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  1. What do you call a one legged hippo? A hoppo!
  2. Here's one These days are just as endless as all good days before The heart is never friendless when times an open door.......
  3. A shrinking man runs into a doctor's office, cuts in front of the line of patients and says "doctor you gotta help me, I'm a shrinking man!" The doctor says, "Well, you're just going to have to be a little patient."
  4. Why shouldn't you try to write with a broken pencil? Because it's pointless!
  5. Also over a hundred shows on relisten.net. I'll check out some of the '84 shows for sure.
  6. Roseanne. Till I got around to buying the record, thought he was saying "And my gambling streak!"
  7. I forgot to mention the fine opening set from these boys: Hot Tuna - September - Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
  8. Here are the best shows I saw in 2019: Billy Strings - August - Four Corners Folk Festival - Pagosa Springs, CO Headlined this up and coming festival. Tore it up in every way. Amazing. DSO - 5/24 - Jubalee - Thornville, OH My favorite of the 3 shows - Marcus King sits in on a blues tune. The second set took off quickly and kept going, St Stephen into The 11 was great. Amy Helm - July - Santa Fe Plaza - Best of the free summer shows here. Soulful while paying fine tribute to her dad. Rarities like a song from the Hawks days, a nice choice from Big Pink, and a song Levon sang to her from his last days in the hospital. Great show. Grateful Ball - August - Rhythms on the Rio - Southfork -CO (my favorite new fest) A collaboration of several bands playing this fine fest; including The Traveling McCourys, Vince Herman, Larry Keel and folks from the Infinite String Band played a fine set of Dead tunes. Molly Tuttle - Four Corners Folk Festival - Pagosa Springs, CO First time seeing this flat picking shredder. Strong song writing and a very good band, except for the hired lead guitarist who posed a lot. Looking forward to seeing her again. Marty Stuart & the Fabulous Superlatives - May - The Liberty - Roswell, NM Fun roadhouse venue. Able to stand two feet away from Marty and Kenny and see the magic up close. A band worth seeing anywhere, any time. Not as wide ranging as the Lensic show last year. The Juice - April - Tin Roof - Memphis, TN Young band from Boston playing a wide range of sounds; Blues, Pop, Southern Rock, Rap.
  9. Aim at the Heart. (1986)
  10. I got some friends back east that I'd like to go see DSO for the first time. They are telling me that tickets for Ridgefield are 80 plus tax. I'm thinking you all know a better place to get tickets. Ideas? cusnjohn
  11. Hours to go before my plane. See you all tomorrow! JB
  12. Got my plane ticket there! Looking forward to my second Jubalee. Has a blast last year. JB
  13. Saw them last year at the Great South Bay Fest. They played well and looked like they were beginning a tour. They should be hitting on more cylinders by now. Dixie Chicken was Bobby slow would be the only negative. Go see them. JB
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