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  1. Rankings still suck. SEC bottom was weak this year. League is too heavy but not that top heavy. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have 5 ranked teams but not 5 in top 11
  2. It was great to see you mango. Fun couple nights. Really found it there for a few songs this night. Fun fun times in Long Island. See you guys in Albany.
  3. The Bama loss drops the whole SEC a bunch. Who do they play? Who have the beat? I know Auburn will just jump into the top 5 to justify the loss but let’s be real Auburn isn’t that good.
  4. Wish I could lay claim to that room clearer. Sad thing is the escort just sat there and ate it.
  5. I don’t know man. I love your emphasis and belief in duality but our world currently suffers from the lack of true men. I dance the yin and the yang but at the heart of it, I’m full of testosterone. I think there is too much of an attempt for both male and female at least amongst the intellectuals to become one and the same. Our world needs men. Our world needs women.
  6. That loss could even keep Utah out of the playoffs if they win out.
  7. No. Saban knows he has to run scores up to make playoffs. He was running the score up. However Oregon just made the road to the playoff easier. Crazy how easily Herbert moving them down field for scores here late in the game but it’s going to be too little too late. Crazy how easily Herbert moving them down field for scores here late in the game but it’s going to be too little too late.
  8. Great looking set lists. I’m making an early thanksgiving dinner for my mom and I had to prep yesterday but the lists this tour have been pulling on my heart strings. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I miss the excitement, the surprises, and the commaraderie of the road. I love you guys. Keep on dancing
  9. Mason's Child


    The night before the California earthquake
  10. I tried to find way to make anthem but it’s not in the cards. We will be at the paramount
  11. Great show when those playing it can’t remember the filler correctly.
  12. I just think they trying to convince Tea to be in attendance.
  13. This is getting fucked up. I’m gonna leave my kids and get back on tour if I keep seeing lists like this at the shows I’m not at. I need to catch these. Not really thinking of giving up all that is good in my life but seriously, what the fuck is that. List looks crazy good. And I know whatever DSO plays they crush it. I will see you lucky fucks on Thursday.
  14. I was just poking fun. The next one will be the best one. Look forward to meeting you.
  15. I will try to take the time to post the dates of all my shows so we can try to rank them. 😂😂🤣
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