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Cameron Indoor Stadium...Dook University


cant remember the exact date...think it was winter 1980


paid $40 for a $15 ticket


the first show where Jerry and Phil switched sides on the stage


Sampson and Delilah...really though the whole building was coming down

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89/02/12  Great Western Forum,  Inglewood, CA


Cold Rain, Hell in a Bucket, Row Jimmy, BIODTL>Promised Land,

West LA, How Long Blues*, Gimme Some Lovin'*.


Iko**, Monkey and the Engineer**, Alabama**, Dire Wolf**, Cassidy**,

Memphis Blues**>Drumz***>Other 1>Stella>Foolish Heart.


E:NFA**, Knockin'**


* -with Spencer Davis, ** -with Bob Dylan, *** - with Kodo drummer


final/last  How Long Blues 70/08/19 (1236)

final/last  Monkey and the Engineer   81/10/16  (495)


The final show of the 89 west coast winter shows, and

one of the more unusual setlists.  As far as I know, all

the guests appearances were unannounced, adding to

the freak factor.  Spencer Davis killed the GSL, and the

pre drums with Dylan provided several highlights.  Dylan

doing the Dead after the Dead doing Dylan in 87, The

Bus floated back to SF after this one.


Praise DSO.

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1 hour ago, PoetryGirl said:

Article on Dark Star in NY Times https://nyti.ms/2NxXaR4?smid=nytcore-ios-share

Good read - thanks for the link.


There are 69 comments thus far, 68 of which are quite positive.  Then there's this moron: "The only thing more mind-numbing than listening to the Grateful Dead is listening to someone trying to convince you that they were great. Today I’m embarrassed to be a Times reader."


I did get a kick out of this comment, in reaction to the scathing Lou Reed quote in the article: "Lou Reed was a legend in his own mind. When you look at the history of rock-and-roll, is he really much more than maybe a 3-hit wonder?"  Ha!

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3-5-81 was at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh.  Check out the jam to open set 2 for something very unique, as it occurs while Jerry’s guitar is being repaired.


This is a cool audience recording.  It’s funny to me that I was once a bit of a soundboard snob, but now in my *more experienced* years I get especially excited about a quality, unique audience recording.  



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