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  1. Just an FYI on The Relix Channel this Friday (3-20) @ 8:oo pm ET they are playing The Thrill is Gone a tribute to BB King filmed live from The Capital on Sunday Feb 16th, 2020 (this is a FREE stream)---they have a pretty cool line-up --Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi just to name a few....be safe everybody
  2. Good morning everybody, Tea---thanks so much for the info. Question: Rob- besides the Grateful Dead/DEAD CO what band NOW would you travel across the country to see Enjoy the day and be safe everybody
  3. Happy Friday everybody, Yahoo it's a real Happy Friday for me---just scored my 2 front row tickets to Dark Star show on June 26th @ The Chesterfield Amphitheater!!! YIP!!! So take that coronavirus!!!! The tour must go on.... Enjoy the day and be safe everybody....
  4. UGH... Bob Weir & Wolf Brothers just postponded St. Louis show--it was scheduled for 3-18-2020 & now "new" date is Oct. 17. Wonder what the Rolling Stones will do for their tour? Sure is getting strange and speaking of strange... nothing like enjoying a great Jakes Leg show (local St.Louis dead cover band that Rob K sits in with every once in awhile) in St.Louis on Saturday night and running into some "strange" guy in the bathroom. Always great to see you Rude and your wife!!! Hope you had a great time at the show. Be safe everybody
  5. Hi Mason's Child, Per Rivers Edge Park's web site Dark star June 27th (Aurora,Il)
  6. Yahooo-- got my Stones Tickets --2 tickets general admission for $315 after fees. Sure does sting the wallet but memories are priceless....
  7. I found the show I got my Desolation Row---- 3-31-2017 Victory Theater Evansville,IN DSO played the Grateful Dead Show- 3-31-1987 that night
  8. Hi Rude, Wish me luck today--Stones Tixs for St.Louis go on sale today @ 10:00am and so do Dead & Company tixs (Only going for the Stones) Really don't like when they do two "large" acts on the same day for ticket sales--really makes it very hard to get in quick and get tickets. Love me some Stones---they were my first concert I ever saw--was lucky enough to see them in 1981 as a young 12 year old---see every tour since. Enjoy Friday
  9. Happy Friday, TBell--- not 100% sure but I think I saw them do Desolation Row in Evansville, IN a year or 2 ago-- I remember it being something "special" at the time because Rob Eaton made a statement about its been a long time since they played this song. I think Rude back in the day was "chasing" this song too and he posted something on this But this is all off memory so don't quote me on this...LOL Enjoy Friday
  10. Hi Dead Duck, You are correct Billy Strings show is free on NUGS TV on Jan 24th (Friday night) @ 10pm CST Wish I was your boys--- you are the best dad ever taking them to all the shows like you do... such a great example of a great father.... you rock!!!
  11. Happy Friday eve everybody, The power of the Dark Star Forum is real... Billy Delyon picks the lyrics from a very very rare song The Frozen Logger and what does Dark star play last night @ JITS --the first verse of this song during Encore per Poetry Girls report... wow that is some crazy powerful stuff... enjoy the day
  12. Sorry Ammagamalin crew....not the song but such a great song Attics
  13. I Have this lyric on the back of a shirt I got at a further show in St.Louis (this was the tour with John K at the lead & it was soo cool John hung out in the parking lot after the show with everybody & I got him to sign my concert ticket---sure do miss getting an actual "ticket" )--"While you were gone these spaces filled with darkness"
  14. Hi Billy DeLyon, The Frozen Logger song? Love this game Enjoy your day
  15. Good morning everybody, Anybody else catch the Saint Of Circumstance line during the Packers vs Seahawks game yesterday? During the 3rd quarter after the Packers scored they went to a commercial break and before the break they played this line: "This must be heaven" with Bob Weir singing.... I almost fell out of my chair!!! So cool to get a Grateful Dead song during a football game. Enjoy the day everybody....
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