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  1. A Little Help?

    Doesn’t mean shit to a tree...
  2. 10/14/17 Milwaukee, WI

    The viola was insanity in a good way. On the drive home I played the viola from 11/10/67 Shrine as a reference tool and the apple we heard in Milwaukee didn’t fall far from the original tree. I think it was part of that same tree. Insanity, the good kind. Dr. B😎
  3. A Little Help?

    Best thing I read on this thread is the comment on the 24 hour television news industry. Both CNN and Fox are fake news feeding the masses self serving propaganda cloaked as news to drive ratings. It’s all “breaking news” just repeated over and over by handsome/pretty smiling faces looking so concerned about the “issues”. Really only concerned about ratings. I long for for the days of our past (some of us remember at least) of three networks. Each with a single prime time evening news program. 30 minutes. Concise reporting of stories and a labeled editorial to close the broadcast. It was far more Real back then. I think there is a place for a third cable network devoted to news. Real news. Actual news. Minus the words scrolling on the bottom of the screen. Minus the intense graphics. Minus the constant sound effects accompanying the announced “breaking news” that really “broke” days ago. Minus the choreography of carefully selected panels designed to fight their partisan party lines. Probably will never happen. The public loves the party lines, the “battle”, the news as entertainment. It’s more “Newsertainment”. I can’t even watch it anymore. Sad. Dr. B☹️
  4. You Decide if I Was Wise

  5. 10/10/17 Grand Rapids, MI

    A trusted field report from an eyewitness reveals the following intelligence: Shakedown All Over Now Dire Wolf Pocky Way Masterpiece Stagger Lee Broken Arrow BIODTL (20) The Maker Women Are Smarter Corrina > Fire > Unbroken Chain > Rubin + Cher > Sailor > Drums > Space > Circumstance > Gimmie Some Lovin > Not Fade Away E: I'll Be With Thee *with Tanya
  6. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I think you’re “ok”. 😎
  7. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    He’s “lookin’” here and there. He's “lookin’” everywhere. He’s “lookin’” in the town. He’s “lookin’” in the city. He just gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta find...
  8. TIGDH

    8th review down even better! Dr. B😎
  9. 09/29/17 Boulder, CO (Day 2)

    That pretty much sums things up...
  10. 09/28/17 Boulder, CO (Day 1)

    You know it's gonna be crazy...
  11. DSO 20 year class reunion. 11/11 Martyrs

    Sounds like fun but I will be in Albany that evening.... Dr. B😎
  12. Happy Birthday, MC

  13. Happy Birthday, MC

    👯👯👯🎶🎶🎶👯👯👯 Happy Birthday!
  14. 09/23/ Dallas, TX

    Honestly, one of the most startling observations I've had since seeing DSO is that any song that I was "ok" with but never really resonated with me from back in the day, does resonate when DSO performs it. I truly hear the song in a new light with new life. Which is is why I know that DSO is the real thing. Not only continuing the Grateful Dead experience but pushing it forward. And this subject has been beaten to death, no right or wrong opinions, but give me an elective any time. I love it all but the electives really do it for me. I love the juxtaposition of songs, orders, eras, new combos..... Keep on growing! Praise DSO (did I really just write that?) Dr. B
  15. 09/21/17 San Antonio, TX

    Jehovah's favorite choir?