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  1. chuckvegas

    Joni Michell on Dylan

    Damn Cannucks, they were everywhere back then, thick as thieves. I think Joni didn't think much of Dylan because he was just from Baja Canada.
  2. chuckvegas


    It was a great game. Full congratulations to the Caps - the best team won the Cup. Our Knights had a hell of a run. History was made by both this season.
  3. chuckvegas

    My first dead$co show

    Oh hell yes, the lightning was a major feature of the angry red Doppler blob. We were the only part of south FL getting hammered (at least by the weather). I miss that venue and Jannus. Some day the FL dream run will again happen.
  4. chuckvegas

    2018 - Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies

    2011 The Grateful Dead Movie...’74 2012 Alpine Valley...’89 2013 Sunshine Daydream...’72 2014 Beat Club...’72 2015 more Alpine...’89 2016 Sullivan in Foxborough...’89 2017 RFK...’89
  5. chuckvegas

    My first dead$co show

    We had one years ago at the outdoor Pompano Beach amphitheater (I loved that place; it even allowed for a mini-Shakedown) where Doppler showed an angry red blob of tropicalness coming our way. And sure enough, we got strong winds and brief but torrential rain pouring in horizontally. The stage was getting saturated. I realize I could be wrong here, and there are those among us who are almost Renaissance in their expertise on everything to correct me, but my understanding is that large amounts of water don’t mix well with electronics. There may be some truth to that, as I recall the show (a recreation) being played as one long set. A few songs were skipped but good value was delivered to a drenched audience. That’s my story. Those were good times.
  6. chuckvegas

    Now Listening...

    Left field got too crowded. I moved to the bleachers.
  7. chuckvegas

    Now Listening...

    Finally, I was absent
  8. chuckvegas

    Now Listening...

    This is pure joy!
  9. chuckvegas

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    C’est la vie, as we old folks say.
  10. chuckvegas

    Red Rocks 2018

    “u think it’s worth the trip?” Yes.
  11. chuckvegas

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

  12. chuckvegas

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    This could work. It just maybe could work.
  13. chuckvegas

    Jubilee 2018 Roll Call

    Matt, is it you and Sean? Do I need to get on a plane to Columbus, redeye arriving Sunday damn early, you all pick me up, do one night of the Jub, and fly out Monday? Crazy enough to almost work.
  14. chuckvegas


    Hi Doc! I was being a little facetious and there certainly are shows in my future. The Jubilee is is not happening for me this year. Got Red Rocks? 😎
  15. chuckvegas