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  1. I sneezed in the market today. You’d swear I was a rapist they way everyone looked at me. Colorado shut down. Seems everywhere I go people taking this seriously even those of us who don’t agree with it. I think people don’t want to admit the plan isn’t working as they hoped so they claim we not listening. I couldn’t get a group of 9 friends together right now if I tried. However, I must admit what’s really making me laugh right now is the celebrities who do get it (clearly were not taking this serious) turn around to tell all of us who are taking it seriously to take it serious. It’s laughable.
  2. I’ve been smoking herb and cigars like a chimney. I got a touch of a smokers cough. Whenever in public I refuse to let myself cough or blow my nose or even sneeze if I can avoid it. The social stigma of being sick is kind of crazy right now.
  3. July DSO Colorado doesn’t happen I might go crazy. Like move to a cave and get a pet squirrel crazy.
  4. Problem is the spread is too effective. Total quarantine isn’t possible. Not for most of us at least. I don’t have the supplies. I can not get the supplies without going out. I maintain 6 feet of space but I have to touch doors and packaging and gas pumps and atms. It spreads with 6 feet separation or not. I’m all about continuing to do what the experts and the elders tell me to do. We will continue social distancing. we must also accept that a willingness to do so will either lead to a need to postpone the election or an easy win for trump. trump press conferences are like political rallies. He’s the only one having them. He’s running unopposed right now and he does have a point. Crippling the world economy will lead to people starving, theft, civil unrest and potentially civil war in underdeveloped places. Please don’t underestimate how damaging and life threatening crippling the global economy can and will be.
  5. Love you guys. I was trying to push discourse as I am bored. Never meant to offend anyone. I don’t have any hate in me. Japanese internment was a low blow. I was just trying to throw out an example that I thought we would all disagree with. I know DSO had to cancel their tour. I am afraid May your cancellation is coming. I do question whether all this is right but I am in touch with the current climate. Life does just go on. We making the best of the quarantine. On a positive note. school has just been cancelled through 4/17. More family time coming up.
  6. No I’m shocked the PGA won’t go on without fans. The golf course seemed like a safe place.
  7. Ok. There is an answer. I forget that some of you were okay with Japanese concentration camps. This may be a nothing to see here event for you. So a simple misdemeanor charge with a court date and overnight imprisonment isn’t enough for chuck if they enact curfews and enforce with martial law. Only if that enforcement is firing squad.
  8. And so far my good sense is working. No one in my household is infected. We washing our hands much more regularly. We have avoided large crowds not that I really know where to find one right now. We seem to be okay acting rationally and not allowing fear to dictate to us to act irrationally. By the way, from what I’ve read, the virus is transmitted from respiratory particles. Sneezing, coughing, etc. If on the subway and everyone looking at their phone, when someone coughs or sneezes these particles will land on your phone. They say bringing those particles close to your face is most dangerous. Phone definitely goes close to the face. It seemed pretty rational way of exposure. I certainly don’t think my phone is a germ free place. I would not eat of it. I would not let me baby girl put it in her mouth. If you keep your phone that clean, I’m utterly impressed. I answer your questions. Why not answer mine. When will enough be enough? When will they cross the line?
  9. Yes. My wife called to go in to have her private look at it. She just had an incision done to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. She now needs to see them for a follow up before they give her the topical to make it clear up. They told her to call back in 2 weeks. I hear a lot because I’m still traveling around. Talking to strangers and trying to learn everything I can about this from both sides.
  10. By the way I’m hearing countless cases of people being turned away from medical care that truly need it but don’t have Covid. If you have a real medical need but it’s not life threatening, you being told to wait 4 weeks. It’s becoming the norm in places no Covid no treatment. Chuck you will say more like 24 days now right. Quarantine started last week. I still pose the question is their any action right now that crosses the line? What will you not tolerate?
  11. I was told it was 2 weeks. Now you saying 4. Others are telling me 8 weeks. Some are saying 4 months. Let’s give me a real plan and accurate information if you want me to do the hey just wait thing. ive said my piece. Nobody cares what we have to say anyway. Trump has the support of the voters even those of you who won’t vote for Trump are ensuring his re-election as we speak. im not with all billy said but certainly believe we need to be looking out for our own. Taking care of ourselves. Everything I’m reading says the quarantine isn’t working. As we further restrict our lives. I had to order my food from a food truck today over the phone standing 6 feet away from the truck. You can not tell me this is necessary. In fact I bet the virus can live on your phone. Transfer via your phone. I know the government isn’t serious about their precautions to keep people safe. We haven’t emptied the prisons. Shut down the courts. Restricted the size of people in the police stations. You can tell me all you want groups smaller then 10 people unless we have other reasons to restrict you than we don’t care if you in a group of 40. at the end of the day, you old guys winning on this one. We don’t have a voice. We just forced to do as we told. hopefully in 4 weeks everything is back to normal and virus is gone. Than you guys can say you were right. I will say you were right. At which point will you admit to me you were wrong. Does that point exist for you? Is there any action unconstitutional and illegal and restricting that the government can take of which you won’t acquiesce because of the virus. I think that’s the real experiment here. This was a prime time to see just how far we can go during a crisis. I bet Bush regrets not locking down society and just rounding up and killing the Muslims here in America. We now know you guys would’ve sat by idly and even applauded it.
  12. Mason's Child


    MLB owners paying a million per team to aid ballpark workers.
  13. The spread is inevitable. Humans are silly to think they can stop it. Exposure for the healthy is good. Build up antibodies. It will allow us to better handle the variations that develop post vaccination. Hasn’t this been the accepted attitude for a long time regarding viruses. This all feels like a movie except in the movie you later find out there was no virus but the leaders convinced you of permanent quarantine while they lived fabulously. I had a funny thought the other day. who would’ve thought chuck and John a would be apart of the resistance of young people speaking their mind. mango and Scotty I applaud you theres a man with a gun over there telling me I got to beware my friend was sent home from work today by the police young people speaking their mind getting so much resistance from behind
  14. Love you Huck. Pray your right. Greatly for your wrong. Nothing about today’s leadership or the public who put them there suggests this great shift is on the verge of taking place. But keep on dreaming. We need dreamers. If anything Huck, I feel this will is and is doing the opposite. Isolate. Keep distance from others. Assume they are sick. If not family, always treat others like carriers. 6 feet separation. As I watch society embrace this, I feel the opposite occurring.
  15. Btw rude lots of people can’t afford to 4 weeks. They live check to check. This is going to lead to so many people seeking government assistance those programs are going to go bankrupt.
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