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  1. chuckvegas

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    Yep, seen DSO there inside and outside. I can only imagine the frenzy on the shore when he played there. Rock in a sauna, the way it was meant to be!
  2. chuckvegas

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    He is Jersey’s favorite son. And a lot cooler than jug handles. But if you give them a chance you can come to love both. And how can you not love Key West Intermezzo!
  3. chuckvegas

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    This is the one who wrote Atlantic City, Because the Night, Brilliant Disguise, Incident on 57th Street, Jungleland, Nebraska, Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Tunnel of Love, and some others that were on the radio a lot, right? Just want to make sure that this is the same guy here. Not that being on the radio a lot or writing songs others take to near perfection necessarily means someone is any good. That Dylan dude is an example of that.
  4. chuckvegas


  5. chuckvegas

    Random thoughts and randomness in general

    There’s a whole lotta love in those pics.
  6. chuckvegas

    Free Bird?

    Keswick, yes! Weather cold as hell outside, music hot as hell inside! Incredible night, with some melancholy because it was Molly’s last show as merch girl.
  7. chuckvegas

    Free Bird?

    The tease may have been at a Gratefulfest sound check. Seems like it was part of a fund raiser for Rhett’s Syndrome or something equally horrible. But that was long ago and much of it rolls into one. It is time for the triumphant TN tour to resolve this and many more concerns.
  8. chuckvegas

    Death Don't Have No Mercy

    The share says it all, Huck. And may Christopher continue shouting “thank you” forever.
  9. chuckvegas

    Free Bird?

    Both Martin Fierro and Pat Mallinger have played with DSO. I’ve seen shows with each of them, but can’t tell you if they were recreations or electives because I don’t remember. It seems like Martin was in SF, but details are hazy. As for Eye of the Tiger, I recall the movement to get DSO to play it at the Ledges (or anywhere). I didn’t know that had born fruit. Eaton’s favorite song....isn’t that something?
  10. chuckvegas

    It's time for some Changin'

    Turn and face the strangeCh-ch-changesOoh, look out you rock 'n' rollers
  11. chuckvegas

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Yes. I’m no longer riding on the merry-go-round.
  12. chuckvegas

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    That might be an inducement. They could open by recreating the 7/3/07 Ledges sound check here in LV.
  13. chuckvegas

    1st Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Or......they could do the long awaited Terrapin Nation tour.
  14. chuckvegas

    I don’t want to know the show!