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  1. Happy Friday eve everybody, The power of the Dark Star Forum is real... Billy Delyon picks the lyrics from a very very rare song The Frozen Logger and what does Dark star play last night @ JITS --the first verse of this song during Encore per Poetry Girls report... wow that is some crazy powerful stuff... enjoy the day
  2. Sorry Ammagamalin crew....not the song but such a great song Attics
  3. I Have this lyric on the back of a shirt I got at a further show in St.Louis (this was the tour with John K at the lead & it was soo cool John hung out in the parking lot after the show with everybody & I got him to sign my concert ticket---sure do miss getting an actual "ticket" )--"While you were gone these spaces filled with darkness"
  4. Hi Billy DeLyon, The Frozen Logger song? Love this game Enjoy your day
  5. Good morning everybody, Anybody else catch the Saint Of Circumstance line during the Packers vs Seahawks game yesterday? During the 3rd quarter after the Packers scored they went to a commercial break and before the break they played this line: "This must be heaven" with Bob Weir singing.... I almost fell out of my chair!!! So cool to get a Grateful Dead song during a football game. Enjoy the day everybody....
  6. Hi Tea, Love me some Evangeline.....
  7. Good morning Tea, You a person I have never meant just made my day with your comments. I have been off the board for some time dealing with "mid life" sadness and sure as shit I get on today and I see your comments. This proves "strangers can help strangers" in the craziest ways. Thank you brother for helping me see the light and to understand we are not alone in this world and its ok to ask for help. I promise you Tea I will pass this on to another person in need. The sun is shinning in my back & front door today!!! YIP!!!!!!
  8. Happy Friday Darkstar forum, Going to see Melvin W/ JK this Sunday at the Atomic Cowboy in St.Louis. Going to be a outside show. Can's wait and the second best part is we are off work on Monday!!! Yahoo!! Will give up date on show. Have a great and safe Labor day weekend everybody...
  9. Happy Friday.. Thank god our Theater had 3 shows going... one @ 7:00 & 7:03 & 7:10---the 7 o'clock show was almost a sell-out but the crowd was to mellow and then during Uncle Johns band the power went out in our screening so we all had to "crash" the other screening. We had a great time & one of the coolest things was buying a beer---a 16oz Heineken after tax came to...…….$7.10 now that is the power of the Grateful dead force.... Yip!!! Dead Duck glad to hear your first time went great and you had fun with your youngest Have a great Friday
  10. good morning everybody, So happy I purchased my tickets for tonight's show in advance because it is almost sold out. With that being said the theatre just added 2 more show times---7:05 & 7:10. This theatre offers "dream loungers" which allow you to really kick back and enjoy. I'm hoping we don't need them due to everybody getting up and "getting down" LOL. Have a great time everybody that is going and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jerry!!! enjoy the day
  11. That's a bummer Rude-- specially since I told everybody at Bear Cat resort to look for a tall guy in a thong speedo who for some reason thinks it looks "hot" to put the potato in the back of the speedo not the front...dang it. maybe next year can treat them all to the "show". going to be some very disappointed women this year.....
  12. Hey Rude, Done that festival many times.. Great time and great place. The Black river is so pretty and some great times to be had---- you will have your share of drunks on the river which can be fun and a hassle. Just be safe because the river patrol will be out in force---they hide in the woods and "sneak attack" people--they are really looking for under age drinkers and glass bottles. Jakes Leg always puts on a great show been seeing them here in St.Louis every weekend for almost 30 plus years... They have a great guitar player... Vitamen A is also really good to---great energy. The cons are the heat during this time of year--it can get very nasty with High Temps & high Humidity Also have to watch for floods---we were there a few years ago and they came around camp around 2:30am and told people we might have to leave soon due to river rising---this is the last thing I wanted to hear after floating & drinking all day but we waited it out and it turned out to be ok The people that run the camp ground are very cool too. Very laid back Hope you have a great time---I'm going to see Jakes Leg tonight & tomorrow night too... yahoo Have fun & be safe
  13. Happy Friday everybody.... Billy thank you for the heads up on this tour---I just got my tickets for St.Louis show---they are playing @ The Atomic Cowboy on Sunday September 1st 2019. Great small venue that John has played before a couple years ago---it was a great show then so excited to see this one. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend everybody
  14. What a great show and time. Was so proud of my local town to show the love and support for some of our local musicians. Was a little worried because Chesterfield has its share of "yuppies" and the police can be very hard at times but all turned out great. Was great to see all my friends show up that our part of the "Jakes Leg" scene. Jakes Leg is a great local Dead band that Rob K plays in every once in awhile- was like a "dead reunion" STLblues----always great to see you at shows and love your videos that you always post. Leha and I had a great 3 show run and made it home safe with some crazy stories and memories to share with you at next Jakes Leg show Show highlights: THE WHOLE SHOW!!!! Really the band was that good---Thank you so much Dark Star!!!
  15. all I can say was WOW!!! What a great show and time to end our 3 show run. The weather in Milwaukee was incredible after the St. Louis and Aurora shows. 1st time ever at Summerfest-what a great venue with tones of things to do, see and eat and then you add Dark Star to end the day.. YAHOOO!!! Rude--- what can I say--- it was so great to meet and hang out with you and the special treat really added to the fun and made my evening complete. I will never forget that night and you & your wife. You guys are special people that really understand the true meaning to our scene. thank you so much and be safe and have fun travels and hope you guys got some good "Beatle Juice time" after the show.... LOL Show highlights for me---- Black Peter (this song is my wifes favorite and we got it on the last night) Touch of Grey--- this song really hit me since I just turned 50 in June Dear Mr. Fantasy--- Rob B killed this song--hell the whole band killed every song.... LOL Thank you Dark Star for such a great time. Be safe everybody and enjoy the day
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