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"New" Soundboard?

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Am I reading it correctly?? Is this The Grateful Dead's (Dan Healy's) soundboard from the 80's?? I know Cotter was always saying how he'd like to go back to an analog sound, as those digital boards can not recreate the "sound" that the FOH boards these day put out.. I know DSO has some of The Grateful Dead's old equipment, as well as the trailer used to haul around their gear from back in the late 80's thru 95... It wouldn't suprise me if it is the same board the boys carried around with them... I absolutely LOVE the fact that DSO uses some of the Dead's old equipment, as The Grateful Dead (and Dan Healy) actually created some of the gear that all bands use these days... they were pioneers in their time, and made their equipment by hand... gotta love those geeky techies! :)

Notes: Debut of DSO's own Gamble front of house soundboard. ... the same soundboard of the Grateful Dead.... Back to analog sound.


What's the scoop on this board?? From reading the reviews, the sound has been off the hook this tour...

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...Not the exact same. Same make. ... a rare and extremely awesome board. Hopefully at some point we can get Rob Eaton to tell us more about it. Cotter kept pestering us about going back to analog. Rob did the leg work to make it happen.

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