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  1. Donovan sat in with Chris Robinson in Jamaica for SOTW. We did not know that was coming last night. Lots of fun. Great surprise call by Jeff on the fly.
  2. Great question. For me< i use 3 different snares on the road, depending on the era. They are all wood but different. for the 68-70 stuff I use a 5x13 GMS maple. Tuned to be crisp and sensitive and pitched on the high side, not unlike a supraphonic. I will use it for the 71-74 stuff on occasion but more often I use a Tama 6.5x14 maple also tuned fairly tight and sensitive. For 76-90's depending on the year/show I will use that as well but most often (especially for 80 on) I use a Longo 6x14 mahogany that is a little warmer and darker. Not quite as sensitive but has quite a bit more body to it. I hope this answers the question at least a little bit.
  3. The new electronic tickets policies suck all around. I am going to my 3rd Finals game of the series with the potential to win it all for the first time and have screenshots to show for it. Boo!!!!!!
  4. I was lucky enough to be at both games 3 and 4. IF we stay out of the box, we can totally beat this team in Boston and win the cup here at home. Especially if Chara can't go and they are down two of their top 6 d-men LGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. We are of very aware of the presence of the Amazing Giants. They are a Jubilee staple and have participated in a few NYE celebrations as well. Personally, I love watching them while I play and it has the ability to give me a spark of energy. Did you see the energy they gave to Salmon when they were on stage with them? Perfect example there. Seeing the crowd enjoying it contributes too. Great people when they are not performing, as well. I understand and respect not everything is everyone's cup of tea. Just wanted to share my perspective. As for the other concerns people have, we hear about them and try to rectify them moving forward.
  6. The family drums on Saturday night included members of Donna the Buffalo, the mighty pines, Chris Robinson brotherhood and some of our friends. One of the better ones we have had. Having it be mostly musicians creates an excellent groove. Tara Nevens from Donna the Buffalo on Washboard was absolutely outstanding
  7. Been watching this thread the whole spring. Interesting takes here. Some of you all know your hockey. These are two very evenly matched teams. I think the top of the Bs lineup is stronger but my Blues are deeper. . On Defense we are bigger but the Bs are also strong. Tukka and Binnington are almost even. Rask has the experience but NOTHING rattles Binnington. Should be a great long series, but fate seems to be landing in STL right now. Glad I am getting off tour and home in time for game 1.
  8. robbok3

    Milwaukee (9/28)

    Nothing. But Cassidy was in the show the next night, so we switched it out. The biggest differences were minimal keyboard rig, minimal drums and having Lisa sing
  9. robbok3

    Milwaukee (9/28)

    We had originally planned to play that 81 show. Due to some mechanical difficulties we didn't arrive at the venue until 615pm. Our amazing crew set up a bare bones stage REALLY FAST and we based the show off of what we had intended to do that night.
  10. Hey there, folks. It's not a matter of if we want to be there. We don't get to choose. The festivals choose. We have been at Peach numerous times and love it. This year, they took a pass on us. That doesn't mean we won'b be back.
  11. robbok3

    St Louis

    The family arena is a bit big and too expensive forus. To the best of my knowledge we will be sticking with the pageant and we have already discussed the balcony issue with them and it will most likely be open next time.
  12. robbok3

    St Louis

    Keep it up STL! Great showing. They said next time around it will most likely be open, but buying tix in advance certainly helps get it done.
  13. Just to clarify- The band gets a very small share of the $ from mission tix. A few coins to be precise. We get ZERO from Ticketbastard. In a roundabout, indirect way, we actually get charged by TM to use their service. GO MISSIONTIX
  14. Circa 1995 (?). The legend himself sitting with my band at the time, Kerosene WIlly. -Broadway Oyster Bar, St.Louis What an honor and lasting memory. RIP Mr Berry
  15. Hey there folks. Whie you are correct that it is late night bluegrass again, to an extent this is beyond our control. They have noise ordinances in place that keep us from being able to have the late night funk throwdowns that the band and the fans crave. We still talk about the Dumpstafunk set and wish we could do that again, but the powers that be (local authorities), keep that from being possible. In years past, I have had the honor of drummng late night with YMSB and even that was, technically, breaking the rules. Just wanted to clarify why it is what it is. Stay tuned, we still have more acts to announce. THANKS!!!
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