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  1. Molson

    Two Paradise/Durham tickets

    Just bumping this in case there is anyone who might want to take a couple of Durham tickets off my hands. I'll take any offer at this point.
  2. My wife and I were really excited for the Paradise show, devastated by the tragic fires, but then excited to go up for the benefit show. Unfortunately my wife broke her leg over the Holidays and now surgery is scheduled a week before the show and we won't be able to go. So I have 2 tickets that I'd like to unload. Unfortunately her injury has impacted her ability to work so I can't offer them up for free. I'd like to get as close to face value as possible, along with a promise that we will donate as much as possible to the fire relief. Probably towards animals that were displaced as my wife is an RVT. I am fully aware that this is my first post on this forum, but I have been a fan of DSO for years. I was at their first show at the Fillmore back when I had a lot more hair (ok, SOME more hair). I am happy to communicate via email or phone or telegram to insure that I'm not trying to scam anyone. I'm ok to meet face to face in the greater Sacramento area, but the tickets are going to be at will call (I bought them through the local promoter, North Valley Productions) and I am assured that we can do everything digitally (paypal, etc....) Thanks all