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    This Place Used To Be Fun.......

    Ten years ago, I walked this street my dreams were riding tall Tonight I would be thankful Lord, for any dream at all.
  2. I joined the forum as member number 49 or so... now we have a number in thousands I believe, and when Ron started it ...it gave us a place to talk about the music we loved and really thought was lost when Jerry passed in August of '95...and then came Dark Star Orchestra and I couldn't stop talking to my friends about the energy I felt back in my body...you got to go see these guys they are amazing..and so the story goes...its been truly a family for me and I have to say what I have seen over the past few months is different....sure times change...but lets remember why we are here...to hear the music played at its highest level...to meet firneds...to laugh and cry about life...lets leave all the BS at the door....it hit me the other night while I was watching the new GD DVD from Philly and just seeing Jerry up there smiling at Brent with his devilish grin and Weir in his poney tale and less than masculine short shorts... I cried and I laughed on how much I miss the Good O'l Grateful Dead.....lets not ruin what we have now but embrace it and make it grow for all the ones who never got hear and see what some of us did....the 15 band members and crew give up so much to keep the flame alive and I say Thank You and I hope everyone else will say it. too.....peace ...Dr. V
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    Youngin Hopin To See Some Dso In Nj Soon

    Just some advice if you go to a show... try an stay away from Herdy he is just a bad influence on the youth of today.....also if there is a white haired guy wearing a wet tye dye spinning in the back...quickly go the other way...some DSO survival tips...