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  1. I've seen post-Jerry JGB about 5 or 6 times in the last 5-6 years. I love Melvin on that Hammond and while it was generally a good time, I felt that the band just lacked that 'umph' and Dave Herbert couldn't get over the hump. Herbert has been wrestling the demons of addiction and made a wise choice to take a hiatus and get himself well. He's a talented guitarist and I hope he finds peace and renewal as he defeats these issues. So...In steps Zach Nugent to take his place. I've heard this 'kid' before and he had pretty good chops so I've been paying close attention. Well - after listening to him over the last few months, I think he's got the goods! I know people take issue with the attempts at 'fake Jerry' and decry the use of equipment to try and get close to what Jerry was up to. Frankly, I could give a rip - I just don't care how someone gets there as long as they do it justice by doing it well! He has a keen sense for the melodic phrasing that simply trips my trigger! DSO is still is the king of the heap - and it's frankly not even close. There's a reason that very reasonable and well-adjusted people hop on jet planes to be a part of the magic that DSO creates. If I was given the choice to travel 8 hours to see DSO or travel an hour or 2 to see JGB, I would go with DSO before someone could even finish asking me what to choose. That said, if you are so inclined and they are coming near your town and DSO is not an option for you, here is the JGB tour schedule along with a link to a recent show on archive. https://www.melvinsealsandjgb.com/tour-dates/ https://archive.org/details/jgb2017-10-14 Zach still has a way to go but I think he is an extremely bright star! Just keep the talent coming - we can never have enough artists who embrace this music to their core.