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    1. 11/4/2004 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    2. 11/5/2004 Whitaker Center Harrisburg, PA
    3. 4/16/2005 Wanee Suwanee Springs, FL
    4. 4/17/2005 Wanee Suwanee Springs, FL
    5. 6/4/2005 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    6. 6/17/2006 Allgood Music Festival Masontown, WV
    7. 11/19/2005 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
    8. 11/22/2005 The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY
    9. 12/3/2005 9:30 Club Washington, DC
    10. 12/9/2005 Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ
    11. 12/10/2005 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
    12. 5/4/2006 Count Basie Theatre Red Banks, NJ
    13. 5/5/2006 McCarter Theatre Princeton, NJ
    14. 5/18/2006 State Theatre Falls Church, VA
    15. 5/19/2006 State Theatre Falls Church, VA
    16. 5/20/2006 Ram
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  1. JGB - The current iteration

    Rude did you ever see JK with dso?
  2. JGB - The current iteration

    He was definitely looking at you.
  3. NFL Knockout pool

    Fuck the falcons
  4. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Ya not happening. I may shorten it to MC. Scotty is on his own trip. His own plane. He has many greater influences than I that have sent him on his way. Interesting fellow.
  5. 10/13/17 Chicago, IL

    I caught the one at the pangent in 2010.
  6. You Decide if I Was Wise

    I like to support local dead. I will see shakedown street here in Colorado next weekend. Hyryder great band. Really enjoy them however I would put that Columbus show in my top 20 DSO shows ever. It was a monster. The energy during the 2nd set all the old school progressions and jams they went through. The set list is like a 73 with Pig still in the fold on vocals. But some of the guitar work the jams the space the music occupied was much earlier Dead. I am going to review the show. I feel trying to share my experience will bring me joy in reliving it. I dont do this to rub it in. I've missed monster shows for whatever reason. I try not to think about the shows I couldn't make it. I find it important to live in the moment and enjoy your moment. So I would ask did you have fun with hyryder? If you were enjoying your space, I'm not sure the sounds or spaces elsewhere matter much. This was definitely one one of those dark star pantheon shows but we all know we can't make all of them. I'm sure there are many that match or surpass the quality of Columbus. I just wasn't there to bask in its glow.
  7. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Scotty is the best.
  8. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Mango a retire competitive tour captain. Guest appearance on the next episode tour world dso edition
  9. NFL Knockout pool

    I'm gonna take the falcons at home
  10. 10/10/17 Grand Rapids, MI

    2nd maker. Love that song
  11. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Love you JJ. Pass the pop corn
  12. You Decide if I Was Wise

    I'm gonna say poor decision making in hindsight but I like hyryder and cerstinky no shame in your decision but after that Dso Columbus show I can't say you made right call skipping it. Show was a monster.
  13. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    Do you see the difference betwee playful and serious now JJ?
  14. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    He also sends me you should've been here messages after the great show he catches. Tries to tell me I'm not in the right place. Mocks me like a rival. I also think that is funny. I am so happy for Scott. He is living the dream right now. So glad he's getting to live life on cloud 9.
  15. 10/07/17 Columbus, OH

    By the way my actions this morning did veer towards the serious for me. I was really having fun with this thread. Disappointed to see it have to end and go back towards being serious here. I sense rivalry in Scott. Not only is he consumed and concerned with his show totals but he truly wants to compare them to others. I sense he is in competition to see the most DSO this year. His actions not my seriousness have brought me to that. I'm sorry I made light of it as I think it is funny. Funny thing is I think JJ was right there. He saw him demand show totals and redemand it when I wasn't concerned with counting. Seems JJ may be the serious one trying to bring seriousness back to the discussion. You have succeeded. Furthermore, Scotty is suffering from a common tour life fallacy. Whenever one tours hardest they think they hearing the best music ever or yet. Everyone remembers there glory days as the best ever.