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  1. Spring Tour

    Rude is coming for Scotty’s crown. I expect to see him at the Capitol in May and ride that one right through the Jubilee.
  2. Raleigh 4/14

    Brother figure out to make the West Coast run. Camp out until Red Rocks. I’m not saying throw it all away and go on permatour but it really sounds like you need a break. Couple weeks off from the grind may very well be what the soul needs. Make grinding easier if the sun inside your heart is shining bright. I love you brother. I know I propose a long shot. Maybe at least line up the Rocks. Big DSO family reunion coming.
  3. Spring Tour

    I’m happy Rob’s back. My excitement for wanee just went up. Love the jgb but man I love Grateful Dead music and Bobby Weir as channeled by Rob Eaton is an important part of that equation.
  4. Atlanta 4-7 night 2

    What songs were new to the band?
  5. Atlanta 4-7 night 2

    I saw pros and cons to each venue. The variety has become a tough place to dance. They put down fire lanes with tape and enforce them bunching all the people together. However the lot scene and general vibe outside the venue here was crap and the staff wasn’t too great inside either. I’m here to dance though and I think the new place worked better for that. I feel for those that need to make a few bucks outside to keep the mother rolling. They may have to decide to skip Atlanta if this venue stays the same with its enforcement outside. All in all though. This venue despite taken my smoke at set break away didn’t do anything that would discourage me from going again. I would however stay at a hotel in another part of town. The area is too nice here. Not enough seedines if that at all makes sense. I don’t think the area understands us.
  6. Atlanta 4-7 night 2

    Both nights. The ladies stole the show. First night Lisa on walking blues. Last night with Tanya on Bobby McGee. I want to state that these two shows really displayed the strength and mastery of all the members of DSO. They stepped up big time in Eaton’s absence. These shows were strong. They were special and I’m glad I got to capture some of the magic. However I can’t imagine how strong DSO will sound when Eaton rejoins the fold. I know that DSO will only bring it up another notch with his return. I can’t wait for Wanee. See you guys on the merry go round again soon.
  7. Atlanta 4-7 night 2

    Tanya’s take on bobby McGee was pure magic. Love is real
  8. Atlanta 4-6

    Walking blues was just bad ass.
  9. Atlanta 4-6

    5/28/82. Check out the walking blues. Brook runs to the ocean. Ocean runs to the sea. Ohhh if I don’t find my baby bury me
  10. Rocky Mount, VA

    I hate missing the Mason’s. I see you guys tomorrow night.
  11. Last time DSO was at Gratefulfest

    The memories...
  12. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    Old school viola had to be interesting
  13. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    I want to hear that. That sounds incredible. I’m pretty sure they’ve played wonderful world. They recreated jgb shows before years ago with JK. I would be surprised if it didn’t pop up in one of those set list.
  14. Washington DC (The Hamilton) 4/3/18

    You sure that was masters of war and not chimes of freedom. I’m not sure Dso has ever performed masters of war.
  15. Here is to a good night in c-ville

    No. JK and DSO recreated JGB shows. I believe DSO has played all those songs before.