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  1. HOM

    Rising Up to Paradise

    Scenery / venue were spectacular, was on an old golf course. Apparently they changed locations last minute, not sure where the original was supposed to be. Things were kept very hush hush for some reason. Pleasant light rain showers during the evening.
  2. HOM

    Rising Up to Paradise

    I agree Kimock brings the jam style guitar. Hands down my favorite musician of the night, and I feel like he was turned down after Tennessee Jed, couldn't hear him bring it. If you ever have the opportunity, recommend seeing him when he is the showcase, like Kimock and Friends, KVHW, Zero. I'll also check out some Voodoo Dead, thanks
  3. HOM

    Rising Up to Paradise

    Technical difficulty trying to buy tickets and missed out on 2 GA tickets. Live on Oahu, have place to stay in Hanalei and $$, just need tickets.