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  1. Your 2017

    I never count and have no idea. I do like to think about all the different states I have seen DSO in since my beginning. That’s a stat that I want to increase for no real reason other than I think it’s cool. One of of the greatest things for me about seeing lots of shows is getting to see parts of our awesome country that I wouldn’t otherwise have a compelling reason to check out. Now I need to try and remember how many states I have seen shows in. More than 10 for sure. More than 30 I am sure not. Probably less than 20 but closer to 20 than 10. Dr. B😎
  2. Early influences

    My first concert was also Aerosmith! 1977, Nassau coliseum. 13 years old. I recall Boston was the opening act. Loved Aerosmith. My first rock and roll band! Then of course The Who, Stones, Floyd, Zappa. And then very quickly the Grateful Dead. But how that happened is the stuff of another post. Dr. B😎
  3. 2018 Jubilee!

    Vince and Sue and Torin are the salt of the earth, and Vince and Sue are The Godfather and Godmother of the camp kitchen. That legacy is carved in stone.
  4. 2018 Jubilee!

    Camp kitchen in VIP last year was world class. 2 meals a day for around 20 people. No repeats. No detail overlooked. Gratefulpair is the Master. Labor of love. Dr. B👍
  5. 2018 Jubilee!

    I used to be RV. Last year VIP. As long as the VIP group assembles again I will be in VIP. Closer with lots of space, amenities. In my opinion RV has no advantage over VIP unless you have a big RV and need that space. Dr. B
  6. 1. He likes EVERY post - not a hater. 2. First to post the set lists - the post-er with the most-er. 3. All around great guy - give this man a hug!
  7. JRAD....???

    Can we move the set break praise gathering to the front of the soundboard? And how will the faithful know you BillK522? Any distinguishing features? Cleric’s robe? Pitchfork? Dr. B😎
  8. Happy Birth Day Dr. B

    Now that was a present! “We’re gonna have a good time!” Dr. B👌
  9. I would petition that BillK522 make himself known and lead the faithful present in a praise session at set break. Praise DSO
  10. Wizdogg

    I like the cut of his jib. He turns the tide. He concocts. He dances. He is our Wizdogg. Dr. B😎
  11. Happy Birth Day Dr. B

    Thank you! But don’t lay it on too thick, I need to be able to recognize myself in the mirror!!
  12. Happy Birthday Tea

  13. Deadhead Archives

    Searched “Deadhead archives” in the App Store. Not found. More info?
  14. Happy Birthday Tea

  15. Happy Birthday Tea

    I always knew Rude was smart, but that tidbit threw me over the edge. I almost got swept away with a tide of admiration... until I saw this. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/tidings