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  1. JRAD....???

    5/19 forever, forever 5/19... And are you saying those AC shows were Limburger? P.S. The Albany weekend was a new classic. On so many levels.
  2. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    My pleasure! I made all the JITD treks to Amsterdam and did some side trips but couldn't swing either the England or Germany shows. Some lucky folks did, and pics they took are still available in the gallery here. Good times!
  3. 20 years of DSO--statistics

    I was hoping that the stats would have included the number of veggie burritos. I guess too many are traveling the elegant way nowadays. And the mystery country is Germany, I believe, in connection with a Jam in the Dam stint.
  4. Broken Forum!

    Yes, thank you TR! You are the guiding light here and do a damn good job of mastering too!
  5. JRAD....???

    A buddy who is quite discerning and has impeccable taste in matters of GD and JGB interpretations is a big fan. I will try to get his take on the cod.
  6. Albany Roll Call - 11/11/17

    What he said! Energy, joy, and love was off the chart! Those not here were not forgotten!
  7. California Kind

    You’re saying there was a time you didn’t? For any doubters, it’ll happen to you as sure as your sorrows are joys.
  8. Now Listening...

    I got the album box sets when it came out. It came with the booklet and a lot more music. But I hadn’t seen this either until recently. Looking at folks in line there, like in the Grateful Dead Movie, is really an exercise in “the way we were.” And Bill’s comments are priceless...
  9. Now Listening...

    If nothing else, start at around 1:00:24 and stick with it for about 14 minutes. But really, the whole documentary is well worth the time invested.
  10. JGB - The current iteration

    And as a follow up to that question, there is this:
  11. TIGDH

    That was some hot stuff.
  12. chasing white whale

    The TN sets at the Ledges were joys to behold. Since everything old is new again it seems like the time is right for a revival.
  13. chasing white whale

    Would you ask for something like another chance?
  14. Now Listening...

    Perhaps I'll see you the next quiet place...
  15. Bizarro thread: Dead song you do not really like

    This is a topic that does rise up like the cream in the churn every few years. Because new ones comes and sadly old ones go everything old is relevant (if not new) again. So, in that spirit, here is my offering from a similar thread about six years ago: OK, now that this thread has become True Confessions time, I have a little something to share. I loathe Eyes. In fact, "loathe" does a disservice to all synonyms for "detest" but it will do. From the first insipid notes of the inevitable interminable jam (a good time to go get the oil changed) leading up to the lyrics, I know it is going to be another 20 minutes of my life that I will never, ever be able to get back. If time is going to be such a thief, why can't he it at least make it be good for me, too? But nope, that jam is like an aural Rape of Nanking. Even though you know it will sometime run out of steam, the experience is proof that what doesn't kill you does not always make you stronger. But after the swirly girly be-bop highs and lows dosey-doe notes of the intro jam come the lyrics. Hippie self-indulgence at its finest. That crap makes The Phish's offerings read like Dostoyevsky. "Lazy summer home" - glad you can afford one, king of the trustafarians; some people have to work. "Wings a mile long" - hell, to even think of that you have to be a card-carrying member of the sheet of the month club. The closest thing I've seen to that at a show was a pterodactyl and he did't have wings, just horns. But that is another story for another time. The second verse - what kind of psuedo-spiritual drek is this? Something from a dream you had one afternoon long ago? Thanks for sharing! And "the night comes so quiet, it's close on the heels of the day..." WTF is it supposed to do? Rage like a Viking in heat and then have a cigarette break? More jamming. More pointless abuse of musical instruments that did nothing to deserve this torture, when all they want to do is rock. But at this point you figure that maybe, just maybe, the end is in sight. All you have to do is be strong, like enduring an extra vigorous cleaning by a really pissed off dental hygenist. And there it is - the third verse. By this time the imagery is kind of weak. I think the evocative wad was shot after "loaded with clay," and the repeated "sometimes" in the last verse just goes to show that. If it is a song of your own, just keep it to yourself. The shower is a nice place for that. The only thing worse than a stand-alone Eyes is when it caps off the Trifecta from Hell, Scarlet>Fire, Estimated. That truly is 9th Circle. Don't get me started on SOTM. If you'd really "rather be with you," then get your munchies-engorged ass off the back porch and do something about it. And "Foolish Heart" - stop whining about it and check out your degrees of compatibility on e harmony. Maybe you'll get lucky. Meh.