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    1. 11/4/2004 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
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    12. 5/4/2006 Count Basie Theatre Red Banks, NJ
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  1. JJ is wise
  2. You should come to Springfield tea.
  3. The national makes the vic look like a cake walk. The Vic literally doesn't let you outside period. Not roped off. Not a section you don't go outside you can't go the bathroom without inhaling 3 cigarettes and half a joint.
  4. Reentry makes world of difference though. In Chicago they don't even let you out to smoke in the venues.
  5. Is that what it said in years past? We've always brought are own drinks and food to the event. I guess it's time for a red solo cup.
  6. If you can't bring a cooler that is definitely new. Where'd you see this information
  7. Van Morrison way more mellow groove to me. I'm excited for this gig. Long time since we been to Springfield. We drive through Dayton that day and we will drive through Dayton that night. If you still need a ride get in touch.
  8. The zoo was flushed with DSO regulars. Lots of people made it a point to be at the first show after curfew passed. We have become kind of a dead and co board lately. I don't really see much wrong in discussing it.
  9. The zoo was well attended. Sold out. I'm still trying to find the words. Pistol shot.... wow just wow. We miss you so so much. Others certainly do more than I but I do feel and live in it. Matt Reynolds will not be forgotten.
  10. I will be at the zoo tomorrow. I expect lots of emotions to be flying from the stage. So soon. I'm bringing all the love and healing energy I can. Hopefully the music as it has for all of us in the past helps wash away some of the pain. Matt will not be forgotten.
  11. Kevin last shows were Hampton beach after the jubilee one year. I couldn't make it but I'm sure of that.
  12. For some, the road just goes on forever. I plan to be active this summer but I am making some life adjustments so we shall see. The first four are definite. 6/22 Minneapolis 6/27 Springfield 6/28 Indianapolis 6/30 Kansas City 7/1 Eureka Springs. (Hard Maybe) After that nothing totally set in stone so a lot of maybes, but I’d like to ride: Hampton Beach through Black Mountain. I will clearly skip some of those. I love that venue in Maine. 2 days at the beach sound nice. 2 nights black mountain a must.
  13. Thanks for the reply Ron. I'm glad you view it as our world. I try to keep that mentality myself but if you get in my car it may be our world but it's my car. It's not a democracy. Every ship needs it captain. You are the captain of this ship. I appreciate that you listen but you are judge jury and executioner. You haven't steered us wrong before. I trust that you'll continue to steer us right going forward.
  14. I'm not sure where I doubted his impact on ticket sales but I'm confident John Mayer brings in a younger fan base.