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  1. I got some friends back east that I'd like to go see DSO for the first time. They are telling me that tickets for Ridgefield are 80 plus tax. I'm thinking you all know a better place to get tickets. Ideas? cusnjohn
  2. Hours to go before my plane. See you all tomorrow! JB
  3. Got my plane ticket there! Looking forward to my second Jubalee. Has a blast last year. JB
  4. Saw them last year at the Great South Bay Fest. They played well and looked like they were beginning a tour. They should be hitting on more cylinders by now. Dixie Chicken was Bobby slow would be the only negative. Go see them. JB
  5. They're listed as playing the String Summit in Oregon in mid July. Doesn't say which day.
  6. Allman Brothers Band - Live at the Fillmore East Pink Floyd - Meddle Jethro Tull - Stand Up Stevie Wonder - Songs in Key of Life Steely Dan - Katy Lied GD - Workingmans Dead Jim Lauderdale/Robert Hunter - Patchwork RIver Derek & the Dominoes - Layla Jiimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Hot Tuna - Hot Tuna
  7. cusnjohn


    Who sang on Same Thing?
  8. Saw a smoking band last week. The Marcus King Band. 22 years old, a cross between the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker, with a tight horn section. Warren discovered him some years back, they opened for Derek and Susan this summer. Not to be missed! JB
  9. Had a fine time at the GSBF in Patchouge last weekend. Lineup was Little Feat, Hot Tuna, and the Dickey Betts Band. Little Feat played a very solid hour set. Great seeing/hearing Bill Payne again. Highlights were numerous: Oh Atlanta, Spanish Moon, a nice sing along Willin/ Don't Bogart that Joint, with a slow Dixie Chicken to close. I miss Richie Heywood and the drummer never opened up would be my only complaint. The band was enjoying themselves and will only get tighter with time. Hot Tuna brought the goods! An acoustic Been So Long into Hesitation, followed by some ripping electric tunes. They did both Come Back Baby's, can't remember the names of what was in between but it all smoked. One tune from Yellow Fever in there. Jack tore it up an it's always a pleasure to hear Jorma play, even if his singing is sometimes uninspired. A band to support for sure. Expected Dickey to be rough, and it was. Opened with Hot Lanta, with Nothing You Can Do soon after that. Even sixteenth notes were a struggle, but the tone was there and there were snatches of what could happen, enough to make me want to keep going. His vocals weren't too bad, and he played better when sitting on a high stool. Band was tight, Damon Fowler doing a nice job on slide and Duane pulling off a fine solo. The keyboard guy played a Gregg song I didn't know, something about the sound of guitars, very sweet. OK Blue Sky into a patchy Jessica that could become something. Favorite moment was the turn around that took Dickey twice as long as usual, but the band just waited for him to get there, then went right back to pace. Go support him, and maybe six or seven gigs in, he might find his way back to form. Glad I went and the fifty bucks was a steal for those 3 bands, all told. JB
  10. Hey there and Happy Birthday Jeff. I'll be covering an hour of Mr. Mattson's career on Toast and Jam this Thursday. The show is called Toast and Jam and it comes on 10PM Eastern time for a couple of hours. Go to santafe.com and scroll down to radio stations and click on KBAC to stream. Usually a pod cast gets added after for a week or two. JB
  11. cusnjohn

    Jubilee 2018

    Had a lot of fun. Enjoyed all but one band that I heard. Nice hanging out and getting to know you Michael. Sorry that I never ran into Masons Child. Hope to do this most years. Do not think that I will make Redrocks, but hope to catch a California Kind show somewhere this summer. JB
  12. Chuck, the only thing I could help you with would be to bring you to the Columbus airport Monday morning. I'll be dropping off a rental car. JB
  13. I'll be getting in Saturday morning. Hope to see some of you after 10, 11 years. JB
  14. Forgot about the Tedeschi Trucks show in July at Sandia Casino, probably because there was a rain delay and Hot Tuna and the Wood Brothers didn't get to play their sets. They sat in on a few songs.
  15. So I used to start the year off by posting my favorite shows of the year at the Zone, but since that's over, seems like here would be proper. Sorry to hear about Barlow today. Don't be mad that there's no DSO, can't believe that a couple of years have flown by without seeing them. Anyway, that will get taken care of this month. In no particular order: Dakhabrakha - May - Taos Mesa Brewery They ARE a band beyond description! Normally they play to 1,000 plus at nice theatres, but here they were in an open club with most people checking them out for the first time. Many left with their mouths still open. Best of all, they are no longer afraid of the intimate proximity of their adoring fans. Many songs take minutes to develop, when they did Spring, it starts with them recreating the sound of a marsh, with bird and other animals sounds. Song fades out the same, and this time they smiled as we all chimed in with calls of our own. Do not skip this band if they came by you. Jimmy Herring Band & John McGlauflin Group - December 9th - Royce Hall - USC - LA Wow! 3 hours of joy! All of the new songs from Jimmy with the Invisible Whip were solid. Can't wait for the release. Then John comes out and finishes his last North American tour on the same stage that he played on 45 years earlier. Solid performance. Then everyone comes out, 3 drummers, two bassists, two of the greatest guitarists on the planet and Jason Crosby on the violin and melt us all with an hour of Mahavishnu material. Historic show! Hudson - October - Kimo Theater - Alb. NM Jack Dejohnette, John Scofield, Larry Grenadine & John Medeski. What a quartet! Finally got to see Sco. Their album holds up well. Not really a jazz outfit, more like four friends who get together on Sundays and do whatever the hell they want. And they did just that. Both Medeski and Scofield had kind things to say about Rob after the show. Kyle Hollingsworth Band - June - Tthe Bridge - Santa Fe Went not knowing or expecting much. Way funkier than I expected. Did a great Will it go round in Circles. Originals worked fine. Liked him much better than that bigger band he's in. Mark May - December - Some bar in Houston Haven't seen this blues icon in a dozen years and he hasn't lost his touch. Played at his home turf for free at a bar that holds 150. Most people knew each other. Played all of the blues genres, relaxed with a great rhythm section. Check his stuff out, though I'm not sure if he comes off as well on vinyl. Jim Lauderdale - August - Los Alamos This is the person we can thank for having Hunter continue to write dozens of great new songs. Played a set of bluegrass with a northern New Mexican band, High Country, then came out with a local R&B group called JK and the Affordibles and and tore it up. Got a signed copy of Soul Searching, highly recommended. Of course any of the Hunter collaborations should be sought out. Black Roses and Patchwork River especially. New one, London Southern is fine. That's it from me, and you? Feel free to list a bunch of DSO shows, I don't mid. See you at the House Of Blues! JB
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