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  1. Scarlet> NFA> Caution Ship of Fools Reuben and Cherise Hard to Handle BEW Pride of Cucamonga Deal (or something like that....)
  2. I was there. Wonderful venue, gorgeous night. The crowd energy felt a bit low in set 1. Set 2 was great - loved the whole pre-drums sequence.
  3. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    It always is. First thing I noticed when I looked over the stage Saturday night was the stuffed alligator on the floor in front of the keyboard. Good things coming ....
  4. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    I was in Concord on 11/11/11 when they first rolled out The Eleven. Loved that show. Saturday night reminded me a bit of that night.
  5. 70s Hound

    Huntington NY #2

    Really nice show. I particularly enjoyed the 60s feel of set 2. I could listen to stuff like that every night.
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