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  1. chuckvegas

    Tahoe show cancelled

    It’s an elective in the style of “JWoww and the Situation Go to the Fillmore.”
  2. chuckvegas

    Tahoe show cancelled

    We make snow angels when there is half an inch and towering snow men once it hits an inch. And it is sunny today so the Strip traffic is flowing nicely and the pool parties are in full swing. Show is on for tomorrow night!
  3. chuckvegas

    Tahoe show cancelled

    Las Vegas’ own winter wonderland last night. Be careful out there!
  4. chuckvegas

    Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Tell me baby, what's my name I tell you one time, you're to blame
  5. chuckvegas

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 2)

    The big police...
  6. chuckvegas

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    I feel bad about how he has been forgotten. Especially since he figures prominently in such an essential song, beloved by many.
  7. chuckvegas

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    She's just a girl who claims that I am the one, and I didn’t know a stage line ran from Hell.
  8. chuckvegas

    Dead Characters - 1 @ a time (Part 1)

    The kid is not my son.
  9. chuckvegas

    Love It So

    Sometimes it is so beautiful it hurts. Kinda like this.
  10. chuckvegas

    Woodstock 50th anniversary

    Everywhere there was a song and a celebration
  11. chuckvegas

    Woodstock 50th anniversary

    But no matter what, we are still stardust, still golden, and we’ve still got to get ourselves back to the garden.
  12. chuckvegas

    Woodstock 50th anniversary

    Interestingly enough (or not), that poster is several years old and I came across it a year or so ago. I thought I had saved it but evidently not so I just did a quick search for "fake Woodstock 50th anniversary poster." Another one comes up also but this one looks cooler. And I liked the chance to use the Herdy donkey. It's been a while.
  13. chuckvegas

    Woodstock 50th anniversary

    Sorry it didn't print any larger. My tech skills are lacking. Looks like they have a grate lineup booked. If you squint real hard, like reading an eye chart, DSO is there on the second line of the fine print. Glad to see SCI there too.