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  1. phaedo11

    Westbrook, ME

    Thompson Point would be an epic venue for DSO to visit in Portland next summer. If not, hopefully back to the pier. Westbrook venue drab, boring, overpriced and ornery staff.
  2. phaedo11

    Westbrook, ME

    Fun show. Man, I'm amazed at how this band brings it every night. We're very lucky. You can really appreciate how connected they are to each other musically after all these years. They sound like one big beautiful instrument washing over you. The venue was "meh", and had me really missing the pier. I love hanging in downtown Portland before the show and the smell of the ocean air during the show. This place was just lots of gravel with grumpy security and way over-priced vendors.
  3. Hi all, I hope the band will reconsider their Portland, Maine venue. DSO played at the pier the last few years, and it's wonderful. Plenty of cool restaurants and pubs to hang out in beforehand, plus fresh ocean breezes throughout the show. This year they are playing in amphitheater that has just been built outside of town. The place has very little charm - well, as much charm as being next to an airport and the freeway can offer. Plus the venue is very good neighbors. Everyone who lives in the area complains about the noise. The owners promised it wouldn't be a problem when it was built, but it is a huge nuisance to the surrounding community. Just a friendly suggestion/hope.
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