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John A

The Reverse Playin' on 3-31-85

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One of the strangest versions ever, as the Playin' Reprise launches into Playin'.  If one times Playin' from the opening notes post Reprise, it clocks in at barely 3 minutes. Shortest ever?  Then onto a somewhat rough Day Tripper to close the set.


Please opine as to whether (A) because Bobby screws up the end of the Reprise, never singing the "wave upon the sand" line, he gets further confused and decides to launch into the full song, or (B) they planned to do this from the get go.


I don't think there's any year in the Dead's career that was more up and down than '85.  It's a rare era where the terms "clumsy" and "scintillating" are so intertwined!







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One of my favorite shows I ever attended, and I felt they band was quite on that night. If I remember correctly Jerry never even left the stage during drums. Personally I thought the inverted Playin was great fun, and a real surprise. It all ended with Day Tripper (unbelievable energy). For me, it did not really matter if it was planned or not, after the drums it was one surprise after another. 

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