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  1. 🙏 As sure as your sorrows are joys
  2. Well, with this kind of encouragement I will eagerly await the triumphant return of the west coast tour and arrange my busy social calendar accordingly. One question, Rob. Will the rest of the band join in? Not that I would complain if it was just you and a kazoo out in the lot with 5 of us dancing around a drum circle without drums. I’m just asking for a friend.
  3. Well, it took something like 18 months from initial teases to full blown breakout of The Eleven. I was a pretty constant fixture on the tour circuit back then. Coincidence? I think so. It’s been a long time since I did a full tour. Damn, in a lot of ways it seems like only a decade ago!
  4. I'm in if they vow to finally break out Low Spark.
  5. When I was much younger I liked to think I had wings a mile long. I came to realize that yep, this is about right.
  6. A box of rain will ease the pain And love will see you through... Thank you for the soundtrack of so many of our lives.
  7. We had a discussion years ago about the fact that the people are ready for them to start recreating originals. The name Crashes Into Ashes was floated in order to get around non-compete clauses (see Terrapin Nation). Given the fact that TN hasn't been heard from in a while the time is right. And what better way to kick off the triumphant inaugural CIA west coast tour than with the acknowledged classic 5/19/07 masterpiece?
  8. “Felt my body move in ways that it never has before.” High praise from a man whose opinion I value highly. That’s how how I felt about old school Cornmeal. They were the other band I got on airplanes to go see. I think I need to check this young man out.
  9. I believe original drummers were Ahmer Nizam and Mark Corsolini. It seems I’ve maybe seen a couple of shows where Ahmer sat it, but that was in a decade long ago and far away. And as far as crew goes, so many have moved on, including Sco, Cam, Bones, Tiny, the Dude, Robbie Williams, Molly ❤️, Sarah ❤️, Winke ❤️, and others I feel bad for omitting. They made it a lot easier on this side too. Let the words be everyone else’s.
  10. At the age of 12 in '67 I saw The Dirty Dozen and The Trip within a short period of time. In a way that made for quite a duality of tone. Both had stars that went on to be not just counterculture icons but have shown staying power for more than a half century. As examples of the times they made an impression and reflected, not to mention helping to accelerate, a cultural shift in Hollywood and the broader American culture. It was an interesting time.
  11. From Hollywood royalty, you helped bring us visions of Hollywood reality. Ride easy...
  12. My several talks with her were good, wide-ranging, and always centered on family. God bless her. I remember that one night at the house and the interesting aftermath the next morning. Bix, looking for your keys was one highlight. There were several others, the stuff of DSO legend. In the face of all that she kept an even keel. That right there speaks volumes. Thank you.
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