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  1. From its inception the world wide web’s highest and best use has been making porn and cat videos freely available. I believe that is still the case. But now in this time of physical distancing social media can rise to the occasion and live up to its name and promise.
  2. I caught the May ‘77 and April ‘78 shows there so I likely was at the one Doc and his lady saw!
  3. The good ol' Fox in Atlanta. Yes...
  4. Nor for the pestilenceThat waiteth in the darknessNor for the destructionThat waiteth in the noon-day hour
  5. You will love it! TH is my favorite non-jam genre band. And for those who do want the jam, there is this tonight:
  6. Start Making Sense is incredible. Several of us saw them recreate the Stop Making Sense movie soundtrack (they nailed it) and then they did a huge filler that culminated in Nothing But Flowers>Road to Nowhere. We had Julie Andrews dance space and it was sheer bliss. They truly are the DSO of TH. i will travel to see them again and this really opens up my Friday evening plans here in a Las Vegas gone dark. Not that I would do much anyway, but still... Lemons can become lemonade.
  7. How about releasing the sets lists for the COVID canceled shows so we can create a fantasy tour self quarantined dance party? 😍
  8. It is possible that I am the fascist fossil he was commenting about too. And if military-enforced quarantine curfews enforced by shoot to kill orders seems to offend sensibilities, then I have another example of pushing the envelope of the permissible: postponing the release of Black Widow. And the theaters are now closed! Is there no end to the intolerable? My God, how am I supposed to endure the unendurable feeling of my own mortality without first getting Nat's back story and seeing the start of the MCU Phase 4? Oh, I know! Read a book!
  9. Hyperbole. Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead.
  10. All right, in my opinion martial law curfew where the authorities (whomever they may be) ordered “zu Papier bringen” to anyone they saw on the streets, and failure to comply resulted in an immediately imposed and implemented death sentence, would be beyond the pale.
  11. Waiting to see in 4 weeks means 28 Days Later.
  12. Let’s see how things are in 4 weeks...
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