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    11/11/16 Wellmont Theater NJ(19th Anniversary Show), 12/28/17 Wellmont Theater NJ, 8/10/18 Coney Island, 11/10/18 State Theater Ithaca, 5/20/19 Princeton NJ, 8/10/19 Stone Pony, 11/1/19 The Cap
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  1. I dropped Dead n Co out of my rotation years ago, It just doesn't do it for me. Right now I'm averaging around 7 Phish shows a year and about 4 DSO shows a year, but I'd love to throw some Panic and JRAD in the mix as well. Any suggestions for beginner panic songs to get me into them? I've heard alot of great things and I think its time to start checking them out
  2. Looks like a solid setlist! I made it up last year but not this year unfortunately. I love the vibes up in Ithaca and the venues super nice
  3. @acududeman true that, venue, headspace, other audience members, and even available dancing space can all make or break a show
  4. @Hardpan sounds like we have similar tastes! I'd say my favorite show musically/dancing/energy wise was the Stone Pony show, that was my first time seeing them play a set from 89 and it blew my socks off, the Princeton show I saw was a 90 show but on a monday night so a very relaxed crowd. I also met one of my best friends up in Ithaca for that Ithaca show and that definitively made the show much more special than it already was. I thought The Cap show was absolutely amazing but honestly I'm more into catching some late70s/80s when it comes to seeing the music live, I loved the show but in my perfect world I could do with less acoustic in the second set, I still loved it but I was waiting for an all out dance party to breakout and the acoustic songs didn't really do that for me I'm definitely not above that Katie Mae though, what a special moment for us to share with Rob, don't quote me on this but I think I saw Jeff shed a tear as he watched it from a stool on the side of the stage.
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  6. 11/11/16 Wellmont Theater NJ(19th anniversary show), 12/28/17 Wellmont Theater, 8/10/18 Coney Island, 11/10/18 State Theater Ithaca, 5/20/19 Princeton NJ, 8/10/19 Stone Pony, 11/1/19 The Cap I'm curious to see what y'all have to say, even if you haven't been to/heard any of these judge it by setlist/year, I'm curious to compare my rankings with all of yours If your cup is full may it be again!
  7. @Hardpan there's a good chance I was one of those enthusiastic dancers lmao, where you towards the left side of the rail?
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