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  1. An empty void without easy access to porn or kittens. It was a hell of normal human interaction.
  2. It is like you are inside my head and reading the open book of my mind! I have wondered for years about this seeming intractable problem. Now that I am merely required to seek the professional, the clouds over me have cleared and the Bluebird of Happiness is warbling Eyes!
  3. For the first several years of my DSO career I either traveled solo or with my LV buddy Eric and otherwise didn’t mingle much. I talked more to band and crew than I did to other fans. That began to change thanks to the earliest iteration of this forum. Through TR’s masterpiece here I came out of my shell and sought folks out. The first ones were Dr V, Looky, the Herd, and Scott. Then Doc, Teacher Matt, the China Cats, James, August West, Susan Angelina, Dr Barry, Blythe, Jordan, and it was off to the races. Mango, MC, SVT in all her incarnations, Man in Green, Hypnotist Collector, and so many more! Many shows and a couple of full tours later I’ve come full circle. I treasure those times more than words can tell. New ones come and old ones go, most can still be seen if you poke around, but Scott is the true constant. I owe a debt of thanks to so many here that can never be fully repaid. Scott embodies the best of the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  4. Thank you so much! This is a topic that I have tossed and turned for so many hours worrying about, night after night, for weeks now. I cannot overemphasize how much better I now feel! You truly are an unsung angel for sharing this, and I can only hope you get the accolades here you so richly deserve. i would greatly appreciate a bit more information regarding the distinction in government taxes and charges, but we perceive all good things in all good times.
  5. Thanks! I know I remember an Unbroken Chain breakout-ish show there, Donna Jean, and seems like even Constantin at some part of a tour. But God knows all the shows combine.
  6. As I remember, that was the DSO breakout of Unbroken Chain (in the second set). I do remember the Donna Band show in that room. Good times, but I don’t have the set list.
  7. "The passengers are given the traveling kit" Is that the whole kit and caboodle or just the kit?
  8. Tea said it - love you brother! Been a long long time to be gone...
  9. You can send Herdy's to him postage due. Mail it in the air...
  10. Some more Dylan for the dowry yaks and lazy hippies: Whoo-ee, ride me highTomorrow's the dayMy bride's gonna comeOh, oh, are we gonna flyDown in the easy chair
  11. chuckvegas

    Jannus live

    Glad you all are on the road again. Really wish I was there with you.
  12. Yes. It's been...too...long since you last...shared your wit...and wisdom. And we...could use some of Dear...Abby's charm and...advice plus...a dose of Inspector Callahan's...tough love in...these...benighted times!
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