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  1. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Just about to do to the same...
  2. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    ... away
  3. Everyone gets a turn, I’ll start...

    Indigo... indigo
  4. What happened the the Ojai show in June?

    We were back among the trees behind the pit last time. Sound wasn’t optimal but space was. I’ll buy a couple of tickets today and we’ll see how it goes. Sure would be nice if this could be combined with Paso Robles again. That made for a grate little run.
  5. Happy Birthday Supplicated Velvet Thunder

    Long may you strum...forever young!
  6. Dead Floyd

    That looks very cool! Thanks for the turn on. They have me at Shine on you Crazy Diamond >Foolish Heart! Seems kind of like Pink Talking Fish. Not every day that you get Astronomy Domine>Naïve Melody>Suzy Greenberg! So much good music, so many ways to play it...
  7. Now Listening...

    I lost my way in darkest nights I woke again and saw the light Opened the book and I took a look But I still got a long way to go
  8. Cool alternate lyrics

    I always thought it was pretty nice when all the lyrics of El Paso were successfully completed. That seemed kind of alternative.
  9. Happy Birthday Doc

    Happy Birthday, and may every day be the best day!
  10. Happy Birthday Rude!

    Yes, but the connection with the Biebs is strong - both born on March 1. It seems like a clear case of separation at birth. And they both channel Ricky’s lust for life.
  11. Happy Birthday Rude!

    Happy Birthday to you and your fellow March 1 spirit animal BFF!
  12. What happened the the Ojai show in June?

    The last time they played Alaska, around 8 years ago, people made the trip and had a really good time. True story.
  13. Las Vegas 2/22/18

    12-11-92 Oakland Filler: Why Don’t We Do it in the Road; Tore Up; I’ll Take a Melody Wonderful time and the pain I am in now was worth every second of dancing bliss. More to come. Highlight of the highlights: Eyes>Corrina. Discuss amongst yourselves!
  14. San Francisco Night #1

    They’ve been doing electives since I stared seeing them in ‘01, and probably before that. An elder Starhead may be able to confirm. Bueller? Anniversary recreations have usually been the exception rather than the the norm. The good news is that in recent years (like the course of this decade) they have become more frequent. The bad news is that Terrapin Nation seems to have faded away. It all has evened out, I suppose.
  15. Emotional support animals

    Thread drift is real, not fade away. #freethesheets