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    1. 11/4/2004 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    2. 11/5/2004 Whitaker Center Harrisburg, PA
    3. 4/16/2005 Wanee Suwanee Springs, FL
    4. 4/17/2005 Wanee Suwanee Springs, FL
    5. 6/4/2005 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    6. 6/17/2006 Allgood Music Festival Masontown, WV
    7. 11/19/2005 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    8. 11/22/2005 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
    9. 12/3/2005 9:30 Club Washington, DC
    10. 12/9/2005 Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ
    11. 12/10/2005 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
    12. 5/4/2006 Count Basie Theatre Red Banks, NJ
    13. 5/5/2006 McCarter Theatre Princeton, NJ
    14. 5/18/2006 State Theatre Falls Church, VA
    15. 5/19/2006 State Theatre Falls Church, VA
    16. 5/20/2006 Ram
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  1. Mason's Child

    20Years DSO

    I’ve been seeing DSO for nearly 15 years. I don’t count either but I’ve seen at least 500 probably closer to 600 DSO shows. I like Live dead music. All of it. Local. National. But nothing does it for me like DSO. Nobody else puts me in my magic space as often and as consistently as DSO. One thing I’ve learned is the bus just keeps on rolling. Sometimes I’m only on it in spirit. Sometimes I’m at the wheel but DSO does bring the bus by you can get on or off if you want.
  2. Mason's Child

    Best Box of Rain

    Phil also crushes unbroken chain in many of his friends formats.
  3. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    Kc crossroads would be a go.
  4. Mason's Child

    Viola Lee Blues is the best song of all time

    We got Lee Roy Kush. We neee Viola Lee Kush
  5. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    Looks like Knoxville, Cincinatti, Sylvania, Hampton Beach, Bold Point Park, AC, Asbury Park, Richmond, and Black Mountain are a go. Some logistical planning still in the works and I don’t see many wild cards that I can add to the mix but I bet we catch at least 10 of those. Springfield would be a wild card or if they do a Saturday gig after Aurora if they went West could be a wild card. I could catch Iowa or Nebraska but I doubt that’s the way the cookie is gonna crumble if it crumbles at all.
  6. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    The jubilee I think kind of makes it so Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland kind of not in the cards. I’m actually a little surprised by Ohio gigs within a few months of Jubilee. Feels like Springfield is gonna happen but I haven’t asked anyone and I don’t know anything. Last year we had to trade all other Colorado gigs, usually like 6 to 8 a year for the one Red Rocks. This year the promoter letting us have a couple more around the gig.
  7. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    That venue in Maine is huge. 8200 capacity. I should make Bold Point Park. Venue on the water looks cool. Virginia Credit Union Live is huge too. 6000 capacity. I should make that one.
  8. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    I feel like something between Maine and Atlantic City may be coming too. Actually looks pretty solid for me. Need to really look it over but I see 10 plus I can make on the summer dates.
  9. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    I like the preannaunced Stone Pony show. Doesn’t change how I feel about them but I like that show.
  10. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    Tour dates are out. Let the planning begin.
  11. Mason's Child

    Pisgah jubilee

    I don’t love preannouncement either but I’m going either way. I’m not why they do them.
  12. Mason's Child

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    I think a major part of this problem is some kids and even adults don’t know how to approach dogs. My buddy frank dog almost bit Toph. I disciplined Toph not the dog. She was aggressively crowding his space and pushing him into corners. She ignored our warnings. Dog scared the shit of her. She lucky he missed.
  13. Mason's Child

    Mattson and Friends Ardmore 3-9-2019

    I’m gonna need those TPS reports.
  14. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    I will make the stone pony show.
  15. Mason's Child

    Summer tour 2019

    I got the allgood poster and the first furthur gigs poster in my bathroom to remind me every day. Can you believe Furthur with jk started almost 10 years ago? Jeff been with us for almost 10 years.