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  1. binghamton

    have one tix for tonight that I cant make it {car issues}.Pm me if want ripplinrain@Verizon.net
  2. penns peak

    Would be happy to trade for one either nite pocohantas.If it helps I live generally Albany ny
  3. penns peak

    literally if it happened 15 minutes later while gone would have lost everything including 5 dogs.
  4. penns peak

    due to electrical fire at my house today not able to make it.According to tix bastard there is a way to transfer tix.Never done it before if interested please send note.Will check back tomorrow.Face would be nice
  5. Weather Command literally just called ten minutes ago and cancelled.If you are going by albany on nys thruway I could get this tix to you for tonight.25.00.I live 12 minutes off of thruway.I apologize for the late notice I just found out.ripplinrain

  6. BUDDY

  7. Fare Thee Well My Honey

    Brother even though we never met it truly hurts me too,to hear this sad news.Be rest assured she is in Heaven and at Peace.Look for me in Vermont,albany,geneva and poughkeepsie.I will hopefully weather permitting be in my Ripplinrain's Dawghouse ie my RV.I have something to show you which may ease the pain a little.After both my dogs Ripple and Box of Rain passed away they appeared in the clouds.The key to this is I have it on film.Now even though it still hurts everyday it eases the pain knowing they are safe and together and we shall meet again in Heaven.So keep looking up the answer is in the heavens. Peace brother RIPPLINRAIN