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  1. Smoke a little then watch Lady Dynamite on Netflix. Very funny.
  2. How do you think the Bluebird would handle DSO ?
  3. Greg, That'd be a blast ! Thank you !
  4. I'm trying to wrap my head around leaving the ocean in North Carolina to go to Ohio. I can see the look from my wife now.
  5. Thinking about going to a summer festival and I found Arise in Colorado to be interesting but that's a long way. Can anyone recommend an east coast venue that has the Dead vibe with yoga and other activities ?
  6. It's good to hear others speak so highly of the acoustic shows. I'm trying to see if it that time works for us.
  7. I'm spoiled after N.J. I had balcony front row seats it was a blast. Love the theater experience !!!!!
  8. I love D.C. but I've never been to a show at this club. Hardpan, are people able to dance or stand with no issues ?
  9. aint nobody messing with you but you
  10. Memories, fond memories of Little Feat back in the day. I must have listened to Waiting for Columbus a million times. I can't tell you how popular they were in the Annapolis area where I grew up.
  11. Sticks


    The light show was crazy good. "off the charts" says it all. We thought we came a long way but we saw people with Vermont plates so they were rolling in from all over.
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