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  1. joel

    Anyone Know?

    Share the real experience Mango ? 1980 was a blustering year for sure right up there w 77 and 85
  2. These are the horns of the dilemmaWhat truth this proof against all lies?When sacred fails before profaneThe wisest man is deemed insaneEven the purest of romantics compromise.
  3. One way or another, this darkness got to giveOne way or another, one way or anotherOne way or another, this darkness got to giveOne way or another, one way or anotherOne way or another, this darkness got to give
  4. Who do I miss? All the amazing pets we've had through time. What do I miss? The Phil zone physical area usually all the wayback onphils side , but where you can still hear the music well. Everyone's doing their best not to fall from Grace or loose their step. So fukingrovin... Miss the non phsycal Phil zone too.
  5. So much can happen / change by summer tour. I'm thinking it's a green light, can't stop that which is meant to be. Really looking fwd to Lake Dillon
  6. To a Brent generation head days between kinda came after the fact..... but I do remember one at deer Creek one night that hit particularly hard, dancing in the strip behind the pavilion just in front of the steps in front of the grass hill, there were definitely days between the notes and the wall to wall crowd. I'll have to revisit this song as so many seem to have been struck by it.
  7. Years ago,can't remember how many we saw DSO at Dillon....it was a free show if anyone remembers that and what year. Dillon is such a great venue right on the lake for set break. I highly recommend this venue as a top spot.
  8. Yes call expo was so wonderful and small ..the sign above the entrance in regard to the dead....we aren't the best at what we do we are the only ones who do what we do.
  9. Very classic set. Good start to tour eh
  10. joel

    Portland 2/7/20

    Casey jones opener. Bliss.
  11. if you need to still sell your tix let me know, i am in Denver
  12. please hit me up if anyone has boulder tix available....I am so close to the venue without a 3 day pass.
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