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  1. San Francisco Night #1

    They often leave the stage set up the same on a two night run. They are by no means bound to that. I'm thinking late 70s show here or the rare back to back elective. Thinking 78 with a franklins.
  2. Paradise

    I got no encore from that show.
  3. Paradise

    Schoolgirl Cryptical Suite Doing that Rag Its a man's world Alligator Morning Dew then 2/11/69 the late show Cosmic Charlie big boss man lindy New Orleans
  4. Ashland

    2/24/71 filler easy wind
  5. Place to crash in San Fran???

    I heard Mayer has floor space.
  6. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    Any and all contributions to the scene are great. Would be so much cooler if these celebs would rock a shirt they clearly bought from a hippie on lot and didn't order off line through target. Now that would be cool. Maybe brittney spears in patchwork.
  7. 2018 Summer Tour

    Support Rude
  8. 2018 Summer Tour

    Go for 50 Rude. Go for 50.
  9. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    I don't follow the Kardishians. I follow the DSO forum. Would've never seen photo otherwise except maybe in text form from you Rude. Ive always considered those standing next to me to be the community not necessarily those playing it. My brothers and sisters are in the crowd with me. I too like dead and co. I will see 5 shows this summer. I will get on an airplane for 2 of them. I didn't give Dead and co any shit on this thread. Mayer isn't apart of my community. That's okay with me. He can change that by giving me a call anytime and asking me to break bread until then he just a guy playing dead music for me. Just cause I don't consider you apart of my community does not mean I hate you, I don't respect you or I wish you harm. By the way I'm with we all apart of the human community - that's why respect is a given for me. There is no hate behind it. I'm sure in many ways they feel the same way. I don't expect to be invited to dinner anytime soon.
  10. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    I feel you philosophically mango. The statement still holds. I'm not a them fighting the us. Just not participating but thanks for clarifying the dangers of my statement.
  11. Maybe now I’ve seen everything...

    Trust me our community still exist. We are still the them. Many of us still outlaws. She isn't apart of it. Never will be. That goes for Mayer too.
  12. BCE @ CC

    So I'm 90% if you guys get a BCE w Dino show in March I'm going to show up.
  13. Emotional support animals

    I love that the old guys hijacked the thread. If they don't have emotional support pets yet, they should definitely go get the appropriate licensing. Maybe they can do it electronically on your phone so you can keep up the cause for the paper. Either that or develop a healthier masturbation habit. Too much time on your hands. Med cards here going other direction. Stores will no longer accept cards reduced to fit one page. You must print out on two pages. However some will accept an electronic copy off your phone. Those would be your champions.
  14. Emotional support animals

    Mostly to wipe my ass.
  15. Emotional support animals

    You guys are funny but the papers I have may be used for a different kind of wrapping. Definitely used for burning.