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  1. Give me five I'm still alive Aint no luck I learned to duck
  2. I hope summer tour, but that's doubtful now.
  3. 4/21/84 is such a great show and such a great recording. The Slip is one of the sickest ever, and my personal favorite. April 84 is hot, hot, hot! Will have to check out that 88!
  4. That is a BEAUTIFUL tape of a monster show. Neumann U-87 is synonymous with Rob Eaton.
  5. So cool. Something about taping I guess. Rob has hit the trifecta of Grateful Dead devotion: taping, sharing, and playing the music. I would thank him mostly!
  6. This Rachel segment scared the hell out of me: https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/how-a-country-serious-about-coronavirus-does-testing-and-quarantine-80595013902 This could get real ugly.
  7. I feel bad for everyone, but we may need to shut everything down for a bit to see if we can get a handle on this damn thing. If the Caps happen I will be at and taping at both.
  8. You can bet on April being a wash at least. Man this sucks! Better to take the pain now and have a chance for summer tour.
  9. Holding out hope for the NY/NJ spring shows. If cancelled will have to hit summer tour even harder.
  10. It's going to be bad. The CDC conducted ZERO tests today as reported on CNN! Cap is definitely going to be cancelled. We'll see about other shows. I'm just hoping for summer.
  11. Hoping Summer Tour goes on as planned. Not feeling too optimistic about Spring Leg 2. I am in NY, btw. Just got my rig and no shows to tape!
  12. NY/NJ gets plenty! Will go to as many as possible!
  13. Will be in Brooklyn. I would do the Stone Pony as well, but Roger Waters is the night before and the Mrs. wouldn't be too happy about that!
  14. There are some level changes in the tape and some talkers, and the vocals sound a little a distant, but this is such a great show that it's worth it. I liked the recording. Always grateful for the DSO tapers (soon to become one myself)!
  15. Holy moly is this a great show! I need to catch one of these mid-80s smokers!
  16. I have never seen a DSO Dark Star in 16 years.
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