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  1. Now Listening...

    Give it a whirl...
  2. Top of their game

    Dr. Barry's Big Red One...fuck yeah!
  3. Top of their game

    While the Doctor is certainly knowledgeable and is a true Renaissance man, I would suggest that the air is one of egalitarianism. This is not to denigrate MC’s cogent observations or to detract from the Doctor’s standing in the community. He is superior, as are all paragons. Yet he does not wear it on his sleeve, but rather is the very epitome of humility and offers his services to all supplicants.
  4. Drums Space 2017 >

    Who among us has not woken up one morning and gotten himself a beer?
  5. Drums Space 2017 >

    Watch The Doors movie. It covers a lot more territory than merely the tales of a drunk delusional wanna-be mystic. Watch this clip and hopefully be motivated to watch the entire Hollywood Bowl movie. Aside from the astounding production value (of course, LA offered world class cinematic talent) it gives a good account of the band and its shows. Some of us who were teenagers then believed he was a shaman in the Dionysian mode. Right or wrong, he spoke to the times that gave birth to a youth culture that still reverberates today. The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.
  6. NYE 12/31/17

    I would certainly hope so! And Happy New Year to all you all...cheers!
  7. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    My Ledges memories include the one amazing sound check featuring Ohio and Watching the Wheels (7-3-07 I believe) and the gala show where each band member got to pick one of their favorite non-GD songs to be played. I specifically remember Lake Shore Drive and the sheer joy of Lisa leading Nothing But Flowers! That was in ‘10 I believe. Blessed Jub memories include JM & Co bringing us The Maker and a wonderful daytime lineup playing to a small but happy crowd. That one included White Bird, which is a song I never thought I would get to dance to live. Thank you for that RB and friends!
  8. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    Praise Lana Turner! Finally a call for class, elegance, and couth demeanor here after all these years. Thank you, Matt...
  9. First Time DSJubilee attendee questions?

    I hate that hill with a passion that defies polite language. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I hate it. I have expressed my hatred in colorful language elsewhere and will not defile this thread except to emphasize the point that I hate it. If someone has a bad knee that hill would be problematic.
  10. Spring Tour

    I’m looking at some of those. It could happen.
  11. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    I’ve always had to pay extra for that anyway.
  12. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    Funny, I thought I chose 20 years ago to live in Las Vegas for the job, the climate (10 months out of the year, anyway), and as an added attraction the scenic wonders within a few hours’ drive. The fact that many world-class acts of different genres come through here on a regular basis is a nice but expensive bonus so I don’t see a lot of them. Life in the fast lane here can be Hobbesian: nasty brutish and short. I know some here have experienced it firsthand and lived to tell the tale. This is in many ways the eastern-most suburb of Los Angeles but within the same radius we have majestic mountains, stunning desert vistas, and the ability to embrace them regularly. That is my kind of isolation. And I have always appreciated the difference between being lonely and being alone.
  13. Phil + Bobby / Together Again

    None of those are reasonably close or convenient for me. It is weird how my thinking has changed, too.
  14. Tea for Texas appreciation thread!

    I appreciate him.
  15. Your 2017

    A year devoted to your bliss can be like no other. I’m glad you got it, Rude. There’s no way you can double down next year?