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  1. Dr. Barry

    Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    I had fun at Deadco at Wrigley Field and would go again. I wouldn’t board a plane like I do for DSO, but there aren’t many bands I would do that for... And let’s not forget this gem; Dr. B😎
  2. Dr. Barry

    Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    We all been playing those mind games, forever...
  3. Dr. Barry

    Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    Starheads are the real outlaws. Dr. B
  4. Dr. Barry

    Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    None. I think you nailed it. She probably has no connection to anything that the symbol means besides the fact that it is on her shirt. Given who she is I imagine that her very carefully crafted image projected to the public by her handlers didn’t allow that picture to be released without knowing what it meant. Let’s face it, in “ the day” it was always “cool” in an “anti-cool” way to proclaim your like of the Grateful Dead. Even if you didn’t really know much about them except for Truckin’ or Casey Jones. I think that was because they were a symbol of an alternative American lifestyle. Publicly associating with that symbol painted you into an outlaw club. It made you the “them” and not the “us”. Nowadays it seems that the symbolism of the Grateful Dead has become the mainstream. Fashionable because it is safe and acceptable. Doesn’t raise any eyebrows among the stodgy or the uptight. It’s now cool because it makes you part of the “us”. It’s a sugar cube that is nothing more than something sweet to eat. People thought that Touch of Grey brought the bubble gum masses onto the “scene” with its MTV video and top 10 radio AirPlay. And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that the Grateful Dead and all things dead related have become safe and acceptable by the mainest of the mainstream. But that picture made an impression on me. Dr. B😎
  5. Dr. Barry

    BCE @ CC

  6. Maybe, Mayer would be proud. Phil would be jealous. Bob will want to meet her and invite her and her family backstage. Jerry would be laughing. Deadco “heads” who never saw Jerry and think Deadco is the Grateful Dead and actually watch and care about the Kardashian’s will think this is normal. I will wonder if I have seen everything... Dr. Barry
  7. Dr. Barry

    BCE @ CC

    What is an ammagamalin crew?
  8. Dr. Barry

    Emotional support animals

    Imagine that for decades, no centuries actually the peaceful blotter was merely an afterthought to the fountain pen or the quill. Soiled and stained on purpose for the pleasure of writing implements. Next comes along the so-called age of enlightenment. Better living through chemistry. The indignities of perforation and gasp, ingestion! Imagine the shame of being measured by your ability to soak up fluids within the substance of your being. Where will it all end? And now is the right time to mention Taper Ron’s higher calling. He is the founder of the ACPUP Forums. There he is known as “Paper Ron” or “PR”. I urge any of you interested to check it out. A generous donation in the form of Bitcoin would certainly be appreciated. The ACPUP Forums Let’s all work together to end the indignity of the paper, rock, scissors game. Consider the so-called “Chinese Finger Trap” as a Koan for enlightenment. Do it, before it’s too late ... Dr. B
  9. Dr. Barry

    Emotional support animals

    Now that the floodgates have opened it is long past due to shine a light on the tools of the abusers. For far too long the scissor and the stapler have gotten a pass from all of us. While it’s true that “scissors and staplers don’t mutilate paper, people mutilate paper” it is also time to accept that these tools of institutional paper abuse must be reigned in. More subtle is the “paper clip”. Imagine the indignity of being so closely held against your peers. Worse than that is the heavy duty “fastener” of many sizes used to tightly bind many innocent papers at the same time. Holding them together in a collective bondage with little chance for any individual expression or unique identity. The situation is rampant and out of control. There is a specific support group for McDonald’s paper cups almost all who have been scalded and discarded. There is also a mutual jealousy and suspicion between paper bags and plastic bags. You don’t hear about that very often (if ever). These two groups have been played off of each other by “the Man” for decades. I won’t even mention the possibilities for future atrocities with the advent of 3D printers... I salute you Huck, and Chuck! It is time to recognize both of you for your “egalitarian” approach to our downtrodden friends in the Paper realms. That being said, I will never shake your hand upon your exit from the Port-a-Potty at the Jubilee. Sometimes social conscience goes a bit too far. Dr. B😎
  10. Dr. Barry

    Just like Frankenstein...

    https://youtu.be/qeW-kdQ46ys How cool is this? Dr. B😎
  11. Dr. Barry

    JITS - Night 4

    https://www.jambase.com/article/grateful-sunshine-dark-star-orchestra-presents-jam-sand-vi-photos-videos-setlists Watch the White Rabbit video. I can’t say enough about this JITS. Each night was great and special with the weather creating special shows like the second night acoustic, third night single long set in the pouring rain, with an extra special Good Love. But night 4 was incredible. I refrain from saying “best ever” but certainly top 2 or 3 for me. Right now my number 1. Jack and Jorma joining the band took it way over the top. I was so happy and proud in a funny way to see DSO knock White Rabbit out of the park with these rock super heroes on stage with them. Perfect. And Tonya is the real thing with the sweetest voice with Lisa on I’ll Be With Thee. Start saving for next year. JITS is a slice of DSO heaven. Dr. B😎
  12. Dr. Barry

    Night 3

    Me too. Very special treat. Night 4 was huge.
  13. Dr. Barry

    NYE 12/31/17

    But what about the Ugandan ex child fighter who found the cure for cancer but now manages a McDonald’s to feed his starving kids while his daughter cries at his bedside knowing he’s dying of the same cancer that he cured for others? At the same time he likes to set fires in shamanic rituals for Vic to put out. In Uganda he only saw reruns of the Brady Bunch. Bobby was his image of god. He dances to the theme song. But he has never heard of DSO. Dr. Barry
  14. Dr. Barry

    Top of their game

    The Saint Stephen Brigade...
  15. Dr. Barry

    Drums Space 2017 >

    I am trying to explore a different way of thinking about the above comment. But I just can’t do it... Somehow a 71-72 recreation show is less boring to me than a Grateful Dead drum/space, if I understood your comment correctly. Dr. B😎