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  1. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    week#1- Packers week#2- Saints week#3- Vikings Good luck dead duck....
  2. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    week#1 ---Packers Week#2--- Saints Good luck everybody...
  3. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    Thank you BS69 for doing this.. week#1 Packers
  4. deadheadmike07

    Red Rocks 2018

    Hi Joey, I saw those 2 tickets too and you are correct they are now gone---99% sure they were "verified resale" tickets witch would explain the crazy amount they were asking for....it's amazing to me what people will pay for.. yea the seller asked a crazy amount but somebody thought not to crazy I guess....
  5. deadheadmike07

    Elective Setlist Generator

    I was lucky enough to be at that St.Louis show... can't remember if this was the show they left the "house lights on" during the first set or if that was 1995 show after the Deer Creek gate crashers. More I think about it 1995 was the lights on show...then after the 1995 show was the unfortunate "deck collapse" out at the campground.. I also remember something about a "death threat" to Jerry on the 94 or 95 shows at riverport.... I blame Axel Rose.. after the "riot" at this venue it was never the same!!!
  6. deadheadmike07

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    while you were gone, these faces filled with darkness
  7. deadheadmike07

    DSO video compilation 1999-2005

    Daysbetween--you are correct--Chopper is from St.Louis,MO--he used to play with Rob in Kerosene Willy if my memory is correct. Thank you so much for posting this----I got on the train late 2001 and still rolling down the track.. been watching this video since you posted ...helps the morning at work....thanks again!!!
  8. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    well that was fast---good luck everybody
  9. deadheadmike07

    NFL Knockout pool

    Hello everybody, Thanks for doing this BS69, Week#1: Texans Good luck everybody!!!!
  10. deadheadmike07


    Thank you so much for posting this August West!!!!! Have a great afternoon---I sure am now!!!!!
  11. deadheadmike07


    Thank you for the video Rudedoggg---helps me get my day off to a great start!!! Anymore videos would be great!!! Enjoy the day
  12. deadheadmike07


    Yea I was on Skip side---I am little older (48) but was right next to them--
  13. deadheadmike07


    opps--that looks funny---should be "BOB and Bounce"
  14. deadheadmike07


    Wow that was you---I was right next to you---about your height, with a Dark Star Blue Hat on black Jerry Shirt on -- I "boob and bounce" a lot at shows---- never mind on Econo lodge--different guy--wow small world--
  15. deadheadmike07


    one more question Mason's Child---did you stay at the econo lodge in Louisville?