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  1. Question is how many sml fist pumps
  2. Where can I get this 10/28
  3. Looks like we make Eugene but just the hotel. Hit more snow here in Oregon. Fun ride. See you in bend.
  4. We making it. May only get 2nd set tonight but we will see some music. I’m through the weather. Also was closer to death last night than I’d like to admit. Just one real good slide slight turn sideways drift 3/4 a lane to pull straight again wiggle a bit let me guide it back into tire tracks.
  5. You never know when the magic will happen. looks like a lot of fun see you kids soon have to drive through the blizzard first.
  6. Some say crude. Others say natural. Human. You ever masturbate? What about have sex? It doesn’t seem that crude to me. Gave me a beautiful little girl. But oh ya crude for the Rahj
  7. Does the Rahj fuck or just meditatively masturbate? Self cumming with no physical interaction?
  8. See you guys in Eugene. I may see some snowy conditions on the drive but we set sail tomorrow. Eugene through San Francisco. Can’t wait.
  9. We often drive cross country. It’s not always airplanes. And like chuck used to say. It isn’t always easy on this side of the rail. I want Colorado love. June into July mini tour with lots of Colorado would be great.
  10. It was funny. I still think it’s rooted in racism. It’s a judgment based on race. Someone with a masters in race related studies agreed with me. Lots of good comedy rooted in racism. It didn’t cross the line for me to offensive. Some comedy does. It was funny. We were in good spirits that night.
  11. Rude you said the Asians wouldn’t know where the bar is cause they only go to the library.
  12. It was nice to meet you. I hope we weren’t too rowdy on you. I always dance in that same spot in Jamaica. I try to be respectful but the party is in full swing on the beach.
  13. Jealous of you early arrivals but I could only afford a day early or a day late. For me, Donna the Buffalo vs. JGB was a no brainer.
  14. Chris, Whitney and I love beef patties. The authentic ones in Jamaica are better but I’ve found even at gas stations in New York they a quick hit the spot item. Never taste bad. Reminds me of the jam in the sand. One year I was looking particularly out of it on my the shuttle to airport leaving the resort and the party. Nicky happened to be on the same shuttle. He gave me a beef patty to help straighten me out. It was my first Jamaican beef patty.
  15. Jamaican beef patties become essential to sustaining life on the island.
  16. Just picked up a beef patty at the 711 in Florida.
  17. We just landed in Florida. Just 3 more nights until we be in Jamaica mon. Think I’ll go check in on the Perotti’s tonight.
  18. Duck you need to watch the play again. Take off the seahawk goggles. Imagine one of our guys did that Russell Wilson. It was bush league and ruin what should’ve been a great game.
  19. He dove full speed leading with the crown of his helmet to a player giving himself up. Tackling with the crown of the helmet is not considered a natural tackling position. You can’t do that especially in the head neck area. He was trying to remove him from the game.
  20. Also Vince brings the heat on the dance floor.
  21. Truly the best of the best people here. The whole family. Vince is a man of immeasurable kindness. Get well brother. Love you and your family.
  22. Love me a Minnesota over Auburn
  23. Funny it was thought to be Robs guitar but was actually intentional from Robs keyboard. I know the keyboard feedback your talking about in 83 and 84. Sad to miss New Years but can’t wait for Jamaica. Enjoy some ole school music tonight.
  24. Whitney and I will be there. Maybe little Delilah but I think we gonna get a sitter.
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