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  1. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Good afternoon everybody, Packers, Falcons, Steelers, Vikings, Chiefs & will take the Giants this week.....good luck all
  2. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Good morning everybody, Chiefs this week.....good luck everybody
  3. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Happy Friday everybody.... Not sure if we are still doing this but if so.....this is my pick.. Packers Falcons Steelers Vikings--week#9 Enjoy the weekend....
  4. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    So I don't forget hope ok if I do my pick now....got a busy next few days at work.... Packers Falcons Steelers Good luck everybody and have a great rest of the week...
  5. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Hi everybody, Packers Falcons Good luck everybody and enjoy the day...
  6. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Perfect BS69(Brad) on ticket for Saturday show.... give that person a hug from me too.....just a hug.....LOL Thanks again for new pool.... Week#1 pool #2----- Packers.... Good luck everybody and enjoy the week
  7. deadheadmike07

    The Pagent

    Hello everybody, Wow what a great time and show at the Pageant....love me some 79 stuff.... Dead Duck (Shawn/Sean)----a pleasure meeting you..... what a nice guy and a great dad too...always love to hear your write-ups on shows and you always include something on your boys too..... you the man... Rude---you might not remember but I was the guy outside that said a quick "HI" I had to run to the lot during set-break.. sorry I didn't chat more with you----you seem very nice and loved your statement.... "Hey say HI anytime I love to meet new peeps" I used your philosophy and meet Dead Duck out in the lot... so thank you
  8. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Hello everybody.... Dead Duck (Shawn/Sean) sorry for the delay on the reply.....It was so nice to meet you and put a face to the name. Wow what a great show in St.Louis--hope you and your boys had a great time and safe travels too. BS69 (brad) got your message too on the win....thank you so much for the free ticket....if ok with you and to show the true spirit of this board and the band they we all love.... next show you are at and you see the "right" person please "miracle" my ticket to them.... I am a big "carma" person so lets pay it forward....thanks again for running this pool. Can I play again even though I won the last one? sometimes people say you win you can't play again which I understand.
  9. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    Hi Dead duck....I will look for you....I will have a dark star hat on .....like that will help....lol....have safe travels...Come on show time!! Looks like last night show was crazy good.....enjoy your day
  10. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    Hello everybody: Week#1-Packers Week#2- SAints Week#3- Vikings Week#4- Chargers Week#5- Patriots..... Good luck dead duck....... and I only 3 more get-ups to the St.Louis show----yahooooo
  11. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    week#1- Packers week#2- Saints week#3- Vikings week#4- Chargers Another crazy week in the NFL.....good luck this week Dead Duck and have a great week
  12. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    week#1- Packers week#2- Saints week#3- Vikings Good luck dead duck....
  13. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    week#1 ---Packers Week#2--- Saints Good luck everybody...
  14. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    Thank you BS69 for doing this.. week#1 Packers
  15. deadheadmike07

    Red Rocks 2018

    Hi Joey, I saw those 2 tickets too and you are correct they are now gone---99% sure they were "verified resale" tickets witch would explain the crazy amount they were asking for....it's amazing to me what people will pay for.. yea the seller asked a crazy amount but somebody thought not to crazy I guess....