Can anyone verify this? 30 seconds of Imagine... 25A5BD21-E8E2-4C32-A079-50EF62BB32D9.MOV
  6. At RVA, yes. The balcony is a nice get away from GA. A little far up, but great sound and sight line nonetheless. Get there early though...the seated balcony fills up pretty quick. For anybody going to the Thursday National show, we should meet up at the Vegabond before hand. Eat and get an early admission...
  7. There is. The VIP there is the front part of the balcony that is - according to the good folks at the National - 50 feet from the stage. I sat there last November (great story on how I got that ticket swap) and the seated view is spectacular. It’s not just the seats though. I’ve sat in the balcony for many shows there. The seats and the view just aren’t as good. Rather, it’s the private entrance, the private bathrooms, the private bar, and the general “uncrowdedness” that is well worth the price of admission that I desire. The National, however, doesn’t sell individual show VIP passes; one purchases a VIP pass for a year at $5000 that gets you two tickets to every show for that calander year from purchase. 9/10ths of the shows there interest me not one bit, but for the others, based of of my one singular lucky experience, it is worth finding someone not going to the show.
  8. Love, love, love my wife. With all my heart, mind, and soul. However, we could not be more different concerning the Dead or, in this present day, DSO. Before i I bought my ticket for the 11-29 National show (shameless plug: if anyone knows of a way I can get a VIP ticket to that show...), I called my wife and asked her if she wanted to go. It was more obligatory as I already knew the answer would be “no,” but I then asked her if she thought our daughter would like to go (she’s eight). She said she'd ask and then text me in a bit. The text came, the answer was “no,” and I went online and purchased my ticket. End of story? Nope. I picked my daughter up from the sitter’s place and as we were driving home, I asked her why she didn’t want to go see DSO. As best as I remember it, this was her response... ”Mom said that if I went, I’d get bored pretty quickly because going to a show like that was like listening to the same boring music over and over again, except only 10 minutes at a time.”
  9. Hoosh

    Glen Allen

    Trying to post a few photos from the show but when I try to attach the file, I get a “something went wrong with the upload” message. Are the photos too large perhaps? Is is there a photo upload thread on the forum that I’m just missing or do I need to send them to a photo hosting site first? Thanks!
  10. Will be at the 2nd National show. Trying to score a VIP ticket but my already purchased GA ticket will work just the same!
  11. Electric Octopus - Absent Minded Driving No video, but almost 28 minutes of pure bliss!
  12. Hoosh

    Glen Allen

    Yeah. I can try to post a photo later of the stage setlist that I have if you guys want.
  13. Hey all - I'm looking for a VIP ticket to the November 29, 2018 (Thursday night) show at the National in Richmond, VA. I'll do cash... Let me know!
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