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  1. Mango

    California Kind

    I had the pleasure of seeing The California Kind the other night in southern Oregon at the always interesting Applegate Lodge. The band features DSO's own Rob Barraco on keyboard along with John Molo on drums, Pete Sears on bass, Barry Sless on guitar and pedal steel, and young Katie Skene on guitar and vocals. The setlist was a mixture of Katie's originals and some covers. Space Captain Power To the People Willin’ Rebel Craving Ramble On Rose Lost Ones John Barleycorn Of Thee I Sing Sea of Joy > Showdown in Big Sky Gone High Five Low Spark Don’t Let Me Down E: May This Be Love I had a thoroughly good time and was really impressed by the music. Many of the songs were unknown to me but felt familiar, and I found myself easily dancing. The jams throughout the night were very coherent, smoothly flowing through different tempos, volumes, and feelings. The lineup of this band is really something, an all star cast if I don't say so myself. John Molo, to me, is one of the greatest jam band drummers ever. Always on beat, always feeling the changes and staying perched one step ahead. Barry and Pete I know from the David Nelson Band, their dynamic chemistry merging easily into this band. You all know, of course, of Rob Barraco, Ivory tickler. One of the highlights for me was during the second set opener (I think), though, when Katie took her first extended solo of the show. Her playing was smooth and thoughtful, confident but unassuming. The band was really having a good time during this- you could see it- and she rode the waves of their ecstacy beautifully. In general, I felt that the whole band was having a tremendously good time. I really was happy to experience this music, and especially happy to see Rob play something new and different. I strongly recommend checking out this band ASAP. I hope they continue to build what they have going! Btw, for those it concerns, I now like Low Spark...