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  1. chuckvegas

    Philly Question

    That Ram's Head forum family dance party was a memorable evening! Coming hard on the heels of JK's departure the band gave us what we needed. If it wasn't the breakout of "Cold Jordan" it was mighty close. That was some sacred material. And the Fox Theater '06 with the triumphant Terrapin Nation set and the two huge DSO elective sets was quite the night. It may be time for them to start considering recreating electives.
  2. chuckvegas

    Philly Question

    Spirit is something that no one destroys.
  3. chuckvegas

    Philly Question

    Well, we were children once playing with toys.
  4. chuckvegas

    Philly Question

    “I also realized I knew almost no lyrics from low spark.” Given how much Tea and I bandy them about, with backup from Huck and others, how is that possible? But don’t worry too much, it’ll happen to you.
  5. chuckvegas

    Hello New Chinese Overlords

    I am encouraged to see that they have our best interests at heart and have come back to give us another chance to prove we are worthy.
  6. chuckvegas


    Thanks, Ron! i figured it was a preview of the new new reboot of Red Dawn. You have probably single-handedly prevented WW III from being fought on the DSO forums. We would have kicked their asses in the end but this way collateral damage is minimal.
  7. chuckvegas

    Hello New Chinese Overlords

    I think they were spamming about institutions of higher learning. But we have proven ourselves to be unworthy and they have departed to share their beneficence with others. i miss them already.
  8. chuckvegas

    Anthem show hype

    Y'all enjoy! I'm not pathetic enough to get there but I am going to try and sink lower for next year. It has been too long since I was at rock bottom.
  9. chuckvegas

    Anthem show hype

    Tea, a drink with jam and bread..
  10. chuckvegas

    I saw it coming!

    Donations may be made using the button labeled "Donations" at the top right. One can be a part without that, though. It isn't a "pay to play" regime.
  11. chuckvegas

    I saw it coming!

    It is funded by Ron and donations from we the fans. No ad space and no monetizing by, with, or through third parties. Since you like the friendly banter in your JK/Christmas Reunion Show thread (and the link to an unkind opinion about WSP), I am happy to share this: some of us have been on this site and its earlier iterations going back to the old DNC days. Many others have been here for years. We have seen various troll attacks from different sources, to include (but not limited to) Zoners and people with deep grudges about one thing or person or the other. They seem to crop up every three or so years and we were probably about due for one now. The Penn's Peak show incident was reported on other jam band sites, and that is perfectly understandable. Some of the posts on them devolved into less that charitable comments about DSO and its fan base. What we said here was being shared on other sites. Again, that is fair enough. These are public forums. People are certainly entitled to their own opinions about us as wookies, the fake Jer, and their perceptions of our whole supposed scene. As a consequence some of us are a bit prone to think the worst when a whole new crop of folks come on here within a short period of time with comments very much in line with what we have seen before. The fan base in general has changed, and on our board new ones have come while older ones have gone. That is natural and the way of the world. But one thing has remained constant here, as it has on other band sites - we know who we are. There is a tendency to circle the wagons and view with skepticism anyone who pops up in the midst of such posting. Oh, and if you want to refer to JK, the last name is spelled Kadlecik.
  12. chuckvegas

    I saw it coming!

    That was quick. Here one second and *poof* gone with the wind. Thanks to the Rapid Ron Response Team!
  13. chuckvegas

    I saw it coming!

    Thanks, Ron! It is interesting how this type of infection flares up every so often, then inevitably dies away after you administer the antidote. These things happen, although so far as I know few if any of us go to other’s sites to stir shit up under the guise of vehement objection to something said there. You are truly appreciated.
  14. chuckvegas

    Penns Peak

    It does have a lower level PZ reject infestation double-reverse troll vibe. New covens of them can have an amusement value but never last long.