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    Ok so I created this handle to clear up one thing. Im in my 40’s and was seeing both Phish and tGD in he early 90’s. Call me Phish head , a deadhead, a touchead, whatever you want to label me as. Phish scene was 100% all about the music until Jerry died and all the burned out tour rats descended onto Phish because they had nowhere else to go. iDK if you enjoy Phish’s music or not but blaming the “unsavory” element on Phish tells me you were not around Dead tour during the 90’s because that shit was filth. Nitrous and bunk drugs, fake tickets and shady business. The only reason you identify this as an element of the “Phish” universe is because these scumsuckers had nowhere left to go when their Dope-Buddha Jerry got the immaculate fix. Talk about a light light switch before and after Touch came out, you should have seen Phish lot before and after jerry died. Night and day (or more appropriately, day and night)