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Found 1 result

  1. ducats

    A Little Help?

    So I was just about to post this on FB - a place I rarely go and I never post there. For some reason I stopped mid-post and came here. I do not understand why over-turning the second amendment is not a no brainer - let alone "never going to happen" like I just saw a TV pundit just utter. Then a NYT above the fold headline "over-turn the second amend" comes across the screen. I have zero in common with the politics of the NYT - except after 59 people are gunned down I guess. What is the problem? Not saying you can't have some hunting rifles. I heard some moron (sorry to anybody on here that feels otherwise...) on the radio say that you can't allow the government to have bigger weapons than the citizenry. that it's a slippery slope. like he's sitting in his back yard on an old Russian tank thinking the us. govt gonna come through his neighborhood any minute. then I take that thought process to the NRA. remember that joke of a commercial that NRA pres clown did, "the NRA America's safest place". yeah ok. I'll guarantee that LV whack job was a member - as well as one of the people he gunned down.