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  1. Now Listening...

    This is great music.
  2. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    There was a time that same guy tried to push some revolutionaries aside. "You gonna dance here all night"
  3. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    And believe me I have an uncanny ability to remain serious when this is all one big joke to me.
  4. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Not just militant but revolutionary in your defense of those attacking the establishment and its structure.
  5. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    Just trying to help Ron out. I feel more like I was peacefully leading. You didn't like the direction and you became militant via a useless and unnecessary need to attack my statement. Some things better left unsaid. It appears my initial post was just that. Better left unsaid. Didn't think it warranted a personal attack. I see it did now. Carry on. Post wherever you like.
  6. College Street Music Hall - New Haven

    This type of discussion belongs in the tour information hub.
  7. Black Bear Mountain

    I'm catching 3 but driving out from Denver to Richmond. I'd say 6 hours for the one no problem.
  8. Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Kudos tea. Wish you'd come dance more and have more to say. Thank you for your words of light.
  9. 08/09/17 Washington, D.C.

    I'd love to see a recording of a good outlaws wife
  10. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    Sometimes that attitude can lead to great nights dancing for bar bands. The space is usually wide open although sometimes you have to get over dancing by yourself.
  11. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    I feel that way when I go see a Grateful Dead bar band or smaller and in my mind lesser musically touring Grateful Dead band. Even if the music isn't up to snuff it's a testament to my love of this music and Jerrys vision to dance with all my heart. Sometimes I can't do it. The music does have to be "good enough." Dead and co is a larger scene I have these feelings. The music is definitely good enough and I feel an obligation to share my love of this music with those around through dance. So I dance with all my heart and soul.
  12. 08-14 & 15-17 Dewey Beach, DE

    I'd recommend going if I was close, can't beat two nights dark star same spot. Just keep a low profile. It isn't a big let the freak flag fly night. Stay in the lane. Don't drive a night. Enjoy the music.
  13. 08/01/17 Utica, NY

    Sometimes it feels nice to get a little greasy on the dance floor with your lady.
  14. Fall Tour Announced!

    Salina is my birthday. I will be there but would expect the hometown weekend boulder shows to be more the party. My original road partner gets married the weekend before.
  15. Black Bear Mountain

    I'd love to do it at the house but I feel like super 8 gazebo may be what works for everyone.