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  1. Mason's Child

    End of the line in 95 with the scene collapsing.

    Interested subject. I especially like the comment from Greg about how the tour heads didn’t parent the touch heads. “Parenting” or whatever you want to call it seems essential to thrive and emmerse yourself in this scene and community. The unparented or those who refuse to be parented usually end up on the fringe or go away. Some of the older heads I’ve met through dark star taught me as much about life as any single human beings outside of my parents. We all come in a little rough around the edges and sometimes the scene can seem like a free for all. I’m sure it did in 95. Maybe the darkness is from your eyes.. Maybe you had too much too fast.
  2. Mason's Child

    College Hoops 2018

    Zion might not even be best player on that team. Duke scary good
  3. Mason's Child

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Vikings pats Steelers chiefs chargers colts colts this week
  4. Mason's Child

    Ithaca 11/10/18

    We did Paradise last year. Whitney and I loved it. Really tragic.
  5. Mason's Child

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    Wolf bros sounds all right.
  6. Mason's Child

    Wolf coming to Lowell

    Tom Hamilton once told me in response to I follow the Dark Star Orchestrea something to the effect. The Grateful Dead touched my life but I don’t want to make a living playing someone else’s music. I want to make my own music. This was stated with an extremely condescending tone. Maybe I’m wrong but seems Tom’s cash cow now is JRAD. Before that it was a jamtronica outfit Brothers Past. So much for American Babies. Just blown away someone on FB would even try to compare Tom Hamilton to Jeff Mattson. Let the owner decide who plays his guitar if Tom makes that list so be it good on him but please don’t ever imply he is more worthy than Jeff. That insinuation leaves me confused on whether to laugh or cry. Thank God I gave up the Facebook. Saw Warren play Wolf at Red Rocks with a symphony.
  7. Mason's Child

    Cough, Raiders suck, cough.

    Could make this thread cough cowboys suck cough. Even though the ex Raider looked good.
  8. Mason's Child

    NFL Knockout pool 2

  9. Mason's Child

    NFL Knockout pool 2

  10. Mason's Child

    College football

    Georgia is out with two losses.
  11. Mason's Child

    NFL Knockout pool 2

    Vikings pats Steelers This very same pick in this very same match up eliminated me last time.
  12. Mason's Child

    College football

    I feel you but disagree somewhat. I just don’t see how you can be a Hiesman without some big 4th quarter moments. He’d still get my vote btw but I hope LSU or sometime in the playoffs he gets tested. Love to see someone come out and punch Bama in the face. If the team your playing is more talented than you, the only way to win is to want in more and most of the time, I just see teams roll over on their back for Bama. Nobody brings the intensity necessary to play with them.
  13. Mason's Child

    College football

    Can you win the Hiesman without Hiesman moments? I agree he’s fat and away the front runner but he hasn’t been in a fight. He hasn’t had to make Hiesman plays. His games all look like the Varsity playing JV in Spring ball.
  14. Mason's Child

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Been to the Stone Pony. Just did Dso at the outdoor stage there. Crazy rained off and on all day and cleared just for our show. Stone Pony Asbury Park was big for Bruce when he was up and coming.
  15. Mason's Child

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Love the Band’s version of Atlantic City He also wrote blinded by the light. Chuck please don’t compare Bruce to Bob. Defend him all you want but Bruce Springstien will never be the songwriter or anywhere’s close to the level of songwriter that Dylan is in. Simply another class. I certainly wasnt tryin to rag on him. I don’t change the channel when his songs come on the radio. I usually sing along.