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  1. I was there. Wonderful venue, gorgeous night. The crowd energy felt a bit low in set 1. Set 2 was great - loved the whole pre-drums sequence.
  2. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    It always is. First thing I noticed when I looked over the stage Saturday night was the stuffed alligator on the floor in front of the keyboard. Good things coming ....
  3. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    I was in Concord on 11/11/11 when they first rolled out The Eleven. Loved that show. Saturday night reminded me a bit of that night.
  4. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    Really nice show. I particularly enjoyed the 60s feel of set 2. I could listen to stuff like that every night.
  5. 5/11/80. Fun show, great crowd. I really enjoyed the first half of the second set, especially Terrapin.
  6. Very bummed to see the long tradition of these shows come to an end. What happened?
  7. 17 years of seeing this band and I finally got a 60s show. Loved it.
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