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  1. I loved your story. I will have my family with me. We look forward to this event. I need some light in the midst of the darkness. It will be good to dance and enter into open space to feel and just ride the emotions as they flow.
  2. I’d like to see a schedule too and the rules for entry. I hope pisgah or Dso gets that out soon. If it is out, I need help finding it for sure.
  3. We are awaiting the pathology report. They know it’s cancer. They believe it’s advanced and aggressive but they won’t say anything about median life expectancy until they get the pathology report. She had another MRI last night to see how well they did removing the tumor. We will have those results tonite. Pathology tonite or tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your story.
  4. My mom as opened her doors to many different people traveling through and traveling in the DSO community. Not just at the shore house. She conveniently left town for several years in a row when DSO played Philadelphia New Years. She knew I was having a house party with lots of friends. I appreciate the post Bix and I love you guys dearly.
  5. So how to begin. How to capture this terrible emotion? How’d do I tell the story when the words are so hard to write These last two shows I’ve been carrying myself with a real heavy heart. My mom needs your prayers. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. It’s life sentence. I can’t explain how the songs resonate other to say that Terrapin is heaven and I know my mom will be there much sooner than I’m ready to handle. Ready to accept. Have even truly begun to understand. But whether it one day or 3 years its time to cherish every 2nd of mom. Nobody has ever loved like my mom does. Nobody ever will. So as her body becomes a brokedown palace I pray for the river to sing her sweet sweet songs. I really appreciate the love and support many of you have already shared with me. Big big thanks to Rob B and DSO for all you’ve done for me and looking at for me and my family as I work my way through this. I have so much I want to say and share but it’s all so fresh. I don’t even understand. How to talk about something I haven’t grasped yet. I truly hope I don’t have to update this heartfelt cry for many years. We will see what tomorrow brings but she’s still here and I need to get with it and be there and cherish it. Love is real
  6. Seems to happen more than you think. Night before we get on bus. The show drops. See ya tonite. Jealous
  7. I thought this was fire
  8. Apparently I came close here
  9. I plan to find it in Black Mountain.
  10. My lady says I discovered something in Jamaica and every show since I’ve been searching for the discovery.
  11. I’m not saying Zeke shouldn’t demand his worth. RBs get screwed but if we screwing the Cowboys. I’m good with that.
  12. That’s the problem with Cowboys fans. They always think they turning it around. They about to back up the Brinks truck for Dak. Gonna give him 30 million a year. Bad move. They going to piss Zeke off. He going to want out. I think Cowboys headed down hill. Had to win while Dak was still on that rookie contract. Jerry would’ve fathered Manziel saved him. He’d your QB today. Haha
  13. I can’t wait. TV is boring for me when there is no football or basketball going on. Even morning espn sports shows are pretty boring and pointless for me. I love America’s pastime by the way. However only follow it on the box scores or going to games. Sometimes in September October I lock in on the TV. It’s time to start thinking fantasy draft
  14. I caught the Charlotte stadium show. Always wanted to do Rochester but it never worked out.
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