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  1. Holy moly is this a great show! I need to catch one of these mid-80s smokers!
  2. I have never seen a DSO Dark Star in 16 years.
  3. The comments crack me up as the Dead Faithful are bombarding him with versions and dates they want broken down. Let him break down Stranger 3/30/84.
  4. Very cool! Pre-Drums looks amazing
  5. So cool! I saw them at Met Life last year for my first time.
  6. Looks great! Most I ever danced at DSO was a 73 show from back in the Irving Plaza days. This is the band to go on tour with.
  7. The above referenced AUD is a beautiful recording.
  8. Thank God for the tapers!
  9. What a sweet show. I need a Victim really, really bad.
  10. I am getting my taping rig together. Too many shows being lost to the ether. Does DSO allow SBD patches?
  11. That is so awesome! Radio KAOS is my favorite Roger solo album. In for MSG on August 6th. Saw him do the Wall at Yankee Stadium in 2012: EPIC.
  12. Anyone know if SBDs of 12/30 and 12/31 will be released? Hopefully some AUDs pop up! Gonna have to start taping.
  13. Looks epic! Hopefully some recordings from the night before and New Year's surface.
  14. Good grief! St. Stephen> William Tell Bridge> 11 must have been out of this world.
  15. Great, great show. Powerfully played. Definitely had that mid-80s punch. DSO is the best way to spend your Grateful Dead related dollar.
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